Give your paper dolls a new look with this free dress up doll clothes pack! It includes so many different fun outfits from fancy attire to something more sporty and casual. While there is a boy and a girl doll included in this pack these can also be mixed with our other paper doll printables!

Dress Up Doll Clothes Pack including a boy an a girl, fancy dresses, skinny jeans, shirts, skirts, shoes, and sports gear.

Paper Doll Free Printable Dress Up Clothes Pack

These paper dolls are great for imaginative play and will keep the kids busy for quite some time! This pack of printable doll clothes have an outfit for all occasions – for a casual day, a dinner in a fancy restaurant and sports wear as dolls have to exercise too!

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Paper dolls have so many possibilities for pretend play & imaginative play and area easy to take with you and fun to make accessories for. You can get creative and design whatever you’d like for clothing and color them however you want. Then comes in the imagination and the story telling. Paper dolls are such a wonderful way to learn and play while having a great time during hours of fun.

The Printable Dress Up Doll Clothes  Pack  Includes:

  • 1 printable page with  two paper dolls (one boy and one girl doll).
  • 1 printable page with fancy dresses – 2 girl dresses and two fancy boy combinations.
  • 1 printable page with sports clothes – a soccer  set that goes both on boy and a girl, a girl tennis set and a unisex sports set (plus a soccer ball & a tennis racket)
  • 1 printable page with casual wear.

Set Up for Preparing Your Paper Dolls

This activity does require some set up:

  • For older kids, they can hone their fine motor skills by cutting out their paper dolls and free dress up printouts.
  • For smaller children, you will need to take some time and cut them out for them.

But it is so worth it in the end! These paper dolls and printable doll clothes are super cute! Playing with paper dolls is a cute activity that will promote pretend play and mixing and matching clothes will create hours of fun.

Downloading Your Paper Dolls and Printable Doll Clothes Is Simple

Just click the red button below! It’s that easy, then when prompted up your e-mail in and your name and you’ll have your paper dolls and free printable doll clothes in minutes:

Dress up paper dolls and fancy outfits with sports gear

More Fun Free Paper Doll Printables

How did you use your printable paper doll with fancy and fun accessories?

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