Let’s make a paper plate bunny craft that works great as a paper plate Easter crafts for kids of all ages. Crafted with simple items like paper plates, pipe cleaners, cotton balls and felt or paper scraps, this paper plate bunny can take on different appearances and works great in the classroom, at home or at church.

Paper plate Easter bunny craft for kids - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s make an Easter bunny out of paper plates!

Paper Plate Bunny Craft for Kids

This is a cute Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft that your kids will love making. We love paper plate crafts in our home and I know you’ll enjoy displaying this adorable Easter bunny craft that your kids can make.

Paper plate crafts always make the perfect preschool Easter craft because they are inexpensive because they require supplies you usually already have (or can substitute items you have on hand), only need a little bit of set up and the actual crafting time for the kids is on average 15 minutes.

How to Make a Paper Plate Easter Bunny

It’s amazing how simple every day objects can be transformed into something cute and creative in a matter of minutes. You’ll only need a few common craft supplies to make this Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft.

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Supplies Needed to Make Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

paper plate easter bunny craft supplies - glue, scissors, googly eyes, 2 paper plates, marker, pipe cleaners, cotton balls and pink felt
This is everything you need to make a cute bunny!

Instructions for Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft

Step 1

paper plate easter bunny craft step 1 - cutting a paper plate into thirds shown with other craft supplies needed
Cut your plate into 3 pieces.

First, take one of the paper plates and cut it into thirds, like shown.

You won’t need the middle piece.

Step 1b - Easter bunny craft - paper plate easter bunny craft with paper plate cut into 3 pieces and the middle piece discarded.
Bye, bye middle piece!

The two sides will become bunny ears.

Step 2

paper plate easter bunny craft - step 2 adding inner ear felt in pink to the rabbit ears.
Let’s make the inner ears of the bunny ears pink!

Next, using scissors cut out of the light pink craft felt a shape that is smaller than the ears. This will become the inner part of the Easter bunny ear.

Paper plate craft tip:  I just eye-balled it. Once you get the shape right, cut out an identical shape from the light pink felt.

Step 3

Glue the pink inner felt ear cut outs to paper plate ears with the school glue, like shown.

Step 4

paper plate easter bunny craft - step 4 add the heart shaped bunny nose cut out of felt
What a cute little felt heart nose.

Now let’s work on the Easter bunny head!

  1. Make a small pink heart cut out from the pink felt.
  2. Take the other paper plate and glue the small heart shape onto the middle of the plate with the school glue.

Step 5

paper plate easter bunny craft step 5 - add the pipe cleaner whiskers and glue in place
Now it is time to add whiskers made of pipe cleaners.

Take your 3 pipe cleaners and glue them just under the nose with the hot glue gun.  Bend the top and bottom whiskers slightly.

Paper plate craft tip:  Older children can probably do this part on their own, but a grown up will need to help younger kids.

Step 6

paper plate easter bunny craft - step 6 - add cotton balls on top of the whiskers
Cover the glued portion of the whiskers with cotton balls!

Then glue the cotton balls onto the pipe cleaners with school glue, like shown below. We used 3 cotton balls on each side.

Step 7

paper plate easter bunny craft step 7 draw rabbit teeth and the top portion of the rabbit mouth
Now add the rabbit teeth…!

Using the school glue, adhere the googly eyes onto the Easter bunny.

Then take a black marker and draw the mouth and teeth.

Step 8

paper plate easter bunny craft step 8 staple the ears to the paper plate
Secure those big bunny ears in place with staples.

Finally, you can attach the ears to your Easter bunny with a single staple per ear. For a finishing touch I used the remaining light pink felt and added a little bow tie for our Easter bunny. I also rounded out the top of my bunny’s ears.

Our Finished Paper Plate Bunny!

paper plate easter bunny craft finished project up close
Isn’t our finished paper plate bunny adorable?

Isn’t this Paper Plate Easter Bunny Craft so adorable?! We hope you have much making him as we did!

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Our Experience With This Easy Bunny Craft

We loved making these adorable bunnies with paper plates and cotton balls. All little bunnies need fun whiskers! This DIY Easter bunny craft was one of the best ideas for my little ones. They’re not quite experienced with crafts to make challenging Easter decor or items like garland, wreath, a bunny card, foam cup bunnies, but rather are still building their art skills with simple crafts. My preschooler did quite a bit better with this easy Easter bunny craft than my toddler, but it’s still easy peasy enough that my toddler got to participate in easy Easter crafts. And when you are done making your paper bunny, you can hang it up on the fridge, give it to grandparents, do something special with it for the kiddos.

Step by Step Directions Review – Paper Plate Bunny

paper plate easter bunny craft all steps reviewed in this craft step collage image with 9 images
See how easy it is to make a paper plate bunny!

I love cute bunny crafts that don’t take a lot of effort. And as you can see, the steps are simple and fun to do. And it’s a nice change in pace from DIY Easter eggs, Easter basket, and Easter bunny cards. Making your very own paper plate Easter bunny is easy enough for kids of all ages and easy enough for a simple everyday mom to put together (we know how limited free time can be.)

Yield: 1

Paper Plate Bunny Craft

Paper plate Bunny craft steps

Make this cute paper plate bunny craft! These simple steps can be followed by preschool, kindergarten and grade school age kids and is a really fun paper plate craft idea whether it is Easter...or not!

Prep Time 5 minutes
Active Time 15 minutes
Total Time 20 minutes
Difficulty easy
Estimated Cost $5


  • 2 paper plates
  • 3 pipe cleaners for the whiskers
  • 6 cotton balls
  • 2 medium or large googly eyes
  • 1/2 sheet of light pink craft felt
  • School glue


  • Glue gun and glue stick
  • black marker
  • Scissors or preschool training scissors
  • Stapler and staples


  1. Cut one paper plate into thirds and discard the middle piece - the two outside pieces will be used as rabbit ears.
  2. Cut out inner ear shapes from pink felt (you could also color the inside of the paper plate ears with pink marker or crayon).
  3. Glue the felt into place.
  4. Cut a small heart from the felt and glue as the bunny nose in the middle of the second paper plate.
  5. Take 3 pipe cleaners and glue the middle of each under the heart as whiskers any glue will work, but hot glue will be quicker and more secure.
  6. Glue 6 cotton balls over the whisker area you just glued.
  7. Add two googly eyes.
  8. With a black marker draw bunny teeth and the top of the bunny mouth.
  9. Attach the ears - we found that staples work the best are are the quickest.


paper plate easter bunny craft

How did your paper plate Easter bunny craft turn out?

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