This super simple stick puppet craft makes the cutest clown puppet! Kids of all ages will have fun creating a clown puppet on a stick…a paint stick. You can use our printable clown template or create your own. Make these easy stick puppet clowns at home or in the classroom.

Easy Stick Puppets: Paint Sticks Clown Puppets by Amanda Formaro for Kids Activities Blog - two stick puppets shown on green background decorated to look like clowns
Let’s make cute clown puppets out of paint sticks!

Easy Stick Puppets Kids Can Make

I have a pretty large stash of paint sticks in my craft room, which is what prompted me to turn a couple of them into stick puppets or clown puppets.

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There are lots of things you can make from paint sticks and craft sticks, but I decided on clowns because they are colorful and joyful, and sometimes a little scary. I know there are some that fear the clown, which is why I try really hard to make them as cheerful as possible!

How to Make Paint Stick Clown Puppets

Paint Sticks Clown Puppets by Amanda Formaro for Kids Activities Blog

After all, the definition of a clown is a comic entertainer. When used to describe someone (stop clowning around!) it means to behave in a comical way, or to act playfully. What could carry more joy than play? A clown’s costume is usually very colorful and vibrant, often embellished with soft pom-poms and exaggerated accessories, like my clown’s giant bow tie.

I’ve provided a pattern for you below – see supplies list below, but feel free to create your very own designs and embellishments! When you’re all done, have a fun puppet show with the neighborhood kids.

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Supplies Needed

Paint Sticks Clown Puppets by Amanda Formaro for Kids Activities Blog
You will need paint sticks for this craft!

Download Clown Puppet Template Here

Directions to Make Make Clown Puppets from Paint Sticks

Step 1

Step 1 - Paint Stick Puppets: Clown Project - two paint sticks with paint - tips in white paint and body of stick in a bright color like purple
Let’s Paint the Paint STicks for our Stick Puppet Clowns

Paint one end of the paint stick white, enough for the head and neck. Mine were rounded on one end, so I used that end. Some paint sticks are square on both ends, so just pick one.

Step 2

Next paint the rest of the paint stick purple (yellow for the other), leaving 2-3 inches at the end unpainted. This allows you to hold your puppet while decorating without getting paint on your fingers.

Step 3

Step 2 - Paint Stick Puppets: Clown Project - add the clown smile and a hat to the white section of the paint stick
Next Add the Clown Smile!

Use the pattern above to cut mouth from pink and red card stock. Use black marker to draw the smile on the mouth.

Step 4

Step 4 - Paint Stick Puppets: Clown Project - add yarn as clown hair
Get Creative with Yarn Clown Hair

You can use yarn for the hair on one, and pom poms for the other. For yarn, cut it into 1.5 pieces and glue to the top sides of the white end of the stick.

Step 5

For pom pom hair, glue three medium sized pom poms together in a triangle and let them dry. Cut a small strip of cardboard and glue it to the back of the head so that it sticks out on the left and right of the head, attach the pom poms to the ends that are sticking out. This will keep them from falling off.

Step 6

Use the pattern pieces to cut out the rest of the decorations for the clown’s outfits and glue in place. Use red pom poms for noses.

Step 7

Step 7 - Paint Stick Puppets: Clown Project - add clown size buttons to the stick puppet
All Clowns Need Buttons!

Attach buttons to the front of the paint stick body with white glue.

Allow everything to dry before having your clown puppet show!

Finished Clown Puppets Made from Paint Sticks

Paint Sticks Clown Puppets by Amanda Formaro for Kids Activities Blog
What Cute Stick Puppets!

We love how our finished stick puppets turned out. The clown puppets were so bright, colorful and cute. The kids put on a very silly puppet show from behind the kitchen table draped with a table cloth which made a pretty awesome puppet theater.

Story telling, joke telling and general goofiness was on display for hours that afternoon! And now the stick puppets are displayed in one of the kids bedrooms propped up on a bookcase to bring a smile to everyone who notices.

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Did your kids have fun with this stick puppet craft? How did their clown puppet turn out?

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