Use Hatchimal eggs to change up your Easter egg hunt this year! Save eggs, save money with plastic eggs, candy, and toys, and use these prefilled Hatchimal eggs instead! Kids of all ages will love these hatchimal eggs like toddlers, preschoolers, and even elementary aged kids as these cute pink and purple eggs are filled with cute little critters and a surprise friend!

Unique Easter Egg Hunt Ideas - Hatchimal Egg hunt for Easter - basket full of Hatchimal eggs
Let’s have a Hatchimal egg hunt!

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Hatchimal Eggs

Have you seen the Hatchimal eggs?  

While my kids have loved Hatchimals year round, the Hatchimal egg is perfect for an Easter egg hunt.  I thought it would be fun to explore a Hatchimal egg hunt with kids this year.

This Easter, we are changing up our traditional Easter Egg Hunt by adding in a new surprise — Hatchimals CollEGGtibles!

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Hatchimal Eggs for Easter Egg Hunt Fun

Instead of spending hours adding candy and trinkets to plastic eggs that will just add clutter to our house, we decided to put a Hatchimals spin on our egg hunt.

Hatchimals Easter Egg Products - shown are 4 different Hatchimal products perfect for Easter egg hunting on the grass
Let’s hunt Hatchimal eggs for Easter!

For this Easter egg hunt activity, we used:

Hatchimals Eggs Hidden in a tree - shown is a pink Hatchimal egg with a heart on it in a tree
Can you spot the Hatchimal egg?

Hatchimals, our favorite creatures that live inside eggs, can also be collected in a smaller version, Hatchimals CollEGGtibles, that are perfect for an egg hunt.

There are more than 100 Hatchimals CollEGGtibles to collect.  Other Hatchimals that are perfect for Easter and Easter egg hunting:

What Family is My Hatchimal From?

If you are wondering what family your Hatchimal is from, check out their color. The speckled color of the egg tells you what family they are from:

  • Green = Forest
  • Red = Farm
  • Purple = Jungle
  • Pink = Garden
  • Light Blue = River
  • Yellow = Savannah
  • Brown = Desert
  • Bright Blue = Ocean
  • Purply Pink = Magical Meadow
  • Greyish White = Snowflake Shire
  • Purply Blue = Crystal Canyon

For a better experience maybe make a template to leave in the basket so they know where their little toys are from!

Opening a Hatchimal Egg - first step is to find the heart and rub it
Help your Hatchimal hatch by rubbing the heart…

How to Hatch a Hatchimal

In order to hatch, the Hatchimal needs your help!

Step 1 – Hatch a Hatchimal

Rub the heart on the egg and as it changes from purple to pink, you know it’s ready to hatch!

Step 2 – Hatch a Hatchimal

Press your thumb into the heart until the egg cracks.

Hatchimal Inside Egg - hatch a Hatchimal by pushing thumb into shell until it cracks
…gently push thumb into shell until it cracks.

Step 3 – Hatch a Hatchimal

Peel away the shell to reveal your Hatchimal!

Hatchimals in Half Eggs - how cute are these newly hatched Hatchimals?
Oh the cuteness of a newly hatched Hatchimal!

Step 4 – Hatch a Hatchimal

You can remove the shell until the wavy line to create a small nest for your Hatchimal.

Look how cute they look sitting at the bottom of the egg. Each one has an adorable hatchimal! They kind of look like magical creatures!

Hatchimal Eggs Hidden in the grass for the Easter egg hunt
The Hatchimal eggs were hidden all over the yard.

Hosting a Hatchimal Easter Egg Hunt

The grown-ups hid the Hatchimals CollEGGtibles around our yard, and even included a BIG Hatchimals Surprise as the grand prize.

The kids were so excited to try to find it <– we made sure to hide that one *really* well!

Hatchimal Easter Eggs hidden in the yard ready for the Easter egg hunt
Some Hatchimal eggs were hidden better than others!

I made Easter baskets for each child, and as they came outside, they grabbed a basket.

Easter Baskets ready for the Easter egg hunt and to be filled with Hatchimal eggs
The Easter baskets had plenty of room to be filled with Hatchimal eggs!

When it was time to hunt, they took off looking for the eggs!

Hunting Easter Eggs - Hatchimal egg found by child with a cape
Even super heroes with capes find Hatchimals on the Easter egg hunt!

We had boys and girls ranging from ages 8 to 3 and each one had an amazing time.

Opening a Hatchmial once they found it on the Easter egg hunt - child pushing thumb into Hatchimal
Once the Hatchimal egg is found, some of the best fun is helping it hatch!

They couldn’t wait to open their Hatchimals!

hatchimal animals from the Easter egg hunt lined up on sidewalk
Oh so many fun Hatchimals to play with!

And then once the Hatchimals were hatched, they couldn’t wait to play with them! They had so many new friends to play with that came out of this printed heart egg.

holding a hatchimal

Favorite Hatchimals were identified from the hunt.

girl holding a hatchimal

The kids had so much fun hatching and playing with their Hatchimals at the end of the hunt.

We like to call my nephew Eli the “expert finder.” He found the big egg just a few minutes into the hunt!

He was so thrilled!

Really Big Hatchimal Egg surrounded by Hatchimal eggs
Hatchimal eggs are the best Easter eggs!

The hunt didn’t last long — it is amazing how kids can find and collect dozens of eggs in mere minutes! But that didn’t mean the fun was over. With our usual hunts, the kids open their eggs and dump out the trinkets or candy, which is quickly forgotten.

This time, though, the kids were able to hatch their CollEGGtibles and spent hours playing with their Hatchimals. 

Using CollEGGtibles instead of traditional Easter eggs made the hunt 10x more exciting and left the kids with a cute little creature to keep!

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Would your kids love a Hatchimal egg hunt this year for Easter?

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