Nella The Princess Knight Mirror Craft

Proud to partner with Nickelodeon to encourage Be Your Own Hero.

This craft is a fun and creative way to encourage our girls to be their own kind of hero when in need — how to turn a mirror into a “Nella the Princess Knight” reminder of greatness.

Nella the Princess Knight Mirror

Nella the Princess Knight

Hey friends! Have you seen Nella the Princess Knight yet? It’s a new animated preschool series that follows Nella, a princess who possesses royal qualities like compassion and grace, while also embodying the courage and determination of a brave knight. Watch Nella the Princess Knight weekdays on Nickelodeon!

Nella the Princess Knight Horizontal Graphic

Nella the Princess Knight is the kind of princess I’m happy to have my girls pretend to be. A powerful girl that takes action, makes positive decisions in her life, and does good for others. She has an attitude of “I can do!” as she encourages others to “be your sparkly best.”

Nella the Princess Knight Dress Up

Once upon a time

When I was a young girl I desperately wanted to be a princess. Much to my mom’s distress; I would sneak markers and draw crowns on the mirror so that when I looked into it I would see royalty looking back. Haha!

When I grew up I was determined to get married and live happily ever after, like all the stories. Well it turns out my prince charming was not so charming after all.

For a hot minute there I didn’t want my girls to dream of being a princess the way I had.

When my 8 year old whispered about her dream of living in a castle, wearing pretty dresses and having a prince fight off the dragons to rescue her, it sent me into panic mode. However I quickly realized that it’s not a bad thing to dream of being a princess. It’s what you do as a princess that’s important.

Nella the Princess Knight Be Fearless

As Nella the Princess Knight teaches us, the most important part of being “Royally Awesome” is to be “Strong, smart, and full of heart!”

“How about we both live in the castle and fight off the dragons ourselves?” I said.

“Can we still wear fancy dresses if we’re the ones fighting the dragons?” she asked.

“Heck yes we can Princess! Heck yes.”

Nella the Princess Knight Dress Up

She needed a hero; so that’s what she became

Today I am sharing a quick tutorial for turning your own little princess into a princess knight!

Supplies needed:

  • A Mirror
  • Be Your Own Hero Printable — Print this on paper or as a sticker.
  • Chalk or paint markers (Note: Chalk markers are erasable to grow with your child. Paint markers are permanent to
  • make less mess) in your child’s colors of choice
  • Crown and tiara to use as a pattern.
  • Cards, hearts, or other shaped (thicker-cut) paper

Directions for making your mirror “Royally Awesome:”

Print off the Be Your Own Hero Printable and put this at the top of the mirror.?

Then have your child create a list of all the things they like about themselves. Then add your own list of virtues you see in them. Ask friends and family members for more if you’d like.

girl writing traits

Write these virtues on the cards and attach them around the border of the mirror.

Include some blank cards as well so you can continue to add description words as you witness them.

mom and daughter drawing on mirror

Then mark the height of your child on the mirror. Then proceed to use a sword or a crown as a stencil to draw on the mirror, you would also use your very best artistic skills to draw a crown and sword on the mirror.

Tracing a sword on a mirror

And voila! Your little princess now has a mirror reminding her who she really is and what she’s capable of!

nella the princess knight graphic

You and your little(s) can now watch Nella the Princess Knight weekdays on Nickelodeon. Nella is more than a princess, and more than a knight. She’s the princess-knight!

Such a cute little show! Where Nella, with the help of her friends (Sir Garret, Trinket, and Clod), breaks barriers, challenges expectations, and fights for justice on every adventure. A hero unlike any other, Nella always stays true to herself through determination, power, and courage.

You can read more about her and find other fun Nella the Princess Knight craft ideas at


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