Today we are sharing 31 paper activities that are easy peasy to do with kids of all ages, and most importantly, they are so much fun! If you are looking for easy paper crafts, you’re in the right place. Enjoy these paper crafts at home or in the classroom.

Image shows a compilation of paper crafts for kids, such as a paper octopus, paper beaver, paper banana, and more paper crafts.
Let’s make some fun paper crafts!

Simple Paper Crafts For Kids

Paper activities are a great way for younger kids to work on their fine motor skills, while older kids enjoy creating beautiful art projects with a piece of paper and other simple supplies you can find in regular craft stores.

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Today we compiled the best ideas to make easy paper crafts with little kids and older children of all skill levels. These simple crafts can be done at school or at home, so if you’re looking for fun classroom crafts, here you will find the perfect activity. Grab your crafting materials and enjoy these kid-friendly paper craft ideas to make lots of fun projects.

1. Mother’s Day Construction Paper Flower Bouquet Kids Can Make

Image shows a paper flower bouquet of different colors. Idea from KAB.
The best thing about this craft is how it can be used for different reasons.

This DIY paper flowers craft is perfect for mother’s day, birthdays, grandparent’s day, or just for décor! 

2. How to Make Paper Plate Roses

Image shows a paper plate rose craft being held by a kids hand.
Make this paper craft in different colors.

These paper plate roses are the cutest craft kids of all ages can do. You just need red paper plates and scissors to make a beautiful bouquet.

3. How to Make Paper Flowers – Easy Flower Making Craft

Image shows 5 paper flower bouquets in different colors. From KAB.
Here are more paper flower crafts!

This is a wonderful craft to make big, colorful tissue paper flowers as decorations or to use in other art and craft projects.

4. Easy Paper Plate Piñata Craft for Cinco de Mayo

Image shows a kid hitting a piñata made out of paper plates and tissue paper. From KAB.
Let’s make a cute piñata!

Who doesn’t love a piñata? This easy way to make a piñata starts with a paper plate and tissue paper. Perfect for Cinco de Mayo!

5. Easy Paper Straw Bracelets

Image shows a kid wearing paper bracelets.
Make and gift these paper straw bracelets!

This colorful and easy paper straw bracelet uses colorful straws to make beads that you can thread to create lovely bracelets. 

6. Easy Colorful Easter Crafts on Paper

Image shows an easter egg paper craft decorated in many colors. Idea from KAB
A perfect way to celebrate Easter!

Let’s make colorful paper Easter eggs using scrap fabric, ribbons, glitter glue, and more. How will you decorate yours?

7. How to Make a Simple Paper Plate Marble Maze

Image shows a marble maze using a paper plate and paper straws. From KAB
A fun and simple activity.

This simple maze craft is fun with younger kids because it becomes a toy and is great for older kids who can plan out the marble’s path and then make it happen with paper straws.

8. Make a Paper Bag Groundhog Puppet

Image shows a groundhog paper bag craft. From KAB
What a cute adorable craft!

We have the cutest groundhog day craft for kids of all ages. Let’s make a groundhog puppet and make a pretend play game!

9. Adorable Paper Bag Octopus Craft for Kids

Image shows a pink octopus paper craft from KAB
Isn’t this a cute octopus?

Let’s make an octopus craft out of a paper bag! It can be pink, green, blue or any color you want.

10. Paper Punch-Out Lanterns

Image shows colored paper lanterns. From KAB
Paper lanterns are always a great idea.

Who doesn’t love paper lanterns? Here is a fun way to spice up your paper punch-out lanterns and then use them as decor for a party, a kid’s room, or an outdoor BBQ.

11. How to Make Paper Snowflakes Decorations For Kids

Image shows a snowflake paper craft for kids. Idea from KAB
Kids can make snowflakes in different shapes!

These paper snowflakes are a great winter decoration that kids can make when it’s too cold to be outside, or you simply want them to practice their fine motor skills.

12. How To Make Homemade Glitter Wrapping Paper that Isn’t Messy

Image shows a glitter wrapping paper for Christmas. Idea from KAB.
We love making our own glitter wrapping paper!

Many of us love how cute glitter wrapping paper is, but most don’t like how messy it is. Here is a tutorial to make your own DIY glitter wrapping paper perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids.

13. Silly, Fun & Easy Paper Bag Puppets for Kids to Make

Image shows two paper bag puppets decorated in funny ways. From KAB
Paper bag puppets are one of the most fun kid things to do!

Making paper bag puppets is a classic craft that has been around for years because it’s great fun.

14. How To Make A Paper Airplane (Multiple Designs & Instructions)

Image shows a pink paper plane craft with coins for a STEM activity.
Learning is so much fun when crafts are involved.

This paper plane craft is more than a fun paper craft – it’s also a great STEM activity for kids of all ages.

