You won’t BELIEVE what happens when you put marshmallows in a vacuum!

I’m always looking for new experiments to try with my kids and the Crazy Russian Hacker is one of my favorite YouTubers to watch because of all the fun and interesting experiments he runs. My favorite part? The first thing he says before any experiment, no matter how harmless, is, “Safety First.” This experiment, posted just a couple of days ago, is about as far from dangerous as you can get. But that doesn’t make it any less awesome! Just take a look!

Seriously, your kids are going to beg to do this one over and over again. At least mine have! We’ve tried Ivory soap in the microwave, peeps in the microwave, and just about everything else in the microwave, but I love this because kids get to see the reaction with absolutely zero risk of injury. Way to go, Crazy Russian Hacker, way to go.

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