The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is serving up some real life Harry Potter sweets and treats with these favorite Harry Potter recipes. These Hogwarts inspired Harry Potter food recipes are the real thing and will give you a sweet taste of the Harry Potter universe.

Harry Potter recipes for sweet treats - 15 Harry Potter sweets and treats like cookies, ice creams, empanadas, candy, and brownies shown
Let’s make a Harry Potter inspired recipe for dessert or a sweet snack!

FAvorite Harry Potter Recipes for Sweet Treats

Harry Potter fans can embrace the Harry Potter series at the table with these sweet classic recipes that we love. The Harry Potter themed food also makes a great gift for the HP fan with a sweet tooth.

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Be inspired with these Harry Potter food recipes for your better way to celebrate Harry Potter Movie night or movie marathon.

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1. Butterbeer Recipe

This recipe is based on the taste of the Butterbeer approved by JK Rowling at Universal’s Harry Potter theme Park. Don’t worry, it’s kid-friendly and one of our favorite drink recipes.

2. Butterbeer Fudge Recipe

Yum, that is some delicious food! Make your butterbeer into fudge! It’s sweet and rich with butterscotch and rum (extract) flavoring transporting you to the magical world of Harry Potter. via Totally the Bomb

3. Chocolate Frogs

These really do look just like chocolate frogs! These chocolate frogs looks just like the ones in the movie! All you need is chocolate, peanut butter, and a frog mold. via Nerdy With Children

4. Butterbeer Ice Cream No Churn Recipe

No churn and super easy to make it is my favorite! It has butter, cream, brown sugar, and rum extract…what could be more decandent than that? via MuggleNet

5. Make Chocolate Wands

A super easy recipe to get your Harry Potter fix. Pretzels, chocolate, and sprinkles, it doesn’t get much easier!  via Just A Pinch

DIY Harry Potter treats that include red pudding with cake and berries, chocolate covered pretzels with sprinkles, butterbeer fudge, and pumpkin hand pies
I can’t decide which of these Harry Potter themed recipes I like most!

6. Bake Cauldron Cakes

This double double chocolate cauldron cake looks delicious! It is chocolate cake with a rich chocolate filling and frosting on top. Best part is, it looks like a witches cauldron! . via Rae Gun Ramblings

7. Pumpkin Juice Recipes

You can serve this over ice in the summer or steamy hot in the winter, it is perfect for both. It has apple cider, brown sugar, vanilla, and pumpkin spice! Sounds delicious. via Fav Family Recipes

For a healthy version of Harry Potter pumpkin juice, then check out our recipe full of good stuff and a little bit of pumpkin pie spice to jumpstart those fall flavors.

8. Polyjuice Potion

Despite it not tasting good in the Harry Potter movies, this one tastes amazing and that is a good thing. Sprite, sherbet, and a touch of food coloring, you cannot go wrong. via This Grandma is Fun

9. Make Butterbeer Pancakes

Butterbeer for breakfast is one of life’s great things! This recipe is not for the faint of heart with all it’s rich and sweet goodness! The pancakes are made with butterscotch and caramel and has a butter flavored syrup with whipped cream and other delicious toppings. via Adventures of Mel

10. Luna Lovegoods Pudding Recipe

Delicious and perfect for a party because of how unique it is. You will make a homemade vanilla yogurt and color it pink, and then add fruit, pound cake and edible glitter! via Hogwarts is Here

11. Pumpkin Pasties Recipe

The perfect fall or rainy-day recipe since it has pumpkin in it! This delicious Harry potter pumpkin pastry has pumpkin, pumpkin spice, and butterscotch in it. Yum! via Get Away Today

12. Make Cockroach Clusters 

Don’t let the name freak you out, no real bugs here! Just chocolate and pecans are needed! It is immense fun. It’s like a candy filled no bake cookie! via The Food XP

Harry Potter Party Recipes- sweets and food like chocolates and drinks
These Harry Potter dessert ideas range from chocolates to delicious potions.

13. Canary Creams Recipe

These are right from Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire and look delicious! You’ll make a delicious pudding cookie and fill it with a vanilla buttercream frosting. Delicious! This would go perfect with tea. via Son Shine Kitchen

14. Mix Up Some Love Potion Punch

Complete a heart ice ring. This is so good. But this recipe does have a “grown up” aspect to it. To make it kid-friendly just leave out the adult beverages. via Buzzfeed

15. Serve Some Golden Snitches

Even easier than a simple recipe, make your own gold snitches with chocolate candies. It takes very little work to make these mischievous snitches. via Bite Sized Biggie

16. Bake Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cupcakes

Serve some Harry Potter cupcakes which we believe is Harry’s favorite dessert…don’t you think?

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After making harry potter food make this harry potter book
Once you’re done making Harry Potter food make our other Harry Potter Crafts.

More Harry Potter Fun from Kids Activities Blog

We love all things Harry Potter and we hope our homemade Harry Potter treats are something you will make at home.

If you want even more awesome recipes and crafts check out Kids Activities Blog’s own, Jamie Harrington’s book, The Unofficial Guide to Crafting the World of Harry Potter.

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