Looking for some fun circus and carnival crafts? Here’s a fact: kids of all ages love the circus! Painting a clown face, seeing the amazing circus animals, eating ice cream cones, laughing at clown hats and clown shoes with bright colors. It’s so much fun! Enjoy these 15 fun ideas and circus activities for preschoolers that you can do at home.

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a compilation of circus activities for preschoolers from different sources, such as a paper plate clown craft, slime, and more.
These fun ideas are perfect for a birthday party!

Fun Circus Games For Young Children

Today, we are going to transform your living room into a circus tent, and your kids will become circus performers. Isn’t that so exciting?

These circus-themed activities are created to match the skill of each child because you can customize them as much as needed. Younger children will have so much fun creating circus crafts while older children will enjoy doing exciting activities like doing science experiments and working on their gross motor skills in different ways.

So, whether you’re having a circus-themed party or you want easy circus-themed ideas, all you have to do is take a look at the following activities, pick one, and stock up on cotton candy and other circus foods. Have fun!

1. Super Cute & Easy to Make Paint Stick Clown Puppets

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows twopaint stick clown puppets over a dark green background. From Kids Activities Blog
You can make this craft in a variety of colors.

This super simple stick puppet craft makes the cutest clown puppet! Kids of all ages will have fun creating a puppet on a stick using different household items.

2. Paper Plate Clowns

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a simple paper plate clown craft. idea from Kids activities blog
Got extra paper plates? Make a fun craft out of them!

This paper plate clown is a cute and easy craft for circus themed birthday parties or for celebrating World Circus Day. Perfect for preschoolers, this craft also reinforces basic shapes and is great for developing fine motor skills, including scissor skills.

3. Silly, Fun & Easy Paper Bag Puppets for Kids to Make

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows two funny paper bag puppets. Idea from Kids activities blog
Imagine all the fun puppets you can create!

Making paper bag puppets is a classic paper craft that has stood the test of time, and are easy to make with a few simple supplies you already have at home!

4. Paper Bag Puppet – Clown Craft

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a clown paper bag puppet over a white background. Idea from DLTK Kids
Here’s another fun craft!

But if you want an alternative paper bag craft, try this one instead! You’ll only need a paper lunch bag, a printer, crayons, glue, and paper. From DLTK Kids.

5. Printable Circus Craft: Tightrope Tiger

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a paper animal craft for circus activities. Idea from Learn Create Love
What a brave tiger!

To create your own tightrope tiger, you just need to print the free printable, color it with your favorite crayons, and add a string to make it look more real. That’s all! From Learn Create Love.

6. Pendulum Painting Process Art Tutorial

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a pendulum painting process art craft from PreK Printable Fun
Pendulum painting is so much fun!

Pendulum Painting is a great process art experience for preschoolers and easy to set up! The best thing is that the end result is beautiful and looks great in a frame. From PreK Printable Fun.

7. C is for Circus Do-A-Dot Printables

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a compilation of printable C is for circus worksheets. From From ABCs to ACTs
Enjoy this pack of printable activities!

In this pack you’ll find some of the kids’ favorite things from the circus, including a dancing clown, an elephant, a lion and popcorn. Use your do-a-dot markers to color them, or improvise with pom poms and circle stickers. Via From ABCs to ACTs.

8. Printable Circus Matching Game for Toddlers and Preschoolers

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a printable circus matching game. from Views from a stepstool
Matching games are the perfect game.

This matching activity is perfect for preschool-aged children and early learners as it requires no reading at all. You can pack it up for a roadtrip or play it anywhere, anytime. From Views From A Stepstool.

9. Circus Games for Kids: Ring Toss

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a circus ring toss game for kids. Idea from From ABCs to ACTs
This activity can be part of an obstacle course.

Let’s play a classic circus game, ring toss! Make your rings brightly colored, add a few of your own designs, and decorate them with stickers, stamps, whatever you want! Via From ABCs to ACTs.

10. Kid-Pleasing Circus Science Experiments

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows circus science experiment using M&Ms and other items. From Steamsational
Circus and science go together!

If you’re a circus lover and a science lover, then you’ll love this blend of circus-related science experiments! Kids won’t even know they are learning because of all the fun they are having. From Steamsational.

11. Circus Alphabet Sensory Bin

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a peanut alphabet inspired by the circus. Idea from ABCs of literacy
Let’s learn the alphabet!

In this entertaining sensory activity from ABCs of Literacy, your pre-readers will practice learning the ABC’s and and work on literacy skills!

12. How to make slime with laundry detergent – Circus Slime

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a circus-inspired slime. Idea by Fun with mama
What kid doesn’t love slime?!

his circus slime shows you how to make slime with laundry detergent. It looks just like a big top, and is a fun slime sensory activity for kids of all ages. From Fun With Mama.

13. Handprint Elephant On Paper Plate Circus Ball

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows two paper plate elephant crafts. From Glued to my crafts
Such cute paper plate crafts!

These handprint paper plate animals are so much fun to make, and double as an awesome keepsake. Score! From Glued To My Crafts.

14. Step Right Up! Fun Preschool Circus Printables

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a kid coloring a preschool circus printable. Idea from Darcy and Brian
Go get your crayons for this printable activity.

This circus themed printable pack features cutting, tracing, and coloring activities – all ideal for preschoolers and kindergarteners. From Darcy and Brian.

15. Free Printable Circus Bingo

Circus Crafts and Carnival Crafts- Image shows a circus bingo ready to be printed. Idea from Artsy Fartsy Mama
The pictures here are just so adorable!

If you’re looking for something to do with the kids at home, Bingo is one of the easiest go-to activities to keep them entertained. Plus, it’s a fun way to learn new vocabulary! From Artsy Fartsy Mama.

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