How to Draw Baby Shark – Free Printable Tutorial!

Kids will have so much fun making a Baby Shark drawing of their own with this simple step by step How to Draw Baby Shark printable set…and it is free!

It’s time to… Doo Doo Doo Doo-dle! If your kids love Baby Shark just as much as we do, then this learn-how-to-draw printable is just for you!

Pssst…have you seen these baby shark coloring pages?

Baby Shark drawing tutorial pages shown from the How to Draw Baby shark printable set surrounded by crayons, paint and colored pencils
Learning how to draw Baby Shark is a fun, creative, and colorful art experience for kids of all ages!

Learn How To Draw Baby Shark

Most kids enjoying drawing and painting, and the best part is that not only does art help them express artistically, but it also enhances your child’s motor skills. So drawing really plays a big part in kids’ development!

Our Baby Shark drawing tutorial is so easy to follow that any kid can become a true artist in a matter of minutes, all while having fun!

Learn How to Draw Baby Shark with William the Pilot Fish - shown are the first two steps of a Baby Shark drawing tutorial with art supplies
Let kids (or adults!) follow the simple steps to drawing Baby Shark…it is easier than you can imagine!

Learn how to draw the Baby Shark Family step by step. As always, you can try different ways to color it these printables afterwards; use markers, colored pencils, or you can even make your own crayons!

Easy Steps to the Cutest Baby Shark Drawing

Our free and easy How To Draw Baby Shark printables include two versions: a colored one and a black and white one, both equally fun and entertaining. <–our readers have asked for this because it isn’t always a color ink in the printer kinda day!

How To Draw Baby Shark Family
Let William the Pilot fish show you how to draw Baby Shark!

When you download & print the three page drawing tutorial, you will find the following steps (which are much easier to follow when looking at the pictures!):

  1. Let’s start with the head! Draw an oval shape. Make sure it’s rounder at the top.
  2. Now for the belly, add this curved cone shape.
  3. For the body, draw a bigger curved cone making sure they touch at the bottom.
  4. Let’s add fins and a tail.
  5. Let’s add some details: curved line in the middle of the face, add circles for the eyes and ovals for the nose, draw triangles for the shark teeth and curved line for the tongue.
  6. Erase the extra lines you made for the body and tail.
  7. Celebrate how well you just drew Baby Shark!

Download & Print Free Drawing Tutorial Here:

More Baby Shark Things to Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo:

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Hope you have fun today drawing Baby Shark…

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