We have 20+ different and easy ways to make paper roses! Kids of all ages will love these paper rose crafts whether they’re bigger kids or younger kids. These paper roses uses all shorts of different paper products and are not only perfect to make during the holidays, but perfect for use at home or in the classroom.

Ways to make a paper rose Feature image - Kids Activities Blog - collage of 7 rose crafts, including a colorful paper plate rose, red origami roses, and rainbow watercolor roses
We love paper rose crafts!

Fun Ways To Make a Paper Rose For Kids of All Ages

Here at Kids Activities Blog, we are obsessed with paper crafts – this is why we put together a list of our favorite ways to make a paper rose. Perfect for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or those days you need a fun craft to do at home or in the classroom.

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No matter if you are looking for a tutorial on how to make realistic paper roses, or how to transform your coffee filter into a beautiful paper rose, today we have so many paper rose designs that you can do for special occasions (or those days you need a quick, inexpensive, and fun DIY project). Grab a pair of scissors, construction paper, scrapbook paper, and whatever other fun supplies you have at hand, and let’s make some paper roses!

1. Coffee Filter Crafts Roses

Rainbow Coffee Filter Paper Roses orange, yellow, blue, red, and green- kids activities blog
Aren’t these roses so beautiful?

Who knew coffee filters could make such beautiful paper roses? For this paper craft, you’ll need watercolors and coffee filters (as many as you want to create your bouquet) and a kid willing to make some coffee filter roses.

2. How to Make Paper Roses

Red and pink paper rose craft using craft construction paper
Gorgeous paper flowers!

Paper roses are a fun craft to make and require minimal supplies. They also make a great gift to give to someone special or even use as home decor. WikiHow shows two simple ways to make paper roses that are simple enough for elementary-school-aged kids.

3. How to Make Rolled Paper Roses

Rolled Paper Rolls Made From dark colored papers and newspaper roses
You can make these flowers in different colors.

For this tutorial from HGTV, kids will make a paper rose with a flat base so it can rest on any flat surface. We think it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day-themed home decor.

4. Paper Rose Tutorial

Beautiful Pink Paper roses with foam white flowers and leaves against a burlap background
We think these paper roses are so lovely.

To make these paper roses you will need colored cardstock paper, a glue gun, scissors, and an awl tool. They look complicated but making them is easier than it seems- and the result is beautiful realistic paper roses! From Dreamy Posy.

5. How to make tissue paper Rose, free template

Realistic Tissue Paper Roses Red and Pink tutorial with green leaves
Don’t they look just like real roses?

This tissue paper rose free tutorial is not for beginners, but kids with adult assistance might be able to make them. There’s also a video tutorial and a free template to make the process smoother, too! From Dream Posy.

6. How to Make Paper Roses (+ Video Tutorial and Free Template)

Video Tutorial pink and orange paper roses with green paper leaves against a white background
Get your craft paper for this tutorial!

Let’s craft gorgeous pastel pink paper roses! The Craftaholic Witch shared 2 different ways and both are fairly easy for beginners and younger kids. You can also follow the tutorial on their Youtube channel and download the free template to learn how to make paper roses in no time.

7. How To Make Gorgeous Paper Roses {Free Template}

Stunning water color paper rose on a stem tutorial
You’re going to love these gorgeous rose petals!

Follow the easy step by step tutorial to make stunning paper roses with this free printable paper rose template and a few supplies. Use these flowers to decorate your home, gift them to someone special, or whatever you feel like. From Its Always Autumn.

8. How to Make Real Looking Paper Roses

Pink gold bloomed paper rose against a white background with black polka dots
We love paper crafts that also double as home decor.

Are you looking for a fun craft to make paper roses that look just like in real life? This tutorial from Instructables has easy instructions plus pictures that make the whole rose-making process smoother.

9. How To Make A Paper Rose + Free Rolled Flower Template

Simple yellow and blue rolled paper rose craft against a tan background
These roses look so pretty and unique, don’t they?

