These preschool science experiments are perfect for your three and four years olds!  These are fun and eye grabbing which are perfect ways to slowly introduce them to the world of science.

10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments

 10 Easy Preschool Science Experiments

1.  Rock Garden – Use a few household items to grow crystals on rocks.  Let your kids add in their own ingredients to find out which help grow the crystals and which don’t.

2.  Candy Science  – See what happens when you drop M&Ms into water and the sugar dissolves off.

3.  Preschooler Pulley  – Grab a bucket and a rope and teach your little ones about a pulley system and how you can get heavy items to a higher lever.

4.  Learning About Turbulence – This is a fun (and delicious!) way to teach children about turbulence and why they should not be afraid.  This would be perfect in preparation for an upcoming trip!

5.  Lime Juice and Baking Soda Experiment  – Let your little ones discover what will happen when these two ingredients are added together.  When it’s over, you can also make a little art!

6.  Frozen Dinos  – Your kids will love using a small plastic tool and the power of salt to melt ice and rescue these dinosaurs.  You can change it up on different days so they can rescue other friends!

7.  Color Changing Milk  – Learn about surface tension by adding dish soap to milk and food coloring.  Here is a great list of questions to ask while you experiment with your kids.

8.  I-Spy Snowflakes  – Take a look at what snowflakes look like up close – really close!  Use this creative way to catch snowflakes and examine them.

9.  Frozen Bubble  – Use all this cold weather for fun by learning how to freeze a bubble!  Take guesses on how long it will take and test them out.

10.  Killing Germs – Maybe one of the most important things to teach our little ones is about germs – where they come from and how to kill them.  Here is a fun way to test it!

Check out these fun science experiments for preschoolers!

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