We have a great list of mason jar gift ideas! Whether it’s a holiday, birthday, just because, everyone will love receiving these mason jar gift ideas. We have stuff for gardeners, for people who love to bank, relax, and more. In this mason jar gift ideas list you’ll find a great homemade gift for loved ones, family, and friends.

Diy gifts in a jar- one jar has baking goods, another has tea items, another has gardening stuff, a bigger jar has booze, and the last jar has self care items.
I want the tea time diy mason jar gift!

I love making DIY gifts, especially around the holidays. Many times we want to show someone they are special to us without spending a lot of money, and so a diy gift works perfectly.

These diy gifts in a jar are adorable and are really inexpensive to make. You can make a themed jar based on something the person who you are gifting to likes – like the baking jar or flower garden listed below.

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Great List of DIY Gifts In A Jar

1. Energy In a Mason Jar

Energy in a jar is packed full of little things to give you a boost, like a pack of tea and a granola bar. It’s a very sweet jar that we could all use! via Healthy Coconut Blog

2. Minibar In a Jar

Perfect for the husbands, make this awesome minibar in a jar. It has mini bottles of a wide variety that anyone is sure to love. via The Shabby Creek Cottage

3. Mani/Pedi In a Jar

A mani/pedi in a jar is a sweet gift for your favorite lady! It is mason jar full of nail polish, nail files, and other things to beautify your nails. via Bargain Briana

4. Gourmet Popcorn Mason Jar

Love this gourmet popcorn jar with yummy toppings to go with it! This diy gift is just delicious! Fill small jars with popcorn flavors, add a popcorn and a popcorn box, and bam! The perfect snacking gift! via The Country Chic Cottage

5. Tea Time Mason Jar

If you know someone who loves tea, this tea time mason jar gift will be a huge hit. This one is my favorite! via The Gunny Sack

6. Bath & Body Work Mason Jar Gift

This jar is full of your favorite Bath & Body Works products. I can’t think of anyone who wouldn’t love this! Plus, Bath & Body Works often has mini bottles of lotions and sanitizers an the likes on sale around Christmas time. via The 36th Avenue

mason jar gift ideas- stay warm jar with socks, a tea time mason jar gift, mani/pedi in a jar, hot coco in a jar
These mason jar gift ideas are so cute. I can’t decide which I like better the stay warm jar or the hot coco in a jar.

7. DIY Winter Survival Kit

A winter survival kit is perfect for the holidays! Lotion, comfy sock and all things cold weather go in here. This is the perfect mason jar gift for those who stay chilly. via Happy Go Lucky Blog

8. Love To Bake Gift In a Jar

Perfect for people who love to bake, fill a jar with some brand new cookie cutters, cupcake liners and measuring spoons! via The Gunny Sack

9. Keep Warm Jar Gift

This keep warm jar is perfect for anyone who lives in a cold weather state. Fill it with cocoa, hand warmers, gloves and more! via Country Chic Cottage

10. Flower Garden In a Jar

Fill a jar with seed packets and top it off with a miniature gnome for a flower garden in a jar! It may be winter, but can feel like spring with this gift. via Nest of Posies

christmas gifts in a jar- elf in a jar is green m&m's, and the reindeer jar has whoppers in them, and the last one has cranberries, herbs, and oranges to make the house smell good.
I can’t choose between these Christmas gifts in jar. I might make them all…1 for everyone and 2 for me!

Christmas Gifts In A Jar

While they all make great diy mason jar Christmas gifts, these are actually Christmas themed!

11. DIY Reindeer Noses In a Jar

Reindeer noses! The kids will love helping you decorate this fun jar. Plus it is full of chocolate! via Create Really Awesome Fun Things

12. Fudge Brownie Mix Mason Jar Gift

Give a fudge brownie mix in a jar – all they will have to do is add eggs, milk and oil! Nothing makes a house smell better than chocolatey baked goods! via Six Figures Under

13. Chocolate Covered Pretzels In a Jar

Chocolate covered pretzels in a jar are delicious! Plus, it is just a simple gift in a jar, but a classic. You could even change up the flavors too or add flavored drizzles. via I Save A to Z

15. DIY Mason Jar Christmas Gift

Everyone loves the smell of Christmas! This jar will fill your home with the sweet aromas of the season. Citrus, cranberry, cinnamon, and other herbs, it just makes the home smell cozy. via Nest of Posies

16. Homemade Elf Mason Jar Gift

This elf jar is full of green M&M’s. Grab the printable tags to make this sweet gift. via Polkadot Chair

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