23 Geniusly Spooky Halloween Hacks

These genius Halloween hacks, DIY tips and scary smart ideas will make the Halloween holiday easier. After all, ’tis the season for spooky parties and trick-or-treating, and these Halloween hacks are just what you need to get through the weeks ahead! 

Halloween Hacks and smart tips you can use to make the Halloween holiday easier.
Ooooo! That is a super smart Halloween idea!

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Super Smart Halloween Hacks & Tips

Check out the tips below for easy ways to carve pumpkins and ideas for adding creepy touches to your Halloween party. So much fun!

1. Spooky Fog Drinks Make Everything Cooler

Make dry ice drinks for your Halloween party. Here is how you can use dry ice to turn a regular drink into the most magical Halloween drink ever!

2. Spooky Eyes are Watching

Use recycled toilet paper rolls and glow sticks to make spooky eyes in the bushes.

3. Candy Hack

Put a bowl of dry ice under your candy bowl for a spooky bubbling cauldron, with this idea from The Nerd’s Wife

4. Flying Ghosts

Make a floating ghost with just a few supplies. like an empty 2L soda bottle, Sta-Flo, a foam crafting ball, cheesecloth, a spray bottle, black crafting felt, and your hair dryer. We are loving this easy tutorial from The Wow Decor!

5. There is a Spider in my Drink!

Check out Oh Happy Day‘s idea of adding plastic spiders to ice cubes for a creepy-crawly drink! 

6. Handing Out Candy Hack for Halloween

Won’t be home to hand out candy? Make The Nerd’s Wife‘s Halloween candy dispenser for your porch.  

7. Creep them Out with Bugs

Add creepy bug confetti to hand soap to totally gross out visitors! Loving this idea from Cutefetti!

8. DIY Bloody Candles

You won’t believe how easy it is to turn a regular candle into a bloody one! Check out Vicki Odell‘s tutorial. 

9. The Witch Has Fallen and Can’t Get Up

Use old stockings to make witches legs with this idea from Parents.com!

10. Spooky Chains

Cut up pipe insulation cover to make faux chains with this creepy craft from Ribbons and Glue.

11. Magic Potion Bottles

Check out this cool idea from Magia Mia to turn old pill bottles into apothecary jars with a glue gun and some paint.

Halloween Hacks

Halloween Pumpkin Hacks

12. Pumpkin Pumpkin Drink Holder

Hollow out a pumpkin for the perfect DIY pumpkin party drink holder!

13. Pumpkin Carving with Power Tools

Carve a pumpkin using a drill with this gorgeous idea from Crafty Nest.

14. Dryer Vent Pumpkin Decor

Paint dryer vent hoses to make the perfect DIY pumpkin. Check out the easy tutorial from Diamond in the Stuff.

15. How to Clean Out a Pumpkin

Use a drill with a beater attached to clean the insides of a pumpkin with this smart hack from One Crazy House.

16. Cookie Cutters for Carving Pumpkins

Not in the mood for full-blown pumpkin carving this year? Use cookie cutters to carve your pumpkins with this cool idea from Refinery 29

17. Pumpkin Lollipop Dispenser

Add lollipops to a pumpkin and set it on your doorstep for trick-or-treaters with this brilliant idea from Martha Stewart!

18. How to Carve a Pumpkin

If you have kids and you want everyone safe, then check out the tips from my how to carve a pumpkin article here at Kids Activities Blog and everything will go much smoother!

19. How to NOT Carve a Pumpkin

If you would rather not carve a pumpkin this year, I get it. We have a bunch of no carve pumpkin ideas and check out these Disney pumpkin kits that require no carving. Or the easiest and quickest way to decorate your jack-o-lantern is to make a mummy pumpkin.

Post-Halloween Hacks & Tips

20. All That Candy Hacks

Once Halloween ends, the waste of things really bugs me. Let’s talk candy… we used to have Halloween candy, Christmas candy, and Easter candy pouring out of our ears all year long, until I realized that you can give back and donate unopened candy! I have a friend who trades her kids books, small toys, or small gift cards for their Halloween candy. Then, they donate it, as a family!

21. Left-over Candy Recipes

You can also use up leftover candy by incorporating it into a recipe, like these delicious Butterfinger Cupcakes, from Our Wabisabi Life.

22. Halloween Costumes as Dress Up Attire

We have kept pretty much every Halloween costume my daughter has ever had, storing it in a DIY dress up trunk, like this one from DIY Art Mom, reusing and playing with them throughout the year. 

23. Let Your Halloween Decor Slide into Thanksgiving Decor

I like to switch up our decorations, and that’s half the reason why we make so many DIY Halloween decorations for our house! I usually try to keep reuse in mind for other holidays, when I can! One of the easiest ways to reuse Halloween decorations, is to convert some of them (such as pumpkins and eaves, etc.) into generic fall and Thanksgiving decor.


What is your favorite Halloween hack or tip? Please let us know in the comments!