Today we have the best spider web drawing ideas! Spider web drawings are easy to make in many different ways with different art and craft supplies. Use these simple spider web drawing ideas at home or in the classroom with kids of all ages.

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We have the best collection of spider web drawing ideas and crafts!

Best Spider Web Drawing Ideas

Spider web art is really fun! It’s one of these crafts that thrill and delight kids of all ages, since there are many different methods and materials to make a fun spider craft, such as watercolor paints, construction paper, crayons, glitter, and more.

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Below you will find a large compilation of spider web drawing ideas from all over the web (see what we did there? {giggles}). You will find ideas for children of all ages and skill levels, including younger kids in preschool and kindergarten who are just learning how to hold a pencil and follow simple steps, and older kids who love using their creativity to create Halloween decorations.

1. Easy How to Draw a Spider Web Tutorial

spider web drawing ideas: black spider web and spider on red background
A spider web art that is simple enough for little kids.

This simple how to draw a spider web tutorial is perfect for little kids and beginners. If you want to make it more fun, try a white crayon on black paper. From Art Projects For Kids.

2. How to Make a Beautiful Watercolor Paper Plate Spider Web

spider web drawing ideas: paper plate with watercolor spider web and black spider
Fun and adorable spider web painting.

Let’s make some beautiful watercolor spider webs with simple supplies like a paper plate, watercolor paints and black construction paper. These spider webs are just so lovely! From One Little Project.

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3. Oil Pastel Resist Spider Web Art Project

spider web drawing ideas: colorful paint resist spider web
Oil pastel resist art is great for kids of all ages.

Kids will love the blast of color that stems from the center of this spider web made with white oil pastel. Who knew oil pastel resist art crafts were so much fun? From Arty Crafty Kids.

4. Make Colorful Spider Web Art With Kids

spider web drawing ideas: black spider web with colorful panes between lines
What a creative painting idea!

This super colorful watercolor spider web art makes for great Fall art projects or a simple DIY spider web art idea. This art technique is suitable for younger kids with a little help from an adult as well as older kids. From Projects with Kids.

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5. Fingerprint Spiders for Halloween

spider web drawing ideas: drawing spiders on a card
Anyone can make these cute spider art crafts.

Fingerprint spiders are not only very easy to make, but the process is also a fun way for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids to express their creativity in different ways. You can add googly eyes for extra cuteness. From Tinkerlab.

6. Glue Resist Spider Web Art Project for Kids

spider web drawing ideas: white resist with colorful watercolor in blue and green
You can also create different Halloween designs like a jack-‘o-lantern!

Who knew making a spider web art with glue resist art was so much fun? Kids will love squeezing a bottle of white glue onto a sheet of white paper and then using watercolor paint to make it super colorful. From Artful Parent.

7. Spider Watercolor Web Art Project

spider web drawing ideas: resist with darker paint colors in purple and blues
Let’s make a fun spider web art project!

Here’s another fun way to make watercolor spider webs using watercolor resist and salt. Kids can draw a cute spider or even glue plastic spiders for a fun 3D effect! From Lasso The Moon.

8. Watercolor Resist Spider Web Art

spider web drawing ideas: bright resist in purple pink and yellow
Isn’t the spider so adorable?

This Halloween craft from I Heart Arts n Crafts is fun to do for different age groups. Give your little ones some water color materials as well as fun pom pom balls and pipe cleaners, and watch them enjoy making a fun spider web art project.

9. How to Make Halloween Spiderwebs With A Marble and Paint

spider web drawing ideas: black background with white web design
This craft also doubles as Halloween decor!

Marble rolling is an art technique that creates unique pieces of art. With a marble and some paint, your little one can make their own Halloween spiderweb while having fun and then hang it from the wall or a window. From The Artful Parent.

10. How to Draw a Spiderweb Step by Step

spider web drawing ideas: black on white web drawing
Easy tutorial to learn how to make a spider web.

