Free Printable Fish Coloring Pages that Kids Love

Today we are sharing the cutest fish coloring pages you can download, print and color right now. Kids of all ages will have fun coloring beautiful fish on these simple coloring pages. These sea coloring pages are great for home or in the classroom as a quiet activity, part of an ocean animals lesson or a fun way to spend an afternoon.

printable fish coloring pages
Fish coloring pages are a fun way for preschoolers to develop creativity, motor skills, and color recognition!

Free Fish Coloring Pages for Kids

Grab your crayons because today we are coloring fish coloring pages!

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Fish are one of the most beloved animals by kids. You can see this by how kids can easily become mesmerized by the aquatic creatures in an aquarium or at the beach.

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Printable Fish Coloring Pages

Our ocean friends coloring pages are simple outline pictures are filled with fish friends that are usually at the bottom of the sea! They are waiting for different colors to transform them into colorful fish…

cute fish coloring page
These cute fish coloring pages are so much fun to color!

1. Cute Fish Coloring Page

Our first coloring page features a cute fish swimming and doing fun fish things. This coloring page is great for enhancing pattern recognition in kids, as it has many different shapes. It could be colored like a clownfish like Dory from Finding Nemo or as a Betta fish that escaped from fish bowls!

clown fish coloring page
Free clownfish coloring page for kids!

2. Clownfish & Fancy Goldfish Coloring Page

Our second coloring page features two fish friends swimming, one of them is an adorable clownfish – like Nemo! The other looks like one of those fancy goldfishes you see at the pet store. Have you ever seen a calico goldfish? That would be fun to color with all the bright red and black spots.

fish coloring pages
Fun fish coloring pages for kids – just grab your crayons!

Download & Print Free Fish Coloring Pages PDF Files Here

Our printable coloring pages are sized for regular sized 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper.

FAvorite coloring supplies

You can find LOADS of super fun coloring pages for kids & adults here. Have fun!

Benefits of Coloring Pages for Kids

Coloring has so many benefits for kids regardless of their age. Coloring pages are a great resource for teachers and parents to help kids improve their fine motor skills, encourages focus, and nurtures creativity.

You can add some math fun by asking your children how many fish, blubbles, or plants are in the picture.

More Free Fish Coloring Pages from Kids Activities Blog

Let’s Learn About Fish & Ocean Life

Here are some of our favorite books about fish and living in the sea. Kids can gain inspiration from the fish pictures and stories to make their fish coloring pages for more vibrant creatures!

cover image of the book about fish Steve Terror of the Seas
Real facts introduce sea creatures in a fun and appealing way. Spot Steve’s friend George on every page!

1. Steve, Terror of the Seas Book

Steve is not very big.

His teeth aren’t very sharp.

And even though he’s no Angel Fish, there are far scarier fish in the sea. So why are all the other fish so frightened of him? 

Find out why in Steve Terror of the Seas.

Usborne Peek Inside the Sea book cover
This bright colorful board book is great for ages 3+

2. Peek Inside the Sea Book

Peek inside the sea to find out all about life in the oceans.

From fish to seaweed!

Be amazed at the diversity and beauty of the underwater world. 

Usborne Under the Sea Look & Find puzzle book cover art
Spot, count and match the sea life in this Look & Find puzzle book

3. Under the Sea Look & find Puzzles

Check out this Look & Find Puzzle Book called Under the Sea.

This book is bursting with underwater animals to spot, creatures to count and fun ocean bottom details to talk about.

There is so much to spot, match, count and chat about inside!

Fish Crafts for Kids

What colors did your child use on the free printable fish coloring pages?

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