30 Ways to Fill Ornaments

Looking for a last-minute DIY gift idea? There’s plenty of time to make a meaningful ornament! Check out these 30 Ways to Fill Ornaments!

Fillable ornaments with snow and a snowman, red paint elmo ornament with a mouth, orange nose, and eyes. Neon swirl ornaments, and a clear glass ornament filled with colorful pom poms.

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30 Ways To Make DIY Ornaments

I just love how you can fill glass and plastic ornaments with memories, adapting them to your family’s personality! Making DIY ornaments is a quick, cheap, and easy way to create a thoughtful keepsake your loved ones will treasure for years to come!

DIY North Pole Ornament

Create a Scene-scape Use a straw and a snowman charm to re-create the North Pole with this sweet idea from Tatertots and Jello!

DIY Kids Christmas Ornaments

Paint the inside of your ornament red, and then add Elmo’s face to create a fun Elmo Ornament with this tutorial from Crazy Little Projects!

Neon Swirl Ornament

The VSCO girl on your list will adore I Love to Create‘s fun Neon Glitter Ornament! You can use glow in the dark paint behind the glitter to add a glow. 30 ornaments to make

Disco Ball Ornament

Make a Disco Ball Ornament by gluing bits of a broken CD to the outside of  glass ornament balls. This idea, from Creme de la Craft, isn’t just for Christmas! They can also be used to create a stunning centerpiece to leave out, year-round!

Photo Ornament

Create a time capsule of sorts by filling clear ornaments with a current family photo, along with a couple items to remember the year. What a fun craft from Fynes Designs!

Fillable Ornaments That Look Like Marbles

Use a marble to mix paint around the inside of your glass ornament for a marbleized look!

Beach Ornaments

Kinetic Sand is one of my kids’ FAVORITE things to play with! Your kids will love to fill ornaments with the sand, and then dump it out and play with it after the holidays! This is also a cute way to “gift wrap” kinetic sand to the kiddos on your list!

fun and funky ornaments you can make

What Can I Fill Ornaments With?

The possibilities are endless! My favorite ornament are clear plastic balls that I filled with the knit hat my daughter wore home from the hospital, and her little hospital bracelet.

It always goes close to the top of the tree, because she is the most precious gift I have ever received! This would be a really sweet gift to give to a new mom (if you have some help getting those precious items from her!).

DIY Ornaments Using Rubber Band Bracelets

My daughter loves wearing these rubber band bracelets. What a fun way to decorate the tree, and then Christmas morning, kids can dig the bracelets out of the ornament to wear, with this creative idea from Craftgawker!

Halloween Fillable Ornaments

Use glue dots to affix googly eyes on plastic ornaments–kids will love making these! You can also pour glow in the dark paint inside of them, coating the interior, for ornaments that can also be used for Halloween!

Water Color Ornaments

We are loving this idea from By Stephanie Lynn! Use alcohol ink to dye ornaments into a gorgeous mottled look.

Neon Puffy Paint Ornament Crafts

Grab neon puffy paint and scribble over an ornament and make a fun statement with this idea from I Love to Create!

fun ways to fill Christmas ornaments

Ornament Ideas

Make a mock terrarium with this educational ornament craft from Brit + Co! Fill ornaments with bits of moss and greenery.

Oil Diffusing Ornament Crafts

Add drops of your favorite essential oil, along with a tablespoon of kitchen oil to an ornament, with some dried spices, to make a DIY Oil Diffusing Ornament!

Make Your Own Ornament That Smells Good

Give the gift of a soak in the tub this Christmas! Fill an ornament with Epsom Salt , and add a touch of your favorite essential oils. If you really want to get fancy, add a drop of food dye to color the ball!

fill an ornament with these ideas

Simple DIY Ornament Ideas

These diy ornaments are beyond easy to make. You just need some clear ornaments or fillable ornaments and you’re ready to go! There are even clear ornament ideas your kids can help with!

It would be a great way to spend time together as a family.

Snowman Ornaments

Add a styrofoam head, and your clear glass ornaments can become a snow man with this cute idea from Whatever…! Fill it with fake snow, and use a marker to create buttons and a face.

Hot Cocoa Fillable Ornaments

Looking for the perfect gift idea for a neighbor? Try out Sprinkle Some Fun‘s idea to fill an ornament with hot chocolate! Layer hot chocolate, sprinkles, crushed candy canes, and mini-marshmallows for a fun treat. Be sure to seal it and drink before the season is over, though!

DIY Ornaments

Wrap Washi tape around your ornament! The easiest ornament your kids will ever make!

Glitter Glass Ornament balls

All you need is glue and glitter to make Brittany MakesZentangle Scribbled Ornament.

fill the ornament ideas

Ideas to Fill Plastic Ornaments

You can use so much more than paint to fill ornaments. Many of these ornaments use other things like cloth, candy, drink mix, rubberbands, etc.

Rainbow Loom Fillable Ornaments

Fill your ornament with rainbow loom bands, and gift it to a kiddo! Extra points if they glow in the dark! Include a kit so your kids can make their own band bracelets over winter break!

Sprinkle Filled Plastic Christmas Ornaments

Ice cream is fun, but ice cream with toppings is even better. Gift an ornament filled with ice cream topping treats for your kiddos! This is such a cute thing for the family elf to bring!

8 DIY Ornament Ideas In 8 Minutes

Use vinyl letters to write a message on your ornament, and then fill it with glitter with this cute idea from Let It Snow and Brit + Co! How cute would it be to use this method to make a Mr. & Mrs. 1st Christmas ornament for the newlyweds on your list?!

Ornament Decorating Ideas

Stuff an ornament with red ribbon, wrap a belt around it, and then add a buckle made of glitter to create Santa ornaments, from Happiness is Homemade!

26 Clear Ornament Ideas

Like this collection of glass ornaments? Check out our other collection of homemade ornaments.

lots of different ways to fill ornamentsWhat Are The Best Ornaments To Use To Make DIY Ornaments?

Here are some of the most popular (and fun!) fill ornaments in both glass and plastic form. If you have little ones that aren’t ready for glass, there are several great plastic options to use!

Best plastic fill ornaments.

These clear glass ornaments that were turned into snowflakes, filled with glitter, with ribbons and snowmen, are just such a class look and I love them!

best glass ornaments
I am loving the snowflakes and even LED candles in these ornaments. These plastic ornaments are still clear ornaments, but they open up from the side allowing bigger things inside them.

Clear Plastic Ball Fill Ornaments

These clear glass ornaments look like Christmas lights! I think it would be fun to just add paint to them, especially neon paint, or even a lot of glitter!Clear Plastic Bulb Shape Ornaments

I love these star ones. They’re so cute and kids will love them. Plus, I think it would be so much fun to fill them with: pink, purple, blue, and black paint and add lots of sparkles. Then they’ll have a galaxy feel to them.

Clear Plastic Acrylic Fill-Able Snap-On Star

More Easy Christmas Decorations

Fold a silk flower, and stuff it into an ornament. These look really cool on the tree!

Add glitter to a glass ornament to add some glam with this craft from Hello Glow.

Fill an ornament fit for a seamstress or sewing fan with buttons, thread, ribbon, and cute pins! (Make sure to seal this one really well so that it remains safe and unopened).

Cover an ornament with lots and lots of tiny bows with this idea from All Thing G&D. This is easy enough that your kids can create it, and it looks cool!

More Christmas Crafts

What is your favorite way to make DIY ornaments? Comment below! 

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