With some simple curved lines, kids will be able to make their own spider web designs. Simply print the drawing guide from Easy Peasy and Fun and grab your pencil and sheet of paper. This tutorial is easy enough for younger kids too!

11. Spider Web Pattern Drawing

spider web drawing ideas: black spider web design with teal coloring in between
Fun drawing & coloring Halloween activity.

Children can follow these easy step by step directions to create a spider web pattern drawing and then color it with crayons, watercolor, markers, or whatever their heart desires. From Kinder Art.

12. How to Draw a Spider Web in Simple Steps

spider web drawing ideas: pencil drawn spider web and spider
Add a little spider once you’re done with the spider web drawing!

Here’s another super simple drawing tutorial to make a symmetrical spider web drawing. All you need for this spider web pattern is a white paper and a pencil. From My Pencil Book.

13. How to Draw a Spider Web Easy Drawings for Beginners

spider web drawing ideas: black spider web drawn on green background
Creating this spider web art project is easier than it seems.

Not only is it so easy to draw this spider web pattern, it’s also super fun and a great way to relax while creating spider web art. From Art by Ro.

14. Scratch Art Spider Webs

spider web drawing ideas: black crayon resist spider web
Scratch art is a super fun activity.

Scratch art is a classic art making technique that kids of all ages love. Experimenting with various materials is one of the best ways to promote creativity, and that’s why this DIY spider web with scratch art sheets is an awesome activity for any day of the week. From Childhood 101.

15. Glue and Salt Fun Spider Web Crafts

spider web drawing ideas: spider web drawn with salt
Isn’t this craft so beautiful?

How does a 3D spiderweb craft sound like? To make this fun spiderweb you’ll need construction paper (we recommend black so the spiderweb will stand out), a pencil to draw, Elmer’s glue, table salt, watercolor paints, and a soft brush. Then, just follow the easy steps! From Teach Beside Me.

16. How to Draw a Spider Web with Spider

spider web drawing ideas: cartoon spider and web drawing
Learning how to make a spider web pattern doesn’t have to be difficult.

Let’s create a wonderful spider web with easy, step-by-step instructions (video tutorial included). This one is great for kids and beginner artists! From Easy Drawing Guides.

17. How to Draw a Spider Web

spider web drawing ideas: white on black and black on white spider web drawings
We love making them in different colors.

Spiderwebs, in real life, are very intricate and mesmerizing. And we can recreate them too, with just a few simple folds and tips! Kids of any age can begin to draw these detailed spider webs from Kitchen Table Classroom.

18. Easy How to Draw a Spider Tutorial and Coloring Page

spider web drawing ideas: black spider and web on orange background
We love not-so-spooky Halloween designs!

This spiderweb tutorial also includes a simple how to draw a spider tutorial. After a few tries, you’ll be able to make your own spider in a spiderweb drawing without looking at the tutorial. From Art Projects For Kids.

19. Watercolor Resist Spider Web Art Project for Halloween

spider web drawing ideas: white spider web with colorful background and words like boo and spooky
What other Halloween-esque words do you know?

This watercolor spider web art project from Projects With Kids has a fun twist – by adding in a Halloween word. This craft is perfect for little kids learning how to write, and older kids will love getting creative with the patterns and colors.

20. Spider Web Art Tutorial

spider web drawing ideas: black line drawing spider webs with colorful insides
The plastic spider rings are a nice touch, aren’t they?

We love art projects that result in stunning and original home decor, such as this spider web art tutorial from Primarily Speaking. This craft is from suitable for kids aged 7 and older.

21. Spider Web Art for Kids

spider web drawing ideas: black line drawing with colorful panes
We love displaying our works of art!

Make some vibrant watercolor spiderweb designs by following this simple step by step tutorial. It’s a fun way to create an art project with the whole family. From Learn with Play at Home.

Here are more Spider web craft ideas from Kids Activities Blog:

What is your favorite spider web drawing idea that you can’t wait to try?

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