Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

Are you looking forward to a Valentine’s Day party at your house? Growing up, it was one of my favorite holidays.

Like many moms, I’m always looking for ways to pass “favorites” on to my son and I’ve found Valentine’s Day is one of the easiest holidays to have fun with.

Decorations are simple (hearts!) and the color theme is in a limited range (red, white, or pink). Contrary to what some of the advertisements would lead you to believe, Valentine’s doesn’t have to be an expensive celebration.

What’s not to love?!

valentine's day party ideas for kids

 Great Ideas for a Kid’s Valentine’s Day Party!

Instead of fostering the romantic notions of Valentine’s Day, for kids I like to focus on some of the traits of love like friendship, kindness and patience. Healthy attitudes of how to treat people are more beneficial for kids to understand than how to make puppy eyes anyway!

Hearts are easy shapes to cut, so leading up to the 14th, enlist the help of your kids. Cut, paint, and embellish all the hearts you want. Display them on tabletops, hang them from the ceiling, and tuck them into corners.

There are so many festive dessert possibilities. Decide on a couple favorites that can be made in heart shapes, or fancy up a dessert with paper heart medallions. Easy!

Potential Valentine’s Day party activities include:

  • A craft table is always popular with kids; stock it with heart shapes, stickers, sequins, paper lace, washable markers, google eyes, etc. and let them make funny Valentine characters. You can get some more Valentine’s Day craft ideas here.
  • Projects: pre-make hearts on heavy cardstock and strips of paper with each guest’s name. Randomly pass out the papers (keep it secret) and kids write a message or draw a picture for that person, then cut the heart into puzzle type pieces. Put the pieces in a windowed pencil pouch and present to the intended recipient.
  • Valentine treasure hunt: work in pairs or small teams. Before the party, draw pictures or write clues on different colored hearts and cut them in pieces. Teams must put their pieces together to find the next step.
  • Find the hearts: best for younger ages. Hide different colored hearts for each child; give everyone their own bag (think egg hunt).
  • What would love do game: kids sit in a circle. The designated story teller describes a situation that needs an ethical solution. Allow kids to determine how love would solve the dilemma.
  • Hot potato heart game: Kids sit in a circle; mom starts and stops the music. Pass a heart around the circle. When the music stops, the one with the heart tells something s/he likes about the person to their left; repeat.

Party favors generate a lot of interest! A few favor ideas:

  • wrapped heart candy
  • glow bracelet
  • fun shaped straw (look for those with giant lips!)
  • mini flashlight
  • Valentine themed book
  • goofy pair of red/pink socks.

See? Valentine’s Day is the simplest holiday to celebrate and sending your guests home after a fun and busy time together is the best Valentine of all!

What will you do at your Valentine’s Day party?

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