Have you thanked your child’s teacher? Teacher Appreciation Week might have already come and gone, but it is never too late to thank the educators who inspire and instruct our kids! Especially since the end of the school year will be here, soon!

Have You Thanked Your Child's Teacher?

Have You Thanked Your Child’s Teacher?

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With the end of the school year coming, I think we could all use some budget friendly teacher gifts that teachers will be able to use throughout the next school year.

Have You Thanked Your Child's Teacher?

Repurpose a Spaghetti Jar into a Vase

This is such a gorgeous, yet affordable gift idea from Crystal & Co.! Using scrapbook paper and Mod Podge, transform a spaghetti jar into a beautiful vase. Fill the vase with fresh flowers from your yard, swing by a local florist, or grab a bouquet from the local grocery store.

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Have You Thanked Your Child's Teacher?

Teacher Popcorn Gift

This is an excellent and inexpensive gift that is perfect when you have many teachers to buy for or when you are giving your teacher one small gift each day over a period of time. To make this popcorn gift from Crystal & Co., all you’ll need is individual microwave popcorn bags, their free popcorn printable, and some curling ribbon. Rock on baby!

Have You Thanked Your Child's Teacher?

Clothespin Magnets

Who said scrapbook supplies are only for scrapbooking?  Add some Mod Podge and you’ve got these  clothespin magnets from Crystal & Co., which are so fun to make and very practical.  Every teacher can use magnets for posting things in the classroom!

Have You Thanked Your Child's Teacher?

S’Mores Goody Bag

How adorable is Crystal & Co.’s S’Mores Goody Bag idea?! Your child’s teacher will remember them fondly while spending quality time with his or her family in front of a campfire this summer!

Have You Thanked Your Child's Teacher?

DIY Water Bottle Tag 

These are so fun to make, and the message is beautiful- foster the thirst of knowledge. Using cardstock and a few general scrapbook embellishments these  water bottles from Crystal & Co. are sure to be a hit!

Have You Told Your Child's Teacher Thank You?

What Gift Do Teachers Really Want?

I asked a few teachers what their favorite gifts are, and they all agreed that teaching your kids really is their greatest gift! One friend said, “the way a child’s eyes light up when they finally understand a concept they have been struggling with”, is her favorite part of teaching.

The gift of just saying thank you to teachers is more meaningful than you think! But if you’re looking for a physical gift to give, think functionality. A classroom is only so big, and as much as teachers adore handmade gifts from their students, these gifts do need to be put somewhere. If your child wants to make an awesome DIY gift, or even draw a sweet drawing, turning it into something that can be used in the classroom (like magnets, or the se ideas above). Drawings can be done with fabric markers on aprons and tote bags–things a teacher will use in the classroom. You can also decorate a planter and gift them with a plant for the classroom!

Another things teachers can use is gift cards. Check out these printable gift card holders! Throughout the year, have your child “play Santa” and try to find out what their teacher is really interested in, outside of the classroom. Safe bets are usually movie theater gift cards, gift cards for a local coffee shop, and gift cards to book stores. Teachers love books!

You can also gift a teacher with contributions of classroom supplies throughout the year so that they can keep more of their hard-earned money.

Have You Told Your Child's Teacher Thank You?

How Much Should I Spend On Teacher Gifts?

The  amount spent isn’t what is important. The gesture and thoughtfulness behind the giving are what counts! In grade school, it’s easier for parents to chip in on a larger gift, since there are 1-2 teachers per class. Once middle school and high school come around, perhaps the child can focus on a few teachers that have really influenced them. I don’t know any teacher who would pass down a handwritten thank you from a student, and that’s free!

Have You Told Your Child's Teacher Thank You?

Why Give Teachers Gifts?

Because they give to our kids, 24/7! I always stress over the best gifts for my child’s teachers each year, because I appreciate all of their long hours, how much they care about my kiddo, and all of their hard work. The gift my child and I choose is a way to convey that gratitude. I also love gifting something that they will actually be able to use, and personalizing it so that they can truly enjoy it . (Have I mentioned that I seriously stress over this?!). Check out these ideas:

What end-of-year gift are you crafting for your child’s teacher this year? Comment below! 

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