15. Colorful No Mess Art Toddlers That Makes A Fun Window Decoration

Imag shows a toddler making a window decoration with paper in different colors and shapes. From Teaching2and3yearolds.
This is such a simple paper craft activity!

This no-mess art for toddlers activity is super simple and fun, plus it strengthens fine motor skills. Makes a nice display for the window! From Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.

16. How To Create Toddler Rainbow Art with Vibrant Suncatchers

Image shows a paper plate suncatcher hanging from a window. From Teaching 2 and 3 year olds.
What a lovely suncatcher!

A fun way to work on color skills while putting pieces of the rainbow on sticky paper for an easy suncatcher. From Teaching 2 and 3 Year Olds.

17. Stuck Inside? Try Sticky Color Sorting!

Image shows pieces of paper with colored squares taped to it with the words blue and green. Idea from Days with Grey
What a fun way to learn the colors.

This activity is perfect for learning the colors in a fun way because it’s very sticky and kids love sticky games! Plus, it is effortless to set up. From Days with Grey.

18. Stained Glass Kite Decorations Made from Tissue Paper

Image shows a stained glass kite decoration made with tissue paper. Idea from Kindercraze
Aren’t these window decorations so beautiful?

This beautiful craft requires only 3 materials: construction paper, tissue paper squares, and clear contact paper. You can make it in a variety of colors and shapes! From Kinder Craze.

19. A DIY Paper Camping Trip

Image shows a paper camping trip. From Pottery Barn.
Create your own DIY camping scene!

Download the paper printable to make your own paper camping trip. Kids can color and set it up however they want to! From Pottery Barn Kids.

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20. Paper Flower Craft

Image shows three paper flowers in different colors. From Easy Peasy.
Welcome Spring with a cute caft.

This adorable paper flower craft is perfect for welcoming spring in your home. These will make a wonderful decoration too! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

21. How to Make Origami Flowers

Image shows two construction paper crafts. From Easy Peasy and Fun
Let’s learn how to make these beautiful paper tulips.

Learn how to make origami flowers – this origami tulip tutorial will teach you how to make a super easy flower that stands on its own! From Easy Peasy and Fun.

22. Folding Flower Templates

Image shows a cmpilation of paper flowers in different colors and decorations. From First Palette
Make cute little paper flowers!

Download and print these flower files to make foldable paper flowers in many different designs and colors. From First Palette.

23. Tissue Paper Flower Art Activity

Image shows a flower mae out of tissue paper. From Mess For Less
Let’s work on those fine motor skills!

Do you love dot art? Then this tissue paper flower art activity by Mess for Less is perfect for you! Just get tissue paper squares, glue, and the free flower printable template.

24. Quilled Tree Craft For Kids

Image shows two trees made with quilled paper. From Ginger Casa
This is a pretty simple craft for kids.

All you need is a quilling tool, quilling paper or some cut pieces of paper, and some colored paper to glue these quilled “leaves” on! From Ginger Casa.

25. Shark Cootie Catcher – Origami for Kids

Image shows a shark cootie catcher made out of paper. From Easy Peasy and Fun
Isn’t this shark cootie catcher so much fun?

Folding paper is an art and origami for kids projects are perfect for beginners! Kids will love making a shark cootie catcher from Easy Peasy Fun.

26. Fruit Slice Corner Bookmarks

Image shows a fruit slice corner bookmarks from Frugal Momeh.
Make your own fruit slice bookmarks!

These sweet DIY bookmarks are perfect for summer reading. From Frugal Momeh.

27. Surprise Ferocious Beings Paper Project

Image shows paper monsters from Craftwhack
Isn’t this wonderful?

This project is so fun and creative; you only need paper, pencil, black sharpie and markers. Then follow the instructions to create these surprise ferocious beings. From Craft Whack.


Image shows a paper spinner from Krokotak
Look how beautiful it swirls!

Make a small spinner from a toothpick and colored paper strips with glue. Kids will love how beautiful it spins! From Krokotak.

29. Flower Basket Paper Weaving

Image shows a paper flower bouquet from RedTedArt
What a lovely gift for Mother’s Day.

A fantastic Mother’s Day Craft project to make at home or in the classroom – have a go at these easy printable flower basket paper weaving cards. From Red Ted Art.

30. More Than Just Paper Dolls

Image shows a combination of paper dolls from Picklebums
Paper dolls are such a fun activity!

These paper cut out chains are so easy and such a creative way to make a paper craft. From Picklebums.

31. How to Make a Pop Up Book

Image shows a pop up book from Hobbies on a budget
Make your own pop up book!

Kids can have a whole lot of fun with nothing more than some paper, scissors and a little imagination to make a pop up book. From Hobbies on a Budget.

Want more crafts for kids? Try these ideas from Kids Activities Blog:

What was your favorite paper activity or kids?

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