Whether you are hosting a school classroom party, giving a food gift to a teacher, going back to school or celebrating your ABC’s at home, these school themed treats will bring a smile to teachers and classmates. From chocolate chalkboards to book worm cookies, this collection of festive desserts will give you plenty of ideas to cook up in your kitchen that celebrate all things school!

12 Sweet School Themed Treats - 6 school themed treats shown from school supply cookies to apple pretzels to books that you can eat
Let’s eat some school treats!

School treats your kids can make & Eat

Kids have so much fun baking cookies and cupcakes, and they are the sweetest way to celebrate the end of the school year. Personalized cookies also make a memorable (and yummy) gift for teachers! 

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Celebrate the end of the school year or beginning of the year by serving up some school-themed treats.

School Party Treats That Everyone Will Love

school themed treats for kids - sugar cookies that spell out the word school plus cookies shaped and decorated like no. 2 pencils -
These treats are fun to make!

Whether it’s a school party or maybe just celebrating the first school day, everyone will have a fun time making these delicious school themed snacks. A little kitchen fun is a great idea to settle school jitters, especially for younger kids, who this may be their first year.

A lot of schools have new food rules from when we were kids, especially elementary school, so make sure you review those. It’s a great way to not cause any issues or accidentally send anyone to the school nurse for allergies. That being said, let’s make these school party snack ideas and sweet treats!

School-Themed Cookies and Cupcakes

Let’s have real fun and love when you and your kiddos make these awesome tasty treats!

1. School-Themed Sugar Cookies

Back to school Sugar Cookies that are cut into a number 2 yellow pencil with yellow pink grey and black frosting, a sugar cookie cut to look like a blue crayola crayon with blue and black, a chalk board with green and brown with A B C written out  in white frosting, and a sugar cookie cut out to look like a shiny red apple with brown stem and green leaf
These school themed sugar cookies by Sweet Sugar Belle are sure to be a great hit!

Everyone will love these homemade treats. Sure these ones may be a little more time consuming to make, but that’s okay for special occasions. So if you excel at decorating cookies with royal icing, Sweet Sugarbelle offers some inspiration with her collection of school-themed cookies.

2. Cute Bookworm Cookies

Back to school Sugar cookies with royale icing that look like green caterpillars holding apples and books. The boy cookies have broken glasses and a black bow tie and the girl cookies have yellow bows and cat glasses along with apple sugar cookies that are red with a brown stem and green leaf with a bite taken out of them.
Cookie D-Oh out did themselves with these cute bookworm cookies and apples.

Want another fun snack? For your favorite bookworms, you can take a lesson in cookie baking from CookieD-oh and bake up some adorable Bookworm Cookies.

3. Sweet Snickerdoodle Apples

Back to school Snickerdoodle cookies with red sugar sprinkles a chocolate stem and green leaf. These back to school cookies look like apples.
These apple snickerdoodle cookies are amazing! They’re cute, sweet, and tasty!

Don’t have time to make and decorate cupcakes? Bake snickerdoodle apples, instead! You can find the recipe at Burlap N Bling. Saving the extra cost of going to a bakery is always a good idea in my book.

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4. Easy Apple Cupcake Recipe

Back to school apple cupcake with white and red patterned paper, a red top sprinkled with red sugar sprinkles, a pretzel stem, and green leaf.
How cute are these back to school apple cupcakes?!? They look almost too pretty to eat!

These homemade sweets are amazing. There are so many cute cupcakes to make, how do you choose? If you want to make super easy Apple Cupcakes check out Love from the Oven’s tutorial.

5. Adorable Bookworm Cupcakes

Back to school bookworm cupcakes with black paper, red fondant apple top, brown fondant stem, green fondant leaves, a pale green fondant worm with black fondant glasses.
Wow is all I can say about these bookworm cupcakes! They Look so cute, and almost real!

