Mini Fishbowl Craft for Kids

Does your child wish for a pet, but you’re not so sure about taking care of another creature on top of what you already do?

Fear not…here is a cute and easy idea for kids. Children will enjoy creating a Mini Fishbowl Craft!

This fish craft is fun for kids of all ages and guess what…these fish never die, they are quiet, and they do not need cleaning up after! 

Kids of all ages will enjoy creating a Mini Fishbowl Craft! It's the perfect quiet, clean, and sweet pet they've been wishing for!

Mini Fishbowl Craft for Kids 

At the craft store, you can find colorful buttons sold in adorable round jars. These jars make perfect mini fishbowls for kids!

To make this craft you will need: (affiliate links)

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Mini Fishbowl Craft


First, choose just enough buttons to cover the bottom of your jar. Store the rest of the buttons in a plastic bag. Remove any labels from the button jar.

Next, use scissors to cut a small orange fish from the craft foam. Tape or glue a short string to the back of the fish, then place wiggly eyes on it.

Use the black pen to draw a smile on your fish. Of course your child’s fish doesn’t have to be orange. The beauty of this pet is that kids can dream it to be whatever they want!

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Mini Fishbowl Craft

Tape the fish to the inside of the button jar cap. If the string is too long and your fish is not freely dangling in “the water,” remove the string and cut off a bit of the string until you are satisfied with the length.

Mini Fishbowl Craft

Gently push the fish into the jar, then screw down the cap. Now kids have a pet of their very own!

Mini Fishbowl Craft-2

TIP: To make this craft a fun sensory toy for babies, glue the cap to the jar. Now babies can shake, bang, and watch their little fish swim around and around the bowl!

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