Scrabble backpack charm In Kindergarten your kids loved the cutesy backpack charms inspired by the TV show of the week, but as they get older something a little more mature is in order. So as your tween heads back to school, send them off in cool style with their very own Scrabble tile personalized charm. Scrabble backpack charm If a backpack charm is not what they had in mind, turn it into a homemade keychain instead and give them their very first house key. It’s a great way to show you trust them and are willing to give them some additional responsibility.

To make this backpack charm or keychain you will need:

  • 2 sets of Scrabble tiles that spell out name
  • Keychain ring OR backpack clip
  • 24″ twine or jewelry cord
  • Fast acting craft glue
Scrabble backpack charm For this project I used a keychain ring. By doing so, it can be used as a backpack charm or a key ring. You can also buy colorful plastic clips that are great for backpacks. However, while these might be big with the younger set, tweens may or may not be hip to them! Scrabble backpack charm Tie or loop your twine around or through the ring/clip. Pictured on the left would just be tying a knot, while the pictures on the right show looping the twine through itself. Either way works! Scrabble backpack charm Hint: Use a small piece of foam core board or cardboard as your work surface so that you can easily move your charm when it’s done, but hasn’t fully dried yet. Turn one set of the scrabble tiles upside down and add some glue. Add some glue between each tile as well to hold them together. Place the keyring at the top of the Scrabble tiles and lay the twine down through the center of  the glue. Scrabble backpack charm Place the second set of Scrabble tiles on top of the first set, sandwiching the twine between them. press them all together, nice and snug, then wipe off any excess glue that seeps out. Stand the charm on its side to dry so that the faces of the tiles don’t stick to the work surface. Allow to dry completely before using. Scrabble backpack charm Don’t be surprised if your child’s friends ask if they can make one too! Do you have ideas for recycling board games?

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