12 Sweet School-Themed Treats to Celebrate the End of the Year

The school year is winding down and summer will be here before we know it. Many of you will be looking to make some sweet festive treats to bring to your kid’s teachers and classmates. From chocolate chalkboards to book worm cookies, this collection of festive desserts will give you plenty of ideas to cook up in your kitchen!

12 Sweet School Themed Treats to Celebrate the End of the Year
Here are some fun treats!

School Year-end treats your kids can make

Kids have so much fun baking cookies and cupcakes, and they are the sweetest way to celebrate the end of the school year. Personalized cookies also make a memorable (and yummy) end-of-the-year gift for teachers

Celebrate the end of the school year by serving up some school-themed treats.

These treats are fun to make!

School-Themed Cookies and Cupcakes

Lt’s have real fun and love when you and your kiddos make these awesome treats!

1. School-Themed Sugar Cookies

If you excel at decorating cookies with royal icing, Sweet Sugarbelle offers some inspiration with her collection of school-themed cookies.

2. Cute Bookworm Cookies

For your favorite bookworms, you can take a lesson in cookie baking from CookieD-oh and bake up some adorable Bookworm Cookies.

3. Sweet Snickerdoodle Apples

Don’t have time to make and decorate cupcakes? Bake snickerdoodle apples, instead! You can find the recipe at Burlap N Bling.

4. Easy Apple Cupcake Recipe

There are so many cute cupcakes to make, how do you choose? If you want to make super easy Apple Cupcakes check out Love from the Oven’s tutorial.

5. Adorable Bookworm Cupcakes

Cupcakes are always a hit at end of school year parties. The Partiologist teaches you how to simply decorate adorable bookworm cupcakes.

12 Sweet School Themed Treats to Celebrate the End of the Year
Keep creating!

Creative School-Themed Treats

Your child’s teacher and classmates will welcome these creative school-themed treats during this year’s party!

6. Cool Pretzels Twist Apples

Give your teachers a bucket full of Make-Bake-Celebrate‘s crunchy, sweet, and salty pretzel twist apples to thank teachers for being so sweet.

7. Sweet Chocolate Chalkboards

Personalize your own chocolate chalkboards like Hungry Happenings did, to thank that special teacher!

8. Perfect Pretzel Pencils

Give your kids a pencil that you won’t mind if they chew. Ode to Inspiration shows you how to make the perfect pretzel pencils.

9. Cute Edible Book Treats

Fruit leather and white chocolate add up to a super cute edible book. Hungry Happenings will show you how easy these tiny books are to make using three ingredients.

10. Sweet Oreo Apple Pops

What teacher wouldn’t love Oreo apple pops? Amanda’s Parties to Go gives you an easy-to-follow lesson on how to make these candy treats.

11. Magical Edible Glue Sticks

If you prefer a glue gun to a mixer, then you’ll enjoy crafting edible glue sticks with the help of The Celebration Shoppe.

12. Apple Candy Cups

Another crafty project brought to you by Giggles Galore, couldn’t be easier. Her A is for apple candy cups are quick and easy to make and even have printable tags!

12 Sweet School Themed Treats to Celebrate the End of the Year
School’s done!

Last Day of School Traditions

Does your family have any last day of school traditions? When my daughter was younger, we would plan to spend the first full day of summer at her favorite amusement park that was geared toward smaller children.

Now that she’s in middle school, the way we celebrate has changed a little, but we still mark the occasion!

It’s summertime!

Fun ways to Celebrate Summer Break

Who’s excited about summer? Here are fun ways to celebrate this blissful break!

1. Celebratory Meal/ Ice Cream

Let your kiddo pick out either a special dinner for you to make together, or take them to their favorite restaurant or out for ice cream. When we do this, we play “Peaks and Valleys”. This is when we share the highs and lows of the school year, talk about goals, and reminisce over the incredible memories and growth of the year.

2. Summer Sleepover

As soon as exams are over, I let my daughter have a couple of her close friends sleep over. We order pizza, rent movies, and they just hang out and unwind.

3. Make a Summer Bucket List

This has been one of our traditions since my daughter was old enough to understand. We make a bucket list of all of our goals and desired activities for summer break.

4. Create a Summer Reading List

We are huge on reading in this house! We either use the school’s summer reading list or compile our own reading list, so that we are prepared for summer library/ bookstore adventures!

12 Sweet School Themed Treats to Celebrate the End of the Year
Fun tie-dye party!

5. Host a Tide-Dye Party

This is the best idea for a summer play date! Invite some of your kid’s friends over for a tie-dye lunch party! Ask everyone to bring a t-shirt (or something else to tie-dye), throw some burgers and hot dogs on the grill, and have a Welcome Summer party! 

6. Stock Up On Art Supplies

I try to do this throughout the year when they are on sale. We love crafting and painting over summer break

7. Enjoy a Lax Schedule

I try to keep a flexible vibe as much as possible over the summer for both of us. She needs time to be bored, amusing herself during summer break, and we both need to decompress after a hectic year. It’s the best part of summer! 

12 Sweet School Themed Treats to Celebrate the End of the Year
See you next school year, teacher!

More Ways to Celebrate The End of The School Year

How are you celebrating the end of the school year? Comment below! 

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