We love making homemade gifts during the holidays and we have some really easy craft gift ideas that kids can make and give. Not only do DIY gifts save you money, it adds a personal touch.

55+ Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

Plus, the time that your kids invest in making the gifts makes them even more excited to give them out!

Here are some really fantastic gifts that your kids can make to give to friends and family.

It’s time to get crafting with 55+ Of The Best Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make!

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Best Homemade Gifts

Looking for a fun way to spread holiday cheer? Whip up a batch of homemade gifts for teachers, neighbors, family, and friends, and teach your kids to think of others!

Here are some awesome ideas to try making and giving this holiday season!

Homemade Christmas Gifts

1. Lavender Lotion Bars

lavender lotion bars

Calming lavender lotion bars from How Wee Learn are the perfect cold weather gift to soothe dry skin.

2. Two Ingredient Fudge

Fudge is a great holiday gift, but fudge can be tricky to make sometimes. But it doesn’t have to be with this two ingredient peppermint fudge.

3. Ornament Napkins

You’ll never guess what fruit we used as a stamp for these ornament napkins!

4. Holiday Coasters

Recycle old coasters into festive holiday coasters by covering them in tissue or wrapping paper. Follow these instructions.

5. High Fashion Mirror

Create a beautiful piece of art that is useful! These DIY Christmas gifts for kids to make are perfect for anyone who is into fashion and style! This decoupage mirror frame is so easy to make.

6. Personalized Photo Frame

personalized photo frame

This is one of the best homemade gifts I think. Turn a plain picture frame into something special by personalizing it for the person and then add their favorite picture!

7. Santa Ornament

This Santa ornament works not only as an ornament, but also a keepsake as well. I’ve made these with my kids and sent them to their grandparents who absolutely adored these!

8. Handprint Canvas Keepsake

This gift is perfect for any parent or guardian for Christmas. This handprint Canvas Keepsake that is not only full of beautiful colors and sparkles, but is a reminder how little your little one really was. It also has a super sweet poem to go with it. It would be one of many great homemade gifts from toddlers to parents.

9. Easy DIY Candle Decorations

Make the holidays more special with these DIY candle decorations. They’re easy to make, all you need is: candles, scissors, a hairdryer, and sharpies! I like the metallic sharpies best for this because they’re sparkly.

10. Picture Tile Coasters

This picture tile coasters gift is great for parents or even long distance relatives! Use pictures of your family or pictures that inspire and brighten up someone’s room.

11. Framed Kid’s Art

framed kid's art

Turn your child’s beautiful artwork into something more by adding a cute frame to it. Once it is framed it makes the perfect gift for loved ones, especially those who can’t be there for the holidays.

12. Keepsake Ornament

This handprint keepsake makes the most perfect ornament. The red ribbon allows you to put it on your tree and the sparkly surface is sure to catch some eyes. Plus, did you know sparkly ornaments makes your tree seem fuller?

13. Melted Pony Bead Ornaments

These melted pony bead ornaments make such beautiful homemade Christmas ornaments. They give your tree a lot of extra colors, plus, all the abstract designs make them stand out even more. (Link unavailable)

14. Memories Book

Make Christmas super special for grandparents this year by having your child create this beautiful memories books complete with drawings of your child’s special memories!

15. Mouse Ornament

This is such a cute ornament idea and is also a great way to pass out treats. Use noodles, buttons, googly eyes, candy canes, and felt to create these simple mouse ornaments.

16. Egg Carton Jewelry Box

egg carton jewelry box

Make Grandma the sweetest jewelry box this year where she can keep her pretty necklaces, nail polish, and more!

17. Grapevine Wreaths

These grapevine wreaths are colorful, sparkly, and smell good because of the clove and cinnamon as well as the lavender blossoms. This is a great DIY Christmas gift.

18. Living Thyme Christmas Bauble

Make a Christmas terrarium using clear plastic ornaments. If you use an herb like thyme not only will it look super cute, but it will smell amazing as well.

19. DIY Handprint Leaf Napkins

Make some of these cute DIY handprint leaf napkins to hand out this Christmas season. Not only is this craft super cute, but the gift can be used over and over again.

20. Herbal Holidays

Make this DIY cinnamon star anise wreath and wrapped beeswax candle. Not only are they rustic and cute looking, but they smell like heaven!

21. Rudolph Picture Frame

rudolph picture frame

Make this cute Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer picture frame using your hands! Add some googly eyes, paint, and a red nose and this is the perfect holiday gift.

