I love these smile crafts, and silly crafts and activities because they will elicit a big smile every single time. There is something about seeing a smiling face that makes you want to grin back! Use these smiling crafts, silly crafts, face drawings, and smiling face crafts at home for happy entertainment or in the classroom for a funny smiles break!

Smiling crafts- text: more than 20 silly faces crafts and activities for kids - Kids Activities Blog - 10 images in a collage all featuring silly faces and craft smiles
Let’s make a silly face!

Silly Fun and Smile Crafts and Activities

I love to smile. I love to see my kids smile.

And what is something that makes everyone smile? Silly faces! Silly faces are funny enough to make everyone laugh and that’s why we put together a list of silly face crafts that is sure to make you smile.

Favorite Silly Smiles and FAces Crafts

Whether it is a silly fun activity or a silly craft, we put together this great list of funny smiles crafts to give your and your little one something to smile about today. These happily fun and silly crafts are great for kids of all ages!

Smiling crafts-smiling kids faces as they drink milk with a mustache straw, smile faces on a hedgehog, smiley face pencil holders, smiley face foods, and smiley face wall art
Let’s make silly face crafts!

Smile With These Silly Crafts

1. Be Wacky 

Be silly and wacky! Take a photo of things that are wrong in a room. Be sure to put your face in the photo.

2. Silly Straws

Slurp up your drink with a goofy face. Add a mustache to your straw. via Inner Child Fun.

3. Funny Pictures

Pets are silly and tend to make funny faces. Have you thought of being goofy with your pet?? People have been taking funny pictures of their furry friends.

4. Crayon Holder

Smiling Organizers! Re-purpose tin cans with faces – these would make great end of year gifts for teachers. via Somewhat Simple.

5. Silly Preschool Crafts

Make a funky face plate! Remember our post where we decorated mugs?? At Hello Wonderful, they drew a face on the plate and had hours of dinner time giggles. This is a great silly craft for preschool kids to do.

6. Silly Face Drawing

Silly Pranks can make your kids laugh – especially this one where the kids drew goofy faces on themselves. I think this would be a great silly activity for toddlers!

Smiling crafts-Silly crafts- for toddlers like monster apples and painted coins.
These funny smiles make me smile!

Smiley Crafts

7. Smiling Monster Backpack Craft

Make a monster backpack! Don’t worry they’re silly! Me Sew Crazy made mini-monster faces with pom-poms and beads. Adorable! This is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

8. Silly Monster Faces

Apple Face Snack are delicious! The apple is your canvas for this edible art. Use candy to create the face parts.

9. Funny Faces To Make

Magnetic Faces can make pictures so silly! The Idea Room uses a nifty computer program to print faces and size “parts” to go along with her face. This would make a great gift idea!

10. Silly Coin Art

Coin Art can make loose change silly. Think outside the box for unusual “canvases” for your kids art. Art Club Blog decorated coins with paint that could be scratched off (i.e. so the coins aren’t permanently damaged). I think this would be a better craft suited for kids in kindergarten and first grade.

Smiling crafts- silly preschool crafts like picasso ornaments, chin puppets, and smiles on a stick.
Silly games make me smile.

Silly Games You Can Make

11. Silly Games For Preschool Kids

Play a Eye-toss game. Grab a handful of googly eyes and play a game of toss and try to throw them into a decorated bucket. via Savvy Moms Guide.

12. Chin Puppet

Chin-up with these chin puppets! Want to make a face puppet? With your face?? Check out these chin faces. Hilarious! via Paging Fun Mums.

13. Face Stamps

Make Face Stamps! Use sticky-backed foam to cut shapes out – affix them to blocks for a funky stamp set. via Hello Wonderful

14. Picasso Art Ideas For Kids

Pretend you are Picasso. Smoosh silly faces out of clay to make one-of-a-kind ornaments.

15. Rock Painting Ideas

Rock painting is super popular right now! These stones are silly and cute! The blog, DIY Craftsy, collected smooth pebbles to make little friends.

16. Silly Crafts For Toddlers

Smile on a Stick! These cute smirks are perfect for a photo shoot!   It’s a printable of a bunch of goofy faces.

Smiling crafts- Goofy activities that will make your kids giggle like mr. playdough head, fake paper eyes, silly garden pots with googly eyes.
Oh the silly! Let’s craft smiles!

More Reasons to Smile

17. Free Printable Magnets

Want some Free Printable Magnets? Use a pizza pan as your canvas with these magnetic face pieces.   via Crafty Soccer Mom.

18. Mr. Playdough Head

Repurpose and Be Silly. Use electric outlet covers as the eyes and ears in a playdough activity from Not Time for Flashcards.

19. Silly Puzzles

Silly Picture Block Puzzles are so cute! Grab some mega blocks and photos – make a mix and match person with the photos to create a one-of-a-kind changing puzzle.

20. Silly Garden Pots

Decorate Garden Pots. Use with foam face pieces and a pair of googly eyes to create a growing smile.

21. Silly Activities For Preschoolers

Be wacky. As you review the five senses with your preschooler, make them come to life with some silly face “parts”. via Adventures in Home Preschool

Love these Smiling crafts- then try these bath prank for your kids with blue bath water at bath time - this prank for kids is one of our favorites - Kids Activities Blog
Let’s play a silly joke!

Looking For More Silly Crafts and Activities?

What is the first silly face craft that you are going to make to keep your kids smiling?

I hope this gave you a smile today!

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