Preschool Letter D Book List

This week, we are working on learning the Letter D! No curriculum is complete without a reading list, for the week! This Letter D book list is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, especially!

Dogs, Ducks, Dinosarus, and Dragons – oh my! These books are easy to read, so your little ones can transition from listening, to reading for themselves!

Easy books for kids, to help them learn the letter D.

Learn the Letter D

My preschoolers loved the books I selected to help us learn the Letter D, so I decided to share with you! You can also check out our letter D activities!

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Words that start with the letter d like dog
D is for Dog!

We found some books that start with the Letter D, and some other letter D books! These books to learn the letter D come from our friends at UsBorne and our affiliate, Amazon!

Books to Teach the Letter D

We love to read together, in my house! A good story can make time fly by and keep my little ones busy for hours! Starting a love of reading early is so crucial!

Dinosaurs Don’t Bark

While helping to teach the letter D, this book also teaches another lesson! The dangers of too much screen-time, and ignoring your parents (and your dog!). This hilarious little adventure will have your little one in a giggle fit.


As much as Daddy hates the dandelion, his daughter loves it. This laugh out loud story is of a father’s desperate attempts to destroy the dandy while his daughter tries to save it. Can he maintain his lawn without breaking her heart?

The Donkey Egg

A fox tricks a bear into buying a donkey egg. Hare isn’t so sure that donkeys work that way! Read along with your little one, and enjoy this silly story!

T-Bone the Drone

Meet T-Bone, the Drone! He is Lucas’s best friend! They enjoy playing, flying, and even recharging together. This adorable story about working together is a fun and fast favorite, in our house!

Dear Dragon: A Pen Pal Tale

George and Blaise are pen pals. They write letters to each other about everything! There’s just one thing that the two friends don’t know: George is a human, while Blaise is a dragon! What will happen when these pen pals finally meet face-to-face? Find out in this daring story about friendship despite differences.

Can You Snore Like a Dinosaur?

A good book for bedtime is an essential part of learning the letter D! This adorable story comes completed with beautiful illustrations. The tranquil and repetitive language helps to verbally rock your child to sleep. The close of the story is a loving and comforting way to end the day.

Are You a Dragonfly? 

Full of colorful illustrations, this beautiful book is perfect for children who love science and nature. It follows a dragonfly through metamorphosis.

Letter D Books for Preschoolers

That's not my Duck Letter D book
Littlest ones love this book, the most!

Little fingers can explore soft feathers, bumpy feet, and smooth eggs as they hunt for their duck. Babies and toddlers will love touching the textured patches on every page. The bright pictures and textures to touch are designed to help develop sensory and language awareness. This is an engaging way to learn the letter D, with a book!

going to the dentist letter d book
It’s not so scary, at all!

A trip to the dentist is much easier if you know what to expect! With sensitive and humorous illustrations, this book shows small children what happens at the dentist. It goes from the chair that goes up and down to all the dentist’s equipment. There is also information on how to look after your teeth, and a little yellow duck to find on each double page.

Dogs, dogs, everywhere!

Little, sad, pretty lazy, fast, dirty – there are as many different kinds of dogs as there are kinds of kids! Which one are you like? Check the mirror in the back of the book to see. Are you shaggy? Stubborn? Or just doggone happy to have a new dog book to share? This is a fun way to practice saying the letter D!

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