22. Handprint Animal Canvas Gifts

These handprint animal canvases are perfect for Christmas! Use your hand to make everyone’s favorite animals.

23. Homemade Christmas Cards

These homemade Christmas cards are the cutest Christmas cards ever! Not only are they decorated by little fingers, but they also include sweet family photos.

24. Fingerprint Charms

These sweet little fingerprint charms would make great gifts. Turn them into necklaces, earrings, or even Christmas ornaments.

25. Puzzle Piece Christmas Ornament

Make a puzzle piece keepsake ornament this Christmas by painting popsicle sticks and adding cute bows, ribbon, and puzzle pieces to it. Don’t forget to put a picture of your loved on in the middle.

26. Christmas Fine Motor Craft

christmas fine motor craft

This is not only a fine motor craft, but it makes the cutest little gifts. Make a DIY sewing ornament complete with a Bible verse or a lovely beaded bracelet.

27. Herbal Infused Honey

This is a DIY gift that the receiver can use! Make herbal infused honey that is flavored with various herbs making their baking and tea that much more flavorful.

28. Decorated Gift Jars

Make your DIY gift jars more impressive this year by decorating the lids. Then fill them with coco mix, marshmallows, and candies.

29. Edible Gift Basket Ideas

This is such a great idea and a gift idea that children can put together. Gather people’s favorite dinners, snacks, and desserts and great a nifty little gift basket.

30. Simple Christmas Nativity

Remember the reason for the season and give someone this beautiful Christmas nativity set. It’s easy to make, but has a much deeper meaning than most gifts.

31. Puzzle Piece Brooches

puzzle piece brooches

Make jewelry this Christmas with puzzle pieces. Paint the puzzle piece brooches, bedazzle them, and add a pin so everyone can wear them proudly.

32. All Natural Candy Cane Bath Salts

Bath salts makes the perfect Christmas gift. They’re pretty to give, plus they smell good, help promote relaxation, and makes your skin soft!

33. In Case Of Emergency

Survival gifts or emergency gifts are fantastic! Make your own using a coffee can. It is big enough to fit important things, but small enough to fit in someone’s car and it is low budget.

34. Custom Pendent Necklaces

This is a great gift for friends, family, kids and is super easy to make. You can make your own pendent and base the image on something the receiver loves. I think I’ll do that this year.

35. Hand And Foot Print Pot Holders

These are a darling gift for Grandma! She will love these dated little handprint and footprint potholders to remember how little her grandbabies were.

Father’s Day Gifts

36. I Love You Papa

i love you papa

Make Father’s day extra special this year by making him this “I love you Papa” pillow case. He’ll love it!

37. Our Dad Loves…

Create the perfect Father’s day gift by creating this sweet wooden plaque that has a list of everything dad loves! It can have all the things like his family, being a dad, hobbies, movies, etc.

38. DIY Gift For Dad

We love these homemade presents for dad! This DIY scrapbook is perfect for Father’s day! It’s super easy to make and has all of dad’s favorite people in it!

39. Running T-Shirt

Is your husband a runner? Then help your kids make him special Dr. Suess inspired running t-shirts.

40. Daddy’s Six Pack

It isn’t what you think! You fill up glass bottles with snacks! It is perfect for movie night. Add candies, popcorn, nuts, and more to these bottles for a tasty Father’s day.

41. D Is For Dad

D is for Dad

Make your dad his own special mug this year with this D is for Dad mug. You can make the D and color it in with his favorite color to hold his favorite drink!

42. Drink Holder

Make a painted and customized drink holder for daddy’s drinks. All you need is a sturdy cardboard 6-pack drink holder. Paint it white so you have a blank canvas and then decorate! It makes the perfect Father’s Day gift. (Link unavailable)

43. Make a Hug card

Make the cutest hug cards! These fun homemade cards made by kids are an accordion that delivers a very large hug!

44. Baby Footprints

Tell dad how much you love him this Father’s Day with this precious baby footprints tag that will make any gift that much more special.

45. Upcycled Heart Craft

Tell Dad how much you love him this Father’s Day with this upcycled gift. It’s super cute using leftover nuts and bolts and is a great way to remind dad how awesome he is and how much you love him.

46. Decorated Tool Holder

decorated tool jar

Make this cute tool jar covered in painted nuts, washers, and screws. It’s not only cute, but a useful way to help dad keep all his tools in one place.

47. You Are My Superhero

Make this super cute canvas keepsake for Father’s Day. Remind dad this year that he is your hero and how much you love him!

