Motherhood!  Being a mom can be the BEST, worst and most difficult role we play.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we look at real solutions tested by other moms and guided by experts.  We always are looking for the best motherhood.

I read so many pregnancy books, I watched every episode of A Baby Story…and then realized I hadn’t done anything to prepare myself for actually raising a baby, kid, tween, teen!

That is one of the reasons why creating this massive vault of REAL LIFE MOTHERHOOD advice was so important to me.

This is NOT the glossy parenting magazine advice. These are articles & stories written by moms. These moms are experts through experience! Sure, we bring on experts when needed, but truthfully we learn more from our fellow moms in the trenches of motherhood and our mom community!

So, if you are looking for mom-tested, reality-based advice…keep reading.

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