Let’s work on our counting skills with these fun and free Princess Dot to Dot printables! Dot to dot coloring pages are great for practicing numbers and developing drawing skills at the same time! But these ones have pretty princess themes that include a pony and a tiara. Princess Connect the Dots that has a lovely princess, a tiara, and a pony.

Free Princess Dot to Dot Printables

Let’s put on a tiara and have some royal fun! I mean who doesn’t love princesses (OK girls probably love them a bit more)! These are absolutely lovely! Plus, when you finish connecting the dot, you can color them in. So these princess worksheets can double as a coloring sheet. Related: Check out this easy dot to dot printable worksheet!

Princess Dot to Dot Printables Are Perfect For Little Kids

These princess dot to dot worksheets are perfect for kids at varying ages. Some of the are better for kindergarten kids, while some may be perfect for preschool kids. I honestly would venture to say, these would be okay for your toddler. While they may not do it correctly, it can get them familiar with seeing numbers, simple dot to dot worksheets, and are just fun coloring sheets.
Princess Dot to Dot with a crown, princess, and pony.
Look how pretty the princess worksheets are!

The Princess Dot to Dot Free Printables Worksheet Pack Includes:

  • 1 page with a simple crown  (with numbers up to 7).
  • 1 page with a simple princess (with numbers up to 9).
  • 1 page with a princess face (with numbers up to 18).
  • 1 page with a princess and her horse (with numbers up to 33).
  • 1 page with a princess (with numbers up to 43).

Download here:

More Royal & Princess Activities

I really, really wanted to have a castle when I was a kid (size didn’t really matter – either a doll castle or a real one). If your kids want their own castle you can make that wish come true with this fun printable castle set. Let’s get crafty and make a bunch of adorable princess paper dolls (you can quickly make all of your kids favourite princesses). Also check this this DIY castle toy chest project. We have 50+ beautiful princess: crafts, activities, costumes, printables, and more! Decorate your mirror with this Nella The Princess Knight template!

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