48. Father’s Day Mug

This is a perfect Father’s Day gift made by toddlers and preschoolers. It’s simple, yet a keepsake. All you need is a blank coffee cup and a porcelain marker.

49. Daddy Days Jar

With Father’s day coming up, this is a great gift and a great way to spend some quality time together. These are great ways to have “daddy dates” and do fun activities together.

Mother’s Day Gifts

50. Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

Kids can easily make a really delicious smelling sugar scrub that the grown-ups in their lives will love, especially Mom! It’s a great way to give her a gift to help her relax!

51. Handprint Keepsake

Give mom two things she loves! A keepsake of your hand and flowers that will never wilt. Plus doing it on this corkboard not only makes it textured, but means it can be used as wall decoration too.

52. Preschool Mother’s Day Celebration

This is a great gift for Mother’s day that your preschool students can make fairly easy. It’s a dime necklace! It even comes with a custom painted jewelry box too. (Link unavailable)

53. Homemade Mother’s Day Gifts

Looking for the perfect Mother’s Day gifts? Look no further! We found a list with a bunch of awesome Mother’s Day gift ideas.

54. DIY Gifts For Mom

This is adorable! Mold your child’s hand into a ring dish and is the perfect gift for Mother’s day! It’s a cute keepsake and a reminder to Mom how much she is loved and appreciated. From Mama Papa Bubba.

55. Crayon Lipstick

crayon lipstick

Turn crayons into lipstick! This is not only a fun DIY craft, (follow along with the video here) but a great way to help Mom always look her best and to say I love you!

56. Footprint Butterfly Flower Pot

This footprint butterfly flower pot is the perfect gift for mom! Make Mother’s day special by creating this beautiful masterpiece and then fill it with flowers!

57. Orange Creamsicle Sugar Scrub

Make a sugar scrub that smells amazing for Mother’s day! Mom’s work so hard so make her something nice so she can relax and pamper herself!

58. Mother’s Day Gift

This is another Mother’s day craft that is not only cute, but something that you can keep and use over and over again! These kid-painted tea towels are perfect to let your little one show how much they love mom.

59. Polka Dot Vase

Make Mother’s Day more special by making her this beautiful and colorful polka dot vase to hold her flowers!

60. Corrugated Sheet Quilled Flowers

corrugated sheet quilled flowers

Fill up all these wonderful vase ideas with these homemade flowers. They’re beautiful and will last forever.

61. Fingerprint Flower Pot

This is another great gift for Mother’s Day! Using a large tea cup and saucer, use your fingerprints to make colorful polka dots all over this unconventional fingerprint flower pot!

62. Mommy’s Lil Angel

This footprint angel tile is an adorable keepsake that turns your child’s little footprint into something sweet to always remember them by.

63. Mother’s Day Mugs

Make mom a set of mugs this Mother’s Day so she will always have a special cup to drink her coffee, tea, or cocoa!

64. Flower Magnets

Make mom some beautiful magnets this Mother’s day. Each magnet is painted a different color, each with 3 colorful flowers on them.

65. Layered Oatmeal Bath

layered oatmeal bath

Let Mom relax this Mother’s Day by creating this layered rosy oatmeal bath complete with a little bag to keep floaties out of the bath. It smells good and oatmeal is great for your skin!

66. Clay Flower Pot

Turn a mason jar into a beautiful flower pot by decorating it with clay. Make it colorful, unique, and add all of mom’s favorite colors. Be sure to fill it up with flowers afterwards.

Valentine’s Day Gifts

67. We Love You To Pieces

we love you to pieces

This is such a sweet Valentine’s gift for dad! Dad’s are often forgotten on Valentine’s day and don’t get the acknowledgement they deserve, but this is a great gift to remind dad how much you love and appreciate him.

68. Cake Case Daffodils

Real flowers die after a while, why not make some flowers that will last forever? These cake case daffodils are perfect for that someone you love. Plus, they’re super cute and easy to make.

69. Fingerprint Keyring

Make these heart fingerprint keyrings out of clay, paint, and glitter. They are so precious and perfect to hand out!

70. Fingerprint Heart Magnet

Hand out these fingerprint heart magnets this Valentine’s Day. Each one is in the shape of a heart, beautifully colored, with mini fingerprint hearts in the middle. They used red and gold which is one of my favorite color combinations, but you could use any color.

71. Valentine Thumb Print Heart Bookmark

Make these Valentine’s day bookmarks and hand them out. They’re simple and sweet with these cute little hearts going down them.

