Preschool Letter A Book List

Part of any good Letter A lesson plan will include reading! A Letter A Book List is an essential part of any curriculum. To learn the letter A, your child must become comfortable with reading it!

We found some books that start with the Letter A, and some other letter A books! These books to learn the letter A come from our friends at UsBorne and our affiliate, Amazon!

Check out these great books to help you learn the Letter A!

Learn the Letter A

As you work to teach your toddler the alphabet, it’s important to get off to a great start! Keep things fun and light with the Letter A song! Songs are one of our favorite ways to learn. Inspire their creativity with our fun letter A craft!

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Words that Start with the Letter A like alligator

When you need a few minutes to get some cleaning or other work done, we have just the thing! Sit your kiddo down with a letter A worksheet to keep them busy, for a little while.

Books to Teach the Letter A

These are some of our favorites! Learning the Letter A is easy, with these fun books to read and enjoy with your little one.

Hey, Little Ant

To squish, or not to squish? This fun little book attempts to answer the classic childhood question. But with a twist! It turns out, ants can talk, if you are only willing to listen.

The Lady With The Alligator Purse

This illustrated adaptation uses humor and rhyming to expand vocabulary! It makes hard words like alligator easy to say, and fun!

Amazing Airplanes

With a cute little animal crew, learn all about flying! The letter A is the star of this book as children learn about air stewards, pilots, engines, and more!

The Apple Pie Tree

Follow two sisters as they watch a beautiful apple tree go through the seasons. Spring and winter look so different for the apple tree!

Learning is hard work! Take a break and make a yummy a is for apple pie. It’s a lesson, and a snack!

Away in my Airplane

Can you tell how much we love airplanes, in this house? Aside from being a great letter A word, airplanes are our avenue to exploring the whole world around us! Away in my Airplane is the perfect bedtime story for your Letter A week!

Are You An Ant?

One of the hardest things for my older daughter was saying “an” object instead of just “a” object. This book helped us fix that problem! It made it fun and easy for her to remember when to use “an”.

Letter A Books for Preschoolers

These books come from our friends at UsBorne! With UsBorne, we always know that the books will be safe for our children, and educational!

Learn the letter A, with Ape!

Find out how Ape’s Great Escape goes with this lively story and humorous illustrations, ideal for children who are beginning to read for themselves or for reading aloud together. Simple rhyming text and phonic repetition are specially designed for children. They are there to develop essential language and early reading skills.

Is that also an animal?

Pretend, imagine, learn, and share with all members of the animal kingdom! This delightful ode to the love between a parent and child is a heartwarming way to learn the letter A. The gently rhyming text paired with gorgeous cut-paper illustrations make this a book for your children to cherish.

Armadillo quickly became one of my son’s favorite words that start with the letter A.

Sleepy Armadillo receives a late night visit from a fairy. But, he soon gets carried away with the wishes she grants… A fun rhyming story, specially written to develop phonemic awareness, with wonderful illustrations. This book is ideal both for reading aloud and for children who are beginning to read for themselves.

Axolotl is also a good word for learning the letter X!

Axolotl longs for adventure. One day, she finds an old bottle with something amazing inside. What could it be? Wonder aloud with your child as Axolotl prepares for the treasure inside!

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