Today we have a princess themed 10 page free printable worksheet pack for kids. You can download and print the princess worksheets for your preschooler at home or in the classroom. These printable princess activity sheets include: letter search, a princess big and little sheet, princess letter and number tracing, and princess preschool worksheets and princess coloring pages.

Free Printable Worksheets - Princess Activity Preschool worksheets - four of the princess worksheets pdf files shown with two princesses in front of a castle
Let’s have some learning fun with preschool princess worksheets!

Free Preschool Printable Worksheets

These free printables are a big bunch of princess preschool fun!  Look below to see some fun alternatives for using this printable worksheet set with older kids in Kindergarten and above.

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There are 10 pages of preschool worksheets that are princess themed. You can download and print for hours of preschool learning fun. Click the pink button to download the princess learning pack:

Princess Preschool Printable Worksheet Pack Includes

Princess Preschool Worksheet - Trace the lines - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s trace between the princesses!

1. Simple Trace the Lines Worksheet

This cute sheet has 3 lovely princesses that you have to use the dotted lines to connect them. However, the further you go the harder the lines get!

2. Complex Trace the Lines Worksheet

Was the first sheet too easy? No worries! This sheet again has beautiful princesses, but the dotted lines are much more difficult to follow!

3. Trace the Shapes Activity Page

This page doesn’t have princesses, but is still princess themed. You must trace the dotted lines to make shapes around various royal pictures like: a prince frog, tiara, crown, and a carriage.

Preschool printable princess worksheet pack - pdf file for cutting practice
Let’s practice our cutting skills!

4. Cutting Practice Activity Page

This is a great way to practice safety with scissors, but to also work on fine motor skills. You have to use the dotted lines to cut a straight line to the princesses.

5. Circle the Largest in Each Row Worksheet

Learn the difference in size by looking at the different rows of princess. You have to choose which is the biggest in each row and circle her.

Princess preschool worksheet packet - pdf file for number tracing showing numbers 1 - 9
Let’s trace numbers!

6. Number Tracing Worksheet

Practice your fine motor skills and learn your numbers by tracing the dotted lines to write out 1-9.

7. Find & Circle the Letter P Activity Page

Princess starts with the letter P. You have to find all the P’s in this letter scramble.

Counting practice pdf file shown as part of the preschool princess worksheet pack
Let’s color the boxes & count the number of princess items.

8. Count the Items and Color Worksheet

Count all the royal items like the pink slippers and pink thrones and the color in the correct number of boxes.

9. Princess Castle Coloring Page

Color your very own princess castle!

10. Princess Coloring Page

Make your princess as beautiful as you!

11. Princess Carriage Coloring Page

Color the princess’ carriage so that she can go to the ball in style!

The princess coloring pages in this packet feature both a princess in daily attire and one dressed for a ball.

Download & Print the Princess Worksheets pdf File Here

Using Princess Worksheets for Kindergarten & Older Kids

While these printable princess worksheets are great for preschools, you can also use them for older kids too. Older students in Kindergarten and above may use this printable worksheet set for more advanced learning by printing off the following pages with these alternate instructions:

  • Print pages 2 & 3:  Use the trace the lines worksheets as cutting templates instead.
  • Print page 4:  Use the trace the shape worksheet for scissor practice to cut out the shapes.
  • Print page 8:  Instead of circling the letter “P”, circle all the consonants and draw a box around all the vowels.
  • Print page 9:  Write the number of princess items in the first box and then cross one out and write how many there are now in the second box…and so forth.
  • Print page 10:  Use this castle & princess coloring page with your favorite colored pencil set or watercolor paints.
  • Print page 11:  Use this pumpkin carriage & princess coloring page with glue and glitter.

–>If you are looking for other printables, check out our Printable Library!

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Which of the princess preschool worksheets was your child’s favorite?

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