72. Salt Dough Footprint Hearts

salt dough footprint hearts

This Valentine’s day gift is previous! Make a salt dough heart, add your child’s footprints to look like a heart and then add the sweet little poem provided. It is as cute as can be.

73. Heart Candle Holder

This is another salt dough craft, but it is perfect for preschoolers and toddlers. Using salt dough you make two different sized hearts, bake them together, and then paint them. Make sure to make an indention for the tea candles.

74. Heart Scribble Mugs

Nothing says love like these heart scribble mugs. They’re super cute, plus they’re great to hold treats, coffee, or tea!

75. Raspberry Coconut Ice

Make Valentine’s sweet these year by making these homemade healthy Valentine’s day treats. They’re lightly sweetened and filled with coconut and raspberries, yum!

76. Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

Turk your child’s artwork into Valentine’s day cards by cutting a heart out in the card so people can see the artwork underneath. It is beautiful!

77. Happy Valentine’s Day

happy valentines day

This hand keepsake is made of salt dough. It is in the shape of a heart and the handprints also look like hearts, but are painted different colors. The poem around the hands is also sweet.

DIY Gifts

78. Perler Bead Bowl

perler bead bowls

These decorative bowls made out of perler beads are adorable! These would be great to keep jewelry or small knick knacks in. From Meaningful Mama.

79. DIY Garden Markers

Know someone who gardens? These DIY Garden markers made with beads are the perfect gift!

80. DIY Gift Card Holder

Gift cards are a great gift, however, just handing someone one is kind of lame. Make your own lovely gift card holder than can also be used a small change purse!

81. Art Magnets

Let your kids use bottle caps to design really fun art magnets. These make adorable fridge artwork.

82. Chalkboard Picture Frame

These easy chalkboard frames are extremely inexpensive and make a darling gift from a child.

83. Nature Suncatcher Windchimes

nature suncatcher windchimes

Nature is filled with so many beautiful things. Use flowers and other pieces of nature to create a suncatcher that you can attach to some beautiful windchimes for the ultimate gift!

84. Salt Dough Handprints

These keepsakes are perfect for any occasion! Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, it doesn’t matter! These salt dough handprints make perfect decorations for indoors or outdoors.

85. Easy T-Shirt Decorations

Make homemade festive t-shirts for every holiday using stencils and fabric paint!

86. Teacher Appreciation Gifts

We can’t forget our teachers! They often work thankless jobs and deal with so much! So it’s nice to make them these personalized notebooks to let them know how much they are appreciated and needed.

87. Forest Wreath

This forest wreath is the perfect gift for any occasion. It’ll leave your house looking serene and cozy, plus adding a little essential oil will leave your house smelling great as well!

88. Personal Touch Teacher’s Gift

personal touch teachers gift

Let your kids decorate these little wood trinkets to put a personal touch on their teacher’s gifts. Then write out little messages for them making this gift even more special.

89. Twinkling Candle Holder

Make someone’s day by gifting them this beautiful candle holder. Not only does it stand out, and each one is different, but it’ll be extra special because little hands help make it!

90. Perler Bead Bracelet

Melt perler beads and string them into a bracelet. This homemade gift idea from Meaningful Mama makes a cute gift, and it’s also great fine motor skills practice!

91. Homemade Magnets

This homemade magnet craft is great for older kids and once your package them they’re perfect for gifts.

92. Jar Mix Recipes

These are some of the best homemade gifts I think. They’re not only cute, but so useful. Want to make dessert? Everything is already there. Want to make sure? All the ingredients are in 1 jar.

93. Salt Dough Leaf Bowls

salt dough leaf bowls

These are these cutest gifts! These leaf bowls look like real fall leaves and I love them. They would be perfect for holding rings, earrings, or any other small trinket.

94. Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Let your child’s teacher know how much you appreciate them with these assorted gifts. Make lotion bars, sprays, gift jars, and more!

95. Decorative Tin Can Containers

Make these decorated tin can containers to hand out to teachers, siblings, or even parents to help keep their desks and writing/coloring utensils all together in one place.

Homemade Gifts For Kids

stuffed giraffes

96. Stuffed Giraffes

Make your child these precious little stuffed giraffes. They’re easy to put together, and a classic gift. Rag dolls are the best.

97. Embellished Beads

Let your child embellish wooden beads using metallic sharpies to create beautiful and traditional looking jewelry.