Cupcakes are always a hit at end of school year parties. The Partiologist teaches you how to simply decorate adorable bookworm cupcakes.

Creative School-Themed Treats

Your child’s teacher and classmates will welcome these creative school-themed treats during this year’s party!

6. Cool Pretzels Twist Apples

Back to school treat- pretzels twist apples- red chocolate coved pretzels with chocolate stem and sour candy green leaf in a silver bucket with a black square that says A+
This is so cute! Everyone love chocolate covered pretzels. Plus it has a piece of sour candy. Perfect for a back to school treat.

This is a simple idea, but a tasty one, and makes great party favors. Give your teachers a bucket full of Make-Bake-Celebrate‘s crunchy, sweet, and salty pretzel twist apples to thank teachers for being so sweet.

7. Sweet Chocolate Chalkboards

Back to school treat- edible chalk board, black cookie, with candy outline in brown, some white sprinkles and written on it in sugar, thank you with an apple
Edible chalkboards for the classroom? Yes please, these are so cool!

Personalize your own chocolate chalkboards like Hungry Happenings did, to thank that special teacher!

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8. Perfect Pretzel Pencils

back to school snack- pretzel pencils, pretzels dipped in yellow chocolate with green 2's stripes and ovals and pink erasers.
Now you can eat the number 2 pencils. Well only if they’re these delicious pretzel pencils.

Give your kids a pencil that you won’t mind if they chew. Ode to Inspiration shows you how to make the perfect pretzel pencils.

9. Cute Edible Book Treats

Edible book treats- brown and red homemade fruit leathers covering a square of white chocolate like a book- back to school treats and snacks
Fruit and chocolate go so well together. Which is why you have to try this back to school treat. Homemade fruit leathers and white chocolate!

Want another great idea? How about these edible book treats that turn food items into something school themed. Fruit leather and white chocolate add up to a super cute edible book. Hungry Happenings will show you how easy these tiny books are to make using three ingredients. You can even make the fruit leather out of fresh fruit if you wanted.

10. Sweet Oreo Apple Pops

Back to school snack and gift- oreos dipped in red chocolate with a pretzel stem and green leaf, wrapped in plastic with green bows in a vase with red crinkle paper and a yellow number 2 pencil vase with a white and green chevron ribbon and a welcome back sticker that is white and red with an apple in the middle. Blackboard in the background saying back to school
This is so cute. Not only are there “apple” Oreos, but a pencil vase is a nice touch.

What teacher wouldn’t love Oreo apple pops? Amanda’s Parties to Go gives you an easy-to-follow lesson on how to make these candy treats.

11. Magical Edible Glue Sticks

Back to school treat and gift- edible glue sticks, mints in a push pop with orange bottom and orange lid with a black yellow and white sticker that has text saying: Edible school glue stick and a white ribbon and blue orange and white tag that says "So happy to b e stuck with you this year!"
These edible “glue sticks” are so cute. You could fill them with mints, skittles, M&M’s sixlets, any favorite candy pieces!

If you prefer a glue gun to a mixer, then you’ll enjoy crafting edible glue sticks with the help of The Celebration Shoppe. This sweet treat is such a great idea. I would avoid stuff like Reese’s pieces due to food allergies since peanut butter allergies are among the life-threatening allergies. But you could even do a mix of chocolate chips if you wanted.

12. Apple Candy Cups

Back to school treat, snack, gift- silicone cups filled with plastic wrapped red candies with a brown pipe cleaner stem and a light green and dark green polka dotted ribbon as the leaf
Apple candy cups are such a cute idea!

If you’re looking for healthy snack ideas, you won’t find them here. Another crafty project brought to you by Giggles Galore, couldn’t be easier. Her A is for apple candy cups are quick and easy to make and even have printable tags!

More Delicious Ways to Celebrate School From Kids Activities Blog:

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Which school themed treats will you be making this school year? Comment below and let us know, we’d love to hear from you!

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