Easy Mother’s Day Card Idea

Mother’s Day is just around the corner!  Kids can make  mom, grandma, or their  motherly role-model feel special with a simple hand-made card. This easy mother’s day card idea uses basic craft supplies and  recycled materials. Perfect for caring, eco-savvy kids!


Easy Mother’s Day Card Idea

Every week, my family tosses vitamin bottles, medicine bottles, and milk and juice jugs into the recycling bin. The colorful caps from those bottles are often perfect for children’s crafts.

For our card, we decided to transform our collection of bottle caps into sweet flowers for Mom!

Materials Needed:

  • Plastic caps from empty bottles
  • Markers
  • White  card stock
  • Glue


First, instruct your child to fold the card stock in half.

Next, glue a bottle cap to the card stock. If your child wishes to create a bouquet of flowers, glue many bottle caps to the card stock. It’s fun to use a variety!

NOTE: Some bottle caps can be small. Please supervise small children around bottle caps.


Draw the shape of flower petals around the bottle cap. Kids love getting creative with this part!


Color in the flower petals. Make  sure to add stems and leaves to the flowers.


Invite your child to add more detail to their picture. My child chose to add a sun and grass! Then of course, he wrote “Happy Mother’s Day” at the top of his card.


Simple, sweet, and made with love!

Untitled design-8

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