Let’s have a fun miniature catwalk with these fabulous printable dress up dolls! These original free printable paper dolls template allow you to design your own paper doll set. Kids of all ages can color and customize this dress up paper doll printable.

Free printable paper doll with a paper Shoes, skirts, dresses, pants, tennis shoes, kids activities blog
Print out and decorate this paper doll template and dress them up in all the best and chic clothes!

Design Your Own Free Paper Dress Up Doll Printables

Would that top look good with those jeans? Or would a skirt fit better? Well I think each and every combination is fabulous as long as we are having fun with them! This kit comes with all kinds of love themed accessories and outfit add-ons to our basic paper doll set. Download, print, and get ready for a fashion show!

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These free printable paper dolls come with all kinds of fashioned themed accessories. Clothes you can color and cut out start styling your dress up dolls! The clothes are designed to fit our basic paper doll by Jen Goode plus can be colored for both boy and girl outfits. Click the pink button to grab the printable paper doll set.

Free Printable Paper Doll Template PDF Files

You will need both downloads of the paper dolls and the clothes template. This free printable doll comes with:

  • 2 Paper Dress Up Dolls
  • 2 Summer Dresses
  • 3 Sleeveless Dresses
  • 6 Skirts
  • 4 Tank Tops
  • 3 Long Sleeved Shirts
  • 2 Pairs of Jeans
  • 2 Pairs of Capris
  • 8 Pairs of Shoes

You can add stuff to the dress up clothes if you’d like. Maybe some ribbon or glitter. Either way, you can mix and match all the outfits to make your dress up dolls super stylish.

Printable Dress Up Dolls -Amazing printable dress up dolls with a lot of chic and fashionable outfits!
Amazing printable dress up dolls with a lot of chic and fashionable outfits!

Free Dress Up Paper Doll Cut Out

This paper doll template does require some cutting skills, and while it may seem a little daunting, we got some tips for you!

If you have a child helping cut out pieces, this is a much safer way to cut than poking a hole while still working on fine motor skills.


Here are some more easy paper doll accessories you could add to this free printable set

Have you tried our free printable paper dolls? Let us know down below!

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