Dress Up Dolls Free Kids Printable

Let’s have a fun  miniature catwalk with these fabulous printable dress up dolls!

Playing dress up is always great  either with a small paper doll or with clothes from mother’s or father’s closet!

Dress Up Dolls


Paper Dress Up Doll Printables

Would that top look good with those jeans? Or would a skirt fit better? Well I think each and every combination is fabulous as long as we are having fun with them!

These Dress Up Dolls Printables for Kids Include

  • 1 letter sized page with two printable dolls.
  • 3 pages wit printable clothes and shoes: 4 pants, 8 pairs of shoes, 7 tops, 5 dresses and 6 skirts.

Click to download and print:  Paper Dress Up Dolls

Click to download and print:  Clothes for Dress Up Dolls

More Play  Printables

Your kids can now open up their own pretend play sandwich shop with these printable toys. Need more clothes for these paper dolls? Be sure to check the princess paper doll printables.

Imaginative Play Ideas

Their imagination knows no limits but sometimes it does need a nudge to start “working”. Here is a list of great ideas to spark your kids imagination  (I can’t decide which one I love the most).

Printable Dress Up Dolls


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