How To Draw a Fish

Today we are learning how to draw a fish, simple and easy! Kids who love the fish, sharks, whales and anything ocean related will have so much fun drawing a fish. Simply follow this printable tutorial and go grab your pencil.

Our free fish drawing tutorial includes three pages with detailed steps on how to draw a cartoon fish. Let’s get started!

how to draw a fish
Let’s learn how to draw a fish!

Make a simple fish drawing!

If your kid has been trying to figure out how to draw a fish for a long time, you’re in the right place. We made this fish drawing tutorial with kids and beginners in mind, so even the youngest kids will be able to follow it.

Since drawing is an activity that increases many of the cognitive functions of the brain, you can be assured that this tutorial will be both fun and good for your kid’s development.

how to draw a cartoon fish
Simply follow the steps to make your own fish drawing!

Easy steps to draw a fish for kids

Follow this easy how to draw a fish step-by-step tutorial and you will be drawing your own fish drawings in no time!

  1. Let’s start! First, draw an oval.
  2. Draw a second oval slightly above the first one.
  3. Draw a drop – notice how it’s tilted.
  4. Add a vertical oval.
  5. For the tail fins, draw two overlapping circles and erase extra lines.
  6. Add a small top fin.
  7. Now, add a curved line to divide the face.
  8. Let’s add some details: circles for the eye, half-circles for the scales, and lines in the tail.
  9. Great job! Add other details like bubbles or a smile, and color as you want to. You can even draw more fish!

And your fish drawing is all done! Hooray!

Download our printable instructions and visual guide below.

simple fish drawing
Simple fish drawing steps – just follow along!


How did your fish drawing turn out?

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