Preschool Letter Z Book List

Let’s read books that start with the letter Z! Part of a good Letter Z lesson plan will include reading. A Letter Z Book List is an essential part of your preschool curriculum whether that is in the classroom or at home. In learning the letter Z, your child will master letter Z recognition which can be accelerated through reading books with the letter Z.

Some of our favorite letter Z books!
Check out these great books to help you learn the Letter Z.


Your There are so many fun letter books for preschool age kids. They tell the letter Y story with bright illustrations and compelling plot lines. These books work great for letter of the day reading, book week ideas for preschool, letter recognition practice or just sitting down and reading!

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Words that start with the letter z like zebra
Let’s read about the letter Z!

Books to Teach the Letter Z

Whether it be phonics, morals, or math, each of these books goes above and beyond teaching the letter Z! Check out some of my favorites

1. Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots

Every So Often A Zebra Has Spots is a book that will have you and your children talking! It will inspire conversations about differences and how beautiful it is to be true to yourself. It will make you laugh and will definitely become your child’s new favorite book. And the best part is that they will not even know that they are learning lifelong lessons about acceptance and kindness for all.

2. This Zoo Is Not for You

This illustrated adaptation uses humor and rhyming to expand vocabulary! It makes hard words like alligator easy to say, and fun!

3. Put Me in the Zoo

Spot longs to be in the zoo with all the other animals, but the zoo doesn’t want him! In this beloved Beginner Book edited by Dr. Seuss, Spot shows a young boy and girl all the exciting things he can do with his spots—from changing their color and juggling them, to moving them onto different objects! Beginning readers will be delighted by this lively, rhymed story that not only teaches about colors, but proves there is a special spot for everyone, including Spot. 

4. Zero the Hero

Zero. Zip. Zilch. Nada. That’s what all the other numbers think of Zero. He doesn’t add anything in addition. He’s of no use in division. And don’t even ask what he does in multiplication. But Zero knows he’s worth a lot, and when the other numbers get into trouble, he swoops in to prove that his talents are innumerable. This book teaches basic math, and the letter Z

5. Z Is for Moose

Zebra thinks the alphabet should be simple. A is for Apple. B is for Ball. Easy! But his friend Moose is too excited to wait his turn, and when isn’t for Moose (Mouse gets the honor), the rest of the letters better run for cover.

6. Zoom Zoom Zoom I’m Off to the Moon

Combines short, rhyming text and bold, vibrant illustrations that portray a boy astronaut and his fabulous rocketship as they blast into space for an out-of-this-world adventure.

7. On Beyond Zebra!

If you think the alphabet stops with Z, you are wrong. So wrong. This rhyming picture book introduces twenty new letters and the creatures that one can spell with them. Discover (and spell) such wonderfully Seussian creations as the Yuzz-a-ma-Tuzz and the High Gargel-orum. Readers young and old will be giggling from beginning to end . . . or should we say, from Yuzz to Hi!

Letter Z Books for Preschoolers

These books come from our friends at UsBorne! With UsBorne, we always know that the books will be safe for our children, and educational!

8. That’s Not My Zebra

There are lots of friendly zebras to pet in this fun-to-touch board book. Patches of different textures and bright illustrations are combined with very simple text to help develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching noses that are “too fuzzy” and tails that are “too hairy.” 

Picture of That's Not My Zebra's Colors – A THAT’S NOT MY® Series Book

9. Peek Through The Holes Zebra

Zebra wishes she wasn’t black and white. Follow her in this colorful board book, as she meets a pink flamingo, a green crocodile, an orange giraffe, and a blue parrot, and imagines what it would be like if her stripes were the same color as them. Peek through the holes in the pages to see what Zebra looks like as her stripes change color.

Picture of Play Hide & Seek with Zebra

10. Play Hide and Seek With Zebra

Join zebra for a game of hide-and-seek with his friends! Little ones will love lifting the large flaps to find all the adorable animals hiding behind them, including lion, crocodile, giraffe, and hippo. With bright, vibrant illustrations and simple text, this is a charming book to enjoy time and time again.

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Which letter Z book was your child’s favorite letter book?

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