Science is meant to be explored, with your hands, with your eyes, touched, felt, prodded.  BUT… if you are like us (yes, even kid bloggers have their limitations), some days your kids will want to explore and you aren’t available. Here are some science experiment videos that your kids can watch, then raid the house, and most likely do, all by themselves, without making too much of a disaster!

science experiment videos Science Experiment Videos

Happy learning!  Stop by our Facebook page and tell us all about the projects your kdis created.  AND if you want to see more of these science activities – and don’t mind waiting – our book 101 Kids Activities is coming out Spring 2016.  Pre-order today on Barnes and Noble or Amazon!! Egg Drop Physics Experiment This is such a classic.  What a great way to discuss impact and distribution of force – with the help of eggs and your trash bin.  
Bead Fountain and Gravity Murphy’s Law of Motion says that something in motion stays in motion.  Watch this in action with this super simple bead fountain.  
Density of Liquids Did you know different liquids weigh different amounts?  Try and layer different liquids you have in your house for a fun science experiment.  
Elephant Toothpaste Chemistry is fun!!  Watching reactions is a blast!  This is what happens when you mix hydrogen peroxide with a catalyst.  AWESOME! Inertia and Spinning Marbles Watch inertia in action as you make a pile of marbles spin and spin!  See who can get their marbles going the longest!  
How to sink Marshmallows – a lesson in Density The air molecules inside marshmallows make them very difficult to sink.  What if you pressed the air out of them?  Try it and see!  
Defy Gravity with a Water Siphon Water molecules are sticky, they really like each other.  Watch how this “stickiness” helps water defy gravity by making a water siphon. Origami Frogs and The Transfer of Energy. Potential energy is the stored future energy that you save up for later.  This could be a rock at the top of the hill or it could be folds in a piece of paper.  Watch what happens when you transfer that potential energy into action. Oil and Water. You CAN Mix them! Oil and water can not mix…. unless you add an emulsifying agent.  You have one in your kitchen!  Egg yolks! Make Raisins Dance with Carbon Molecules How fun!  Carbon molecules are released in sida with the help of a raisin (or try a piece of pasta).  It looks like the raisin is dancing!

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