Once you learn how to make this paper rose from By Pink, you’ll be able to make as many as you want to create a beautiful bouquet. For this craft, you will need a Cricut maker and about 15 minutes for the whole process.

10. How to make simple paper roses and beautiful roses for Mothers Day

Red paper roses rolled in a few different sizes against a white background
This is a very fun project for kids!

You’ll only need 3 materials to make these paper roses: paper, scissors, and a CD or a circle-shaped object to draw around. That’s literally it! This craft is suitable for kids of any age as long as they know how to handle scissors. From Mum In The Mad House.

11. How to Make a Cute but Simple Origami Rose in 5 minutes

Origami red paper roses against a white background
Aren’t origami crafts just so much fun?

This simple Origami rose really does just take a few minutes to make and is great for beginners with origami. Once you master it you will be able to make loads of roses for any occasion. From Christine’s Crafts.

12. Easy Tissue Paper Rose Craft for Kids

Vase holding red, dark pink, crimson, and light pink tissue paper roses
If you are looking for a nice Valentine’s Day craft, this is it!

We love this tissue paper rose craft because it is easy enough for kids to make, but grown-ups might want to make it too. This tutorial from Happy Hooligans includes a video and step-by-step instructions to make paper roses in minutes.

13. How to Make a Paper Rose

Green stem and green leaves with red folded paper rose
Show off your beautiful paper rose petals.

Real roses are beautiful but can be very expensive. So why not make some paper roses this Valentine’s Day and create a souvenir that will last longer? You can make as many of them as you want and in different colors, too. From Ask Team Clean.

14. How to make a paper rose

White garden paper rose with green leaves and green stem against a wood background
Create a beautiful paper rose paper craft!

Download the free paper rose template from Gathered and make your own DIY paper rose! They make the ideal gift or decoration to brighten up the home. Grab your hot glue gun and let’s get started!

15. How to make paper roses

Pink background with dark pink paper roses- complex rose craft
Such a pretty craft.

Here are two ways to make paper roses from Paper-Shape. They are more suitable for older kids and adults because of their complexity, however, you’ll love the resulting roses.

16. Paper Jumbo Peony Backdrop

Jumbo rose and peony paper craft and décor with green paper leaves
We love crafts that double up as home decor.

Celebrate the arrival of summer with a new backdrop for your living room! These paper peonies from Lia Griffith are incredibly pretty and fairly easy to make. You can even make super large petals!

17. DIY Giant Crepe Paper Rose

Giant pink paper rose with giant green leaves and giant green stem
Order that crepe paper and get started!

Follow this tutorial from Studio DIY to make giant roses. This tutorial is a bit longer than others, but it’s filled with tips you can use for other crafts and of course, the result is so beautiful that it can be a perfect Mother’s Day gift.

18. How to Make Real Looking Paper Roses Step by Step

Check out these step by step instructions complete with photos from DIY to make real flowers – or at least look very realistic! You can also follow the video tutorial if you’re a more visual person. Soon enough you’ll be making dozens of these!

19. Rainbow paper rose tutorial and free template

Green, yellow, pink, orange, yellow, blue, purple rainbow rose held by 2 hands on gray background with white doily
Who doesn’t love rainbow crafts?

Making a rainbow rose from paper is quite easy and it lasts for years – something we love here at KAB. These roses only take about 30 minutes to make and you can make them in many different colors. From Dream Posy.

20. How To Make A Paper Rose

Peach crepe paper roses with green leaves and green stems
We can’t believe how pretty these roses turned out.

Follow the simple step-by-step instructions to craft your own stunning paper rose. This tutorial from Fiskars includes tips and tricks and even an easy how-to video – it’s never been easier to make a paper rose.

21. How to Make a Paper Rose Easily

White wall with red roses made in only 10 steps
These paper roses look so unique, don’t you think?

This paper rose tutorial only has 10 steps and requires 5 supplies, you probably already have all of them at home. They are so pretty that we are sure they’d look so nice on any wall. From Printable Crush.

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How did your paper roses turn out? Which paper roses did you make?

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