Make Beautiful Designs on Dyed Easter Eggs with Hot Glue

Today we are creating beautiful and simple designs on Easter eggs with the help of a hot glue gun.  I know that sounds a little crazy, but it all started when we saw the results of Kristi of Creative Connections for Kids – you can read about her experience decorating eggs with hot glue.

My kids had so much fun with this egg decorating technique.

dye easter eggs with hot glue

Decorating Easter Eggs Using Dye & Hot Glue

This is a simple technique that can completely change the way your Easter eggs turn out.  It reminds me a little of the white/clear crayon resist technique for egg dye, but this is that to an extreme level!

With younger kids, supervising (or completing) the steps with the glue gun is necessary!  Those things are HOT.

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Supplies Needed to Decorate Eggs with Hot Glue Technique

  • Glue gun & glue sticks
  • Boiled eggs
  • Easter egg dye – see our recipe below that requires: vinegar, food coloring and water
  • Cups for Easter egg dye
  • Spoon or egg cradle to remove eggs from dye
  • Egg carton
Boiled eggs in an egg carton ready for dyeing for Easter eggs - Kids Activities Blog
Start with boiled white eggs for best results.

Simple Homemade Egg Dye Recipe

  • 1/3 cup of white vinegar – per color
  • 10 drops of food dye – per color
  • hard boiled eggs

Mix the vinegar and food coloring together.  For our hot glue eggs we used three primary colors: red, yellow and blue.

For a whole bunch more information about dyeing Easter eggs <–check out our information!

Instructions for Making Dyed Easter Eggs Using Hot Glue

Step 1

To prep your eggs, have your kids dip them in the dye.  

Egg dyeing tip:  We only needed our eggs to be in the dye for a short time – less than a minuet per egg.   You don’t want the eggs to be in the dye for long as the dye bath is acidic will lightly dissolve the shell.   The longer it is in the dye the more easily your egg shells will crack.

Step 2

Take your pre-dyed eggs and drizzle hot glue over the eggs.  
dye easter eggs with hot glue

Our experience:  My daughter felt *so* big getting to use the glue gun all. by. herself!!  Creative Connections will tell you more about the type of hot glue that is best for this project.

Step 3

Dip your glued eggs back into dye. 

Step 4

Dry them off and gently remove the glue. 

dye easter eggs with hot glue

Decorated Dyed Easter Eggs Results

The results are stunning!

Kristi’s eggs are awesome – they are multicolored.   She was able to repeat the gluing/dying process to get stunning patterns multiple times.  

Our egg shells became compromised after the first round and they began to chip, but two-toned still wowed my kiddos!


Easter Preschool Packet

How did you dye your Easter eggs?  How did they turn out?

Psst…this reminds me a little of all of our tie dye patterns — what fun crafts we can do!

Psst…have you ever wondered what would happen if you put cheese in a glue gun?


  1. This is so neat!! I just got a hot glue gun. I want to try this! Thanks!

  2. I love these. so neat. My kids would have so much fun doing this.

  3. This is a unique idea. I just got a new hot glue gun… How is that for perfect timing?
    Thank you for stopping by the Thoughtful Spot Weekly Blog Hop this week. We hope to see you drop by our neck of the woods next week!

  4. Neat idea for coloring eggs this year. This is definitely something my little cousins would love to try now that they’re getting older.

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