98. Little Ninjas

These are great gifts for you child or a great gift your child can make for others. They’re little wooden, hand painted ninjas, with a DIY bag to always keep them in one place.

99. Gingerbread Man Felt Set

Use these free printables to create this gingerbread man felt set so your child can have hours of fun recreating the story of the gingerbread man. (Link unavailable)

100. Marbled Clay Bead Jewelry

This is another one of our small gifts for kids to make. Plus, it’s fun and teaches kids about working with clay and sculpting. Using clay, create colorful beads that you can turn into bracelets or necklaces.

paper mache plate

101. Paper Mache Plates

This is a great gift for anyone. These little paper mache plates are great for jewelry, coins, keys, etc.

102. Personalized Wall Art

Make personalized wall art for siblings or friends. It’s super easy using tape, paint, and canvases.

103. Upcycled DIY Paint Chip Bookmarks

Is your child a reader? Then make these super easy upcycled paint chip bookmarks to help them keep their place in their books.

104. Best Homemade Gifts

Looking for more gifts? Here is a list of the best homemade gifts kids can make that even include free printables!

105. Washi Tape Magnets

Turn old magnets into these beautiful washi tape magnets. Make them plain, colorful, patterned, the sky is the limit!

106. Batman Cork

batman cork

Everyone love’s Batman! He’s obviously superior to Superman (I’m kidding…mostly), but now you can create your own little Batman. Have a leftover cork laying around? Good because you’ll need one to make this craft.

107. Tropical Art-a-Roni Bracelets

Make these colorfully fun bracelets for siblings or friends. This is another great small gift for kids to make and even smaller kids like toddlers and preschoolers can make it because it uses pipe cleaners. (Link unavailable)

108. Button Bracelet

This is a great gift for an older child or even a teenager! Turn tiny buttons into a beautiful charm bracelet. You can also add other charms to it, but the little buttons give it a lot of extra color.

109. Upcycled Lockets

This upcycled locket gift is perfect for your kids! Not only is it super cute, but it’s a great way to always keep their family close to their hearts. (Link unavailable)

110. Homemade Gifts For Kids

Some years are more rough than others and these homemade gifts for kids are perfect when that happens. Make homemade doll clothes, musical instruments, DIY dress up clothes, and upcycle toys into new ones. (Link unavailable)

lego crayons

111. Lego Crayons

These Lego crayons are a perfect gift for any kids that loves Legos and loves to color. Each one looks like a little Lego man and  you can still have all the colors.

112. No-Sew Pillows And Blankets

Make colorfully soft pillows and blankets for your child to cuddle up with by using the knotted method. It is super simple for those who don’t know how to sew or for those who just don’t have the time to sew.

113. Best Gifts For Kids To Make

Here is a list of 5 awesome gifts that kids can easily make for any holiday. They’re simple to make and cute.

114. Craft Stick Bracelets

These bracelets are so cute! They’re colorful, printed, with beautiful flowers on them. They are a perfect gift for kids whether they just like wear jewelry or playing dress up. (Link unavailable)

115. DIY Gifts Kids Will Love

Here is a huge list of different gifts you can make for your kids. It ranges from blankets, costumes, to toys, and everything in-between.

116. Washer Jewelry

diy washer jewelry

This is a great craft or gift for kids! Washers are not very expensive, and with some paint, sparkles, and embroidery thread you can turn them into something beautiful like this washer jewelry.

117. Wildflower Seed Bomb

Teach your child the importance of nature with these wildflower seed bombs. They are not only cute gifts, but give your child an activity to do later as they plant them.

118. DIY Pick Up Sticks Games

This pick up sticks game is so easy to make and is perfect for small kids. Who didn’t play this classic game when they were little?

119. Sunny Sewing Project

Teach your child to sew by putting together a sewing kit. This will require adult supervision, but it is a great gift that teaches a life skill.

Why Are Homemade Gifts So Special?

Homemade Gifts Kids Can Make

Kids grow much too quickly. If you blink, you might miss something. The beauty of homemade gifts is that each little milestone, from a novice brush stroke, to the first time they are able to color within the lines, is captured forever.

Most grandparents have just about everything and are hard to shop for, but you cannot go wrong with a homemade gift from one of the kids they love most! They are priceless and will become a prized possession!

Selling Homemade Gifts Can Lead To A Business!

Many business owners started out pursuing a hobby, so why not you? Making homemade gifts to sell online or at craft shows is not only fun, but a cool way to involve your kiddos and make some extra spending money to burn at the craft store!

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