50 Pretty Princess Crafts

If you have a little girl in your life, you’re going to want to take a look at all these princess crafts.  

Heck, your little boys will probably love these, too! This list is full of tiaras, crowns, jewelry and all things that sparkle. These crafts are so much fun for pretend play.

Princess Crafts50 Pretty Princess Crafts

These princess hat cupcakes are perfect for a birthday party or anytime you want to make a special treat. at Kids Activities Blog

Easily make your own princess wand with just a few craft supplies. From Love and Marriage

This paper plate crown is so easy and fun to make. From Meaningful Mama

Make a huge castle out of toilet paper tubes! This is incredible. From Play Dr. Mom

This sparkly felt princess hat is fun to make and wear for dress up. From Childhood 101

Princess Activities Packet

More Princess Crafts

Make a gorgeous DIY princess hair brush with glue and rhinestones. From Designed by Dawn Nicole

Print this do a dot printable princess worksheets for a fun boredom buster. at Kids Activities Blog

Use your handprint to make a pretty pink and purple castle. From Posh Little Pixies

Turn a few cardboard box into an amazing princess castle. This isn’t an easy project, but it’s pretty spectacular. From That’s Vandy

Use these free printables to make princess paper dolls. Choose your favorite gown and tiara! From Itsy Bitsy Fun

Make a bedazzled princess bracelet from a cardboard tube. From Crafts by Amanda

This tiara is so easy to make! All you need is pipe cleaners. From Education.com

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