50 Pretty Princess Crafts

We have 50+ pretty princess crafts for you today! Kids of all ages will love all these fun, awesome, and pretty princess crafts! We have everything from crafts, activities, printables, and even princess recipes! There is something magical for every little princess!

Pretty Princess Crafts

Below you will find a big list of pretty princess crafts and activities that is royally fitting for any princess.

Whether your little princess loves pink and frills or whether she is a princess knight, we have something for everyone.

Princess Crafts That Kids Will Love

We broke this big list into a few different sections to make it easier to navigate. The sections are: 

Pretty Princess Crafts

1. Princess Melty Bead Magnets Craft

These princess melty bead magnets are perfect! You can make a princess, the letter of the princesses name, a crown, and a castle. The best part is, you can turn them into magnets to hold up all your royal art!

2. Princess Crafts

Want princess crafts? Check out this list of 20 amazing ways to entertain a princess. All of these crafts are perfect for younger children.

3. Princess Fairy Doll Wing Craft

Fairy princess wings are a staple for any princess. And while they’re not for you, they’re for your dolls. So your dolls can be royalty! This princess craft is so cute and promotes pretend play.

Pretty Princess Dress Up Crafts

4. DIY Princess Wand Craft

Easily make your own princess wand with just a few craft supplies. 

5. Homemade Paper Plate Crown Craft

This paper plate crown is so easy and fun to make. 

6. Sparkly Felt Princess Hat Craft

This sparkly felt princess hat is fun to make and wear for dress up. 

7. Bedazzled Princess Bracelet Craft

Make a bedazzled princess bracelet from a cardboard tube. 

8. DIY Tiara Craft

This tiara is so easy to make! All you need is pipe cleaners. 

9. Disney Inspired Dress Up Costumes

Want to dress up like one of your favorite princesses? Then you’ll love these Disney Inspired costumes! Pretend play is so much fun.

10. DIY Princess Sparkle Wand Craft

This DIY Princess sparkle wand is beautiful! It even has colorful rainbow tassels! What a cute princess craft.

11. Sparkly Princess Crown Craft For Preschoolers

Every princess needs accessories! This sparkly crown with gold stars is just what any princess needs to look fabulous. This princess craft is great for preschoolers and toddlers. 

12. DIY Princess Jewelry Projects For Kids

Princesses need jewelry! It’s kind of a must! So you can make your own princess jewelry using these 10 DIY princess jewelry projects for kids.

Pretty Princess Castle Crafts

13. Pretty Pink and Purple Handprint Princess Castle Craft

Use your handprint to make a pretty pink and purple castle.

14. Huge Toilet Paper Tube Princess Castle Craft

Make a huge castle out of toilet paper tubes! This is incredible. 

15. Princess Castle Craft With A Draw Bridge

Every princess needs a great big castle with a draw bridge! You can make one with this Princess Castle craft! Complete with towers and a working draw bridge, how cool!

16. Cardboard Box Princess Castle Craft

You can use a box to make a to make a castle. And the best part is, you can color it, make a draw bridge and go inside. That means this Princess castle craft is for you! You’re the princess!

Pretty Disney Princess Crafts

17. Toilet Paper Roll Princess Leia Craft

Guess who else is a Disney princess? Yup, Princess Leia! You can make Princess Leia and her friends using toilet paper rolls. I love this princess craft!

18. Frozen Elsa’s Ice Palace Craft

Grab some sugar cutes and your Frozen dolls, because this Disney Princess craft will let you build Elsa’s ice palace!

19. Disney Princess Peg Dolls Crafts

These Disney Princess peg dolls are so easy to make and perfect to play with in doll houses or one of the Princess Castles you made. You can make Princess Aurora, Princess Jasmine, Princess Belle, or even Princess Ariel!

20. Big List Of Disney Princess Crafts

You can find all sorts of Disney Princess crafts in this big list! There are Frozen crafts, Star Wars crafts, Sleeping beauty crafts, and more!

21. DIY Elsa’s Dress Craft

Make Elsa’s dress! This paper craft is fun and easy and full of sparkles. Princess dresses always need sparkles. 

Knights In Shining Armor Crafts

22. Nella Princess Knight Craft

Her armor may not be shiny, but this Nella Princess Knight craft is awesome for kids who want to be a princess and knight!

23. Princess Protector: Knight In Shining Armor Craft

Turns out making a knight in armor is easy. All you need is paper, aluminum foil, scissors, and glue. Every princess needs a night to protect her!

