How to Draw a Penguin

Penguins are one of the most beloved animals by kids… and by adults, too! And because of that, today we’re sharing with you a tutorial on how to draw a penguin. Yay! 

Our penguin drawing tutorial includes three pages with detailed instructions on how to draw a cute penguin. 

Just download and print the PDF, follow the steps, and that’s it: in a matter of minutes, you’ll have your own cute penguin.

how to draw a penguin
Let’s draw a penguin!

Easy Steps To Drawing a Simple Penguin

There is something about their fluffiness that we just can’t resist. So it’s time to show these lovely, flightless, chunky birds some love! 

Random fact: Did you know that penguins don’t fly, they swim? They love swimming really fast in the ice-cold ocean water and dive deep to get food.

Grab your pencil and let’s draw a cute penguin! Don’t forget lots of paper for practicing!

step by step how to draw a penguin
Let your little one follow the simple steps to drawing a penguin.

How to draw a penguin easy steps

Grab your pencil because and some paper because today we are learning how to draw this adorable big bird. You’ll love how easy this tutorial is!

  1. Let’s draw a penguin! First, draw an oval.
  2. Add a drop shape.
  3. Draw two arched lines and erase extra lines.
  4. Add another arched line to outline the penguin’s belly.
  5. Draw two circles on the face.
  6. Connect them with an arched line.
  7. Draw the cute feet.
  8. Great! Let’s add details: add ovals for the eyes and cheeks, and a curved triangle for the bill.
  9. Congratulate yourself for drawing such a cute penguin!

Good job! Your penguin drawing is all done! Get your crayons and give it some color!

easy how to draw a penguin
Let this fish show you how to draw a penguin step by step!

Download here:

How did your penguin drawing turn out?

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