Get out the crayons and the glitter and color your own printable Valentines. Kids love making their own Valentines, this kit comes un-colored and ready for creativity! This is a free printable Valentine kit that you can color however you’d like, cut out and create your own way. The printable page includes  with 4 folding Valentines cards and 4 coordinating hearts you can use as stickers. You can also cut out the Valentines to make individual cards, so you end up with 12 valentine cards to give to friends.

Color Your Own Valentines Printable

Color Your Own Printable  Valentines

Use crayons or markers or watercolor paints to decorate your Valentines. Add to lollipops or deliver all on their own. You are the designer, make these Valentines uniquely yours!

In my examples, I used watercolor pencils to color my Valentines. Then I used a paint brush to blend the colors and make each Valentine card look like it’s been painted. You can also use a blending marker instead of a paint brush. This is a great technique to use to get that painted look without using actual watercolor paints. It’s a lot of fun for kids, a little magical and really simple for those that aren’t quite confident about using paints yet. I’ve got a tutorial for how to use watercolor pencils here.

Printable Valentine Cards kit for Kids

The printable set also includes a heart pattern page so you can print out your Valentine cards with a pattern on the out side. Simple print out the background page first, then put the printed page back in your printer and print the second page. Color everything and then cut out all the pieces.

Printable Valentines Cards and Paper Stickers

If you’d like to include confetti with your Valentine, cut small strips of colored paper and then cut those strips into tiny squares.

Click to download this Free Color Your Own Printable Valentines:

More Valentines for Kids

Whether you need one Valentine card for someone special or 30 Valentines cards for the whole class, you can print out out these Color Your Own Printable Valentines and print as many copies as you need. Make each card unique, add your own personal touch and share the love. Handmade Valentines cards are so fun to make, but you don’t have to make them from scratch. Use a printable and get creative! Have a super Happy Valentines Day!

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