24. Princess Knight Shield Craft

In order to protect a princess or to be a princess knight you will need a sturdy shield!

25. Princess Knight Wood Sword Craft

If your princess knight is gonna have a shield, then she will need a sword too!

Pretty Princess Activities

26. Pretty Princess Part Ideas

Planning a Pretty princess party? We have the best princess party ideas!

27. Fun Princess Sensory Activities

Looking for princess sensory activities? This princess slime is the perfect sensory experience. Not only is it slimy and sticky, but you can feel the glitter and gems within it as well.

28. Princess Knights Board Game Activity

Speaking of princess knights, check out this Princess Heroes board game.

29. 5 Fun Princess Activities

Looking for more princess activities? Check out these 5 princess activities. There are so many fun things to do from puzzles to slime and more!

30. Disney Princess Yahtzee Jr

Love games? Then you’ll love this Disney Princess Yahtzee Jr.

31. Disney Princess Edition of Monopoly Junior

We also can’t forget about Disney Princess Edition Monopoly Junior. This is a family favorite game that you guys can have hours of fun playing.

Pretty Princess Printables

32. Princess Leia Coloring Pages For Kids and Adults

Love Princess Leia? Then these realistic Princess Leia coloring pages for kids and adults are perfect for you!

33. 10 Pretty Princess Preschool Worksheets

Check out these 10 pretty princess preschool worksheets! There are letters, different sizes, counting and more! These free princess printables are awesome!

34. Dot Printable Princess Worksheets

Print this do a dot printable princess worksheets for a fun boredom buster. at Kids Activities Blog

35. Free Printable Princess Paper Dolls

Use these free printables to make princess paper dolls. Choose your favorite gown and tiara! From Itsy Bitsy Fun

36. Free Printable Princess Counting Cards

These free printable princess counting cards and puzzles are great for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Enjoy pretty princesses and education!

37. Free Printable Pretty Princess Paper Dolls

Make princess puppets with these free printable princess paper dolls! 

38. Free Printable Frozen Coloring Pages

Love Queen Elsa and Princess Ana? Then you’ll love this Frozen coloring page pack! It has all of your favorite princesses, Queen, and characters.

39. Cinderella Coloring Pages

Is Cinderella your favorite Disney princess? She is a very pretty princess. Which is why these Cinderella coloring pages are so magical and amazing.

40. Printable Princess Counting Mats

Looking for more princess printables? Check out these free printable princess counting mats.

41. Printable Princess Lacing Cards

These princess lacing cards are so lovely and fun. This free princess printable is great for fine motor practice.

42. Free Printable Princess Pack For Kids Ages 2-7

This printable princess pack is great for kids ages 2-7. They will learn about shapes and sizes, colors, sizes, patterns, puzzles, math, and more!

43. Pre-K Princess Learning Pack

Here is another printable princess learning pack. This one is great for toddlers and kids in pre-k! Learn math, literacy, writing, and more!

44. Free Princess Castle Coloring Pages For Kids

Color and decorate your own princess castle with these free castle coloring pages for kids.

45. Jumbo Princess Coloring Page

Wow! Look at this JUMBO princess printable. It’s not only free, but you can get a coloring page that is the size of a poster! How cool!

Pretty Princess Snacks and Treats

46. Princess Hat Cupcake Recipe

These princess hat cupcakes are perfect for a birthday party or anytime you want to make a special treat. at Kids Activities Blog

47. Princess Themed Food Ideas

Throw a royal party with these princess themed food ideas! They’re delicious and fancy!

48. Sparkly Princess Rice Krispy Treats Recipe

Have your tried these “sparkly” princess rice krispy treats yet? If you haven’t you’re missing out! Rice Krispy treats, sprinkles, and frosting, it doesn’t get much better than this!

49. Tiana’s Famous Beignets Recipe

This recipe is trickier, but so good! You can make Tiana’s famous beignets! This beignet recipe is amazing!

50. Delicious Princess Popcorn Recipe

Princess popcorn is great for a Disney movie night! Make this sweet and crunchy princess popcorn that your little princess can enjoy.

51. Super Sweet Princess Candy Recipe

Grab your crock pot! This princess candy is so perfect! White chocolate, pretzels, peanuts, and heart candy and sugar sprinkles. It’s lovely and tasty.


Did you love these princess crafts? Which ones did you try? Let us know, we’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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