Let’s read books that start with the letter Q! Part of a good Letter Q lesson plan will include reading. A Letter Q Book List is an essential part of your preschool curriculum whether that is in the classroom or at home. In learning the letter Q, your child will master letter Q recognition which can be accelerated through reading books with the letter Q.

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Check out these great books to help you learn the Letter Q!


There are so many fun letter books for preschool age kids. They tell the letter Q story with bright illustrations and compelling plot lines. These books work great for letter of the day reading, book week ideas for preschool, letter recognition practice or just sitting down and reading!

While these books are great for preschoolers, you can use them for toddlers, and even kids in grade school. These books will not only teach kids consonants and vowels, but letter sounds, pronunciation, and other language skills.


These letter Q books are not only fun, but a great way to reinforce the letter Q lesson plan that you are teaching. Not to mention, reading is also a great way to help with reading comprehension and will help your child’s vocabulary, in this case with the letter Q words. There are 10 books that start with the letter Q to choose from. From the classic books to newer books, we have a great list of stories to help your child learn the letter q.

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Words that start with the letter Q like quail
Let’s read about the letter Q!


Whether it be phonics, morals, or math, each of these books goes above and beyond teaching the letter Q! Check out some of my favorites.

the quiet boat ride
Letter Q Books: Fox and Chick: The Quiet Boat Ride

1. Fox & Chick: The Quiet Boat Ride

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Quirky and funny antics follow fox and chick! Hilarity ensues as the duo sets off on a boat ride. This book also includes other fun stories, which is a huge bonus to me!

quick quack quick
Letter Q Books: Quick, Quack, Quick!

2. Quick, Quack, Quick!

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“Quick, Quack, quick!” his mama urges, but Quack is still the slowest duckling in the barnyard.  Nothing can make him hurry.  Then, one day, Cat comes a-hunting. Quack’s less than lickety-split ways help save the day.  This book is a Step Into Reading Level 2. It’s great for little ones who are starting to read on their own, and may be struggling with the letter Q.

quiet bunny and noisy puppy
Letter Q Books: Quiet Bunny and Noisy Puppy

3. Quiet Bunny & Noisy Puppy

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Quiet Bunny is back—with an adorable new friend! Snow is falling, and Quiet Bunny’s friends are settling in for winter. Bear Cub is hibernating in his den. Bullfrog is fast asleep under the ice. Who will play with Quiet Bunny? Along comes a very NOISY puppy, all ready to romp in the snow. Can Quiet Bunny be friends with someone so different? A heartwarming tale of friendship for the coldest of winter nights.

quick quack quentin
Letter Q Books: Quick Quack Quentin

4. Quick Quack Quentin

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Quentin’s quack has lost its A. Do any of the other animals have one to spare? Not likely! APES don’t want to be PES. SNAKES don’t want to be SNKES. PANDAS don’t want to be PNDAS or even PANDS. Will Quentin be stuck with a very quick QUCK?! This cute letter Q book is full of uproarious laughter for my kids.

the quiltmaker's gift
Letter Q Books: The Quiltmaker’s Gift

5. The Quiltmaker’s Gift 

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A wise old quiltmaker makes the most beautiful quilts in the world. But, she gives them only as gifts to those who most deserve them. What happens when a rich king doesn’t get his way? Find out with this classic letter q book and timeless folktale.

quick as a cricket
Letter Q Books: Quick as a Cricket

6. Quick as a Cricket

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A young boy describes himself as “loud as a lion,” “quiet as a clam,” “tough as a rhino,” and “gentle as a lamb.” Readers will delight in the variety of animal expressions. Together you can discover many different emotions, and learn to accept that all feelings are valid.

quiet bunny
Letter Q Books: Quiet Bunny

7. Quiet Bunny

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More than anything, Quiet Bunny loves the sounds of the forest: the birds chirping, the wind whispering shhhhh through the leaves, and, especially, the night song all the rabbits listen to. But, one day, he wonders: how can I join in? Bunny wanders the woods asking animal after animal—but he just can’t ch-cheet like the cricket, ssssss like the hissing snake, or o-uuuu like the howling wolves. But nothing feels just right—until Quiet Bunny finds the wonderful beat that’s his and his alone. This book will have your children sounding out all the fun sounds right along with Quiet Bunny.

quick! Turn the page!
Letter Q Books: Quick! Turn the Page!

8. Quick! Turn the Page! 

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Though very simple, this book is incredibly engaging for preschoolers. Each page has a new adventure for your children, and a new friend.

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Letter Q Books for Preschoolers

Fingertrail ABC

9. Fingertrail ABC

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This delightful book allows little children to take a fingertip journey through the alphabet, following a trail from acrobatic anteaters to zebras on zipwires. Charming illustrations, novelty die-cut elements, and quirky themes combine to make this an engaging, interactive ABC book, introducing children to the shapes and sounds of the alphabet.

Alfie and Bets ABC

10. Alfie and Bet’s ABC

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Alfie and Bet are off on a quest to discover the letter they like the best … but they just can’t seem to agree! With colorful characters, pop-ups on every page, a repeating panel with both upper and lowercase letters throughout and tons of alliterative enthusiasm. Alfie and Bet’s ABC is a pop-up alphabet adventure readers won’t soon forget! And they’ll learn their letters, too!

More Letter Books For Preschoolers

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More Letter Q Learning For Preschoolers

Pair these letter Q books with our other great letter Q activities such as: trace letters worksheets, crafts that teach uppercase and lower case Q, and even coloring sheets that teach the fifteenth letter of the English alphabet.

Which letter Q book was your child’s favorite letter book?

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