How to Wrap a Present

Want to learn how to wrap a present?

Wrapping holiday gifts is one of my favorite parts of Christmas! When I learned this special trick for how to wrap a present, it made things so much easier.

How to Wrap a Present

How to Wrap a Present

For this tutorial, we’ll be wrapping a rectangular box with a sheet of wrapping paper.


Cut your paper to fit the box.

Leave enough paper to wrap around the box lengthwise and to fold over half the box on the ends.

Wrap the paper around your box lengthwise and tape into place.

Now, it’s time to close up the ends. That’s where the special trick is:

How to Wrap a Present

Fold the top half of the end paper down and crease it.

Now, fold in both side pieces. Finally, bring up the bottom piece and tape into place.

How to Wrap a Present

Repeat on the other end, then add embellishments for a perfectly wrapped present!

How to Wrap a Present with The BEST Wrapping Paper:

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Are you looking for a high quality wrapping paper that doesn’t tear easily?

Here’s some that we’d recommend:

Reversible Christmas Gift Wrapping Paper Bundle: Not only is this Christmas wrapping paper extremely durable, but it also has reversible patterns!

Brown Jumbo Kraft Paper Roll: If you’d like a neutral wrapping paper to use, this one is the way to go.

However if you want something to use instead of wrapping paper, you can also use these gift bags!

Places to Hide Christmas Presents

Now that you’ve got all your gifts wrapped up and ready to go, the next thing you’ll have to do is figure out some places to hide them!

Suitcase: this is a great place to hide presents. Just zip them up inside some unused suitcases and store them in a closet as usual.

Car: smaller gifts can easily be stored in the glove compartment, and bigger presents can be hidden in the trunk!

Dresser: your kids aren’t likely to be snooping around your clothes, so putting gifts under clothes in your dresser is a good hiding spot.

Falsely Labeled Boxes: have some large boxes labeled with boring things and store Christmas presents inside. Be sure to tape them up!

Closet: if you’re going to be hiding presents in your closet, make sure to put it high up where it can’t be reached and store it inside something that isn’t suspicious (like a clothed bag or suitcase).

Kids Room: sometimes the best places to hide things are in plain sight! Store your kids presents high up in their closets. They most likely will look in other places, and never their own room. Perfect!

Basement or Attic: these are always great places to hide gifts if you have them!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids

If you’re still not quite sure what to gift your children this Christmas, here’s some fun ideas!

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Even more gift inspiration:

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