Sugar scrub is one of my favorite gifts to give. Everyone who gets it instantly falls in love with their present and it’s so easy to make that kids can do it. (Oh, and you can usually make it for about a dollar a jar, so you can make lots of it and give it to everyone. We love using sugar for kid’s crafts! One of our favorite crafts of all time is these sugar string pumpkins!

We are working with Imperial Sugar today to bring you this awesome Candy Corn Sugar Scrub Recipe just in time for Halloween!

candy corn sugar scrub made with imperial sugar

I still can’t believe how well this turned out! My nine year old daughter made it entirely by herself and she’s planning to make little jars for all of her friends as Halloween party treats!

We used the Candy Corn Sugar Scrub Recipe over at the Imperial Sugar website.
Make Candy Corn Sugar Scrub With Imperial Sugar

How To Make Candy Corn Sugar Scrub

  1. Make your sugar scrub according to the directions found here.
  2. Split it into three different bowls
  3. Add yellow food  dye to one bowl and orange to another. (You can also use red and yellow to make orange if you don’t have it handy, of course.)
  4. Add the yellow to your jar and pack it in really good. Make sure the edges are nice and neat.
  5. Now add the orange scrub. You really want to pack it down in there.
  6. And then add your white scrub.
  7. Now you have the cutest candy corn sugar scrub ever!

We also made a handy-dandy how-to video for you below:

There are so many amazing recipes for kids to make over at the Imperial Sugar site! I couldn’t believe how much awesome stuff they had in their Halloween section.

sugar scrub sponsored by imperial sugar

If you make this with your kids, show it off over on our Facebook page! And while you’re at it, check out the Halloween inspiration from Imperial Sugar over at Pinterest! (I will be making those eyeball pretzels. They’re ADORABLE!)

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