Let’s read books that start with the letter X! Part of a good Letter X lesson plan will include reading. A Letter X Book List is an essential part of your preschool curriculum whether that is in the classroom or at home. In learning the letter X, your child will master letter X recognition which can be accelerated through reading books with the letter X.

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Check out these great books to help you learn the Letter X!


Your There are so many fun letter books for preschool age kids. They tell the letter X story with bright illustrations and compelling plot lines. These books work great for letter of the day reading, book week ideas for preschool, letter recognition practice or just sitting down and reading!

While these books are great for preschoolers, you can use them for toddlers, and even kids in grade school. These books will not only teach kids consonants and vowels, but letter sounds, pronunciation, and other language skills.


These letter X books are not only fun, but a great way to reinforce the letter X lesson plan that you are teaching. Not to mention, reading is also a great way to help with reading comprehension and will help your child’s vocabulary, in this case with the letter X words. There are 11 books that start with the letter X to choose from. From the classic books to newer books, we have a great list of stories to help your child learn the letter X.

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Letter X: Words that start with the letter X like x-ray fish
Let’s read about the letter X!


Whether it be phonics, morals, or math, each of these books goes above and beyond teaching the letter X! Check out some of my favorites.

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: my mom has x ray vision
Letter X Book: My Mom Has X-Ray Vision

1. My Mom Has X-ray Vision

–>Buy book here

Matthew’s mom is just like all the other moms. She has ordinary hair, ordinary clothes, and a nice smile. Matthew’s mom is just like all the other moms . . . EXCEPT she has X-RAY VISION! How else could she always know what Matthew is up to? She knows when he jumps on the bed, or when he uses her pots and pans outside, and she even knows when he is wrestling with sea monsters in the bathtub! Matthew is sure his mom can see through things just like a superhero! One day… he decides to test his theory! This cute book made me laugh more than my daughter.

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: the adventures of taxi dog
Letter X Book: The Adventures of Taxi Dog

2. The Adventures of Taxi Dog

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Maxi, a homeless mutt in New York City, has always fended for himself. Then one day a kind taxi driver named Jim offers him friendship, a home, and a place in the front seat! From that moment on, Maxi and Jim revel in the sights and sounds of the city. They share all sorts of wild adventures-from rushing two clowns and a chimp to the circus, to singing duets with an opera diva! Your children will love this book!

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: fox on the job
Letter X Book: Fox on the Job

3. Fox on the Job

–>Buy book here

When Fox breaks his bike, his mom tells him to get a job to pay for a new one. He tries working at a shoe store (too much!), an amusement park (too scary!), and even tries delivering pizzas (too fast!). Then he finds a job that’s just his speed – bed testing in a store window! Zzzzzzz! This adorable letter X book is easy enough for young readers to try on their own!

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: hattie and the fox
Letter X Book: Hattie and the Fox

4. Hattie and the Fox

–>Buy book here

Nobody is listening, when Hattie sees something in the woods nearby! She tries to warn her friends, but will anyone hear her in time?

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: the birthday box
Letter X Book: The Birthday Box

5. The Birthday Box

–>Buy book here

What’s better than getting a brand-new toy as a birthday gift? Playing with the box it came in! Climb in for a flight across the ocean, a jaunt on a sailing ship, some sledding down a slippery slope, and a brief stint as a robot. Good thing the toy pup that came inside the box is happy to come along for the ride!

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: jessicas x ray
Letter X Book: Jessica’s X-Ray

6. Jessica’s X-Ray

–>Buy book here

Featuring six real x-rays printed on mylar, Jessica’s X-Ray is a unique and fun look inside our bodies and the world of x-rays written by a professional x-ray technologist who has worked extensively with children. In the book, kids follow Jessica, who has broken her arm, as she tours the hospital seeing x-ray rooms and looking at actual x-ray, CAT-scan, MRI and ultrasound images. These real x-ray images are printed on mylar so readers can see firsthand what Jessica sees. An identification key at the end of the book also helps kids pick out bones and muscles on their own.

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: fox in socks
Letter X Book: Fox in Socks

7. Fox in Socks

–>Buy book here

This is a beginners reading book started by Dr. Deuss. This is a book you READ ALOUD to find out just how smart your tongue is. The first time you read it, don’t go fast! This Fox is a tricky fox. He’ll get your tongue in trouble. A letter X book beloved through the years!

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: a xylophone for x ray fish
Letter X Book: A Xylophone for X-Ray Fish

8. A Xylophone for X-Ray Fish

–>Buy book here

X-ray fish wants a xylophone for his birthday, but will he get his wish? Find out in this excellent tale that teaches the letter X. AlphaTales are humorous stories designed to help young children recognize letters and the sounds they make. Lay the foundation for reading success with these kid-pleasing books—one for each letter of the alphabet.

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Letter X Books for Preschoolers

Our friends at UsBorne didn’t have any books for preschoolers, for the letter X, not that I can blame them! Instead, check out these amazing wipe clean products, to help your preschooler without the mess!

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: wipe clean ready for reading phonics
Wipe Clean: Ready For Reading Phonics

9. Wipe-Clean Ready For Reading Phonics

–>Buy book here

A friendly introduction to basic letter-sounds, helping children with their first steps into reading with phonics. The wipe-clean aspect will make this book even more interactive and will allow for practice.

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: wipe clean starting spelling
Wipe Clean: Starting Spelling

10. Wipe-Clean Starting Spelling

–>Buy book here

A wipe-clean activity book that encourages children to start thinking about spelling: identifying patterns, learning how words are spelt as well as practice of pen control, all in a beautiful and handy package!

Letter X: Books That Begin With The Letter X: wipe clean first words
Wipe Clean: First Words

11. Wipe-Clean First Words

–>Buy book here

This durable, wipe-clean book allows children to trace over the dotted letter-shapes again and again, helping them to develop important pen-control skills and practice letter formation skills.

Will help with reading and literacy skills as well as letter formation.

Comes with a special wipe-clean pen which is really satisfying to write with, yet easy to wipe off the shiny pages.

More Letter Books For Preschoolers

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More Letter X Learning For Preschoolers

Pair these letter X books with our other great letter X activities such as: trace letters worksheets, crafts that teach uppercase and lower case X, and even coloring sheets that teach the twenty-fourth letter of the English alphabet.

Which letter X book was your child’s favorite letter book?

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