Want to learn how to make DIY bath toys? Look no further! Making DIY bath toys is easy, fun, and budget-friendly. Kids of all ages will love making these super fun DIY bath toys. The best part is you can make these DIY bath toys look like your favorite characters! It’s creative, fun, and promotes pretend play.

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Let’s make DIY bath toys!

Homemade Bath Toys for Kids

This bath toy craft project turns ordinary craft supplies into homemade bath toys that are super simple and fun to make! All you need are foam craft sheets, permanent marker and a pair of scissors and a few minutes you will have some new favorite bath toys customized for what your toddler or preschooler loves.

There is a lot of do-it-yourself, creating at our house.   It’s fun to see how taking a child’s lead can turn into a great play idea. My daughter has been attending swimming lessons and commented that the floats the children use are cool, because they stick to the side of the pool walls.

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Supplies Needed for Bath Toy Craft

Easy Directions for Bath Toy Craft

Step 1

Take a pack of foam craft sheets and draw some pictures on them using a permanent marker (as you don’t want your designs to wash away.)

My daughter has always loved mermaids, so that was the inspiration for her toys, and she added star fish, an octopus, seaweed and fish to create an under-water world. Anything goes though – pirates or sharks fit with the water theme but you could draw fairytale characters or even self portraits.

Drawing Tip: 

Grab one of our easy how to draw tutorials to make one of these fun drawings:

Step 2- DIY bath tubs- Cut out your shapes with scissors.- kids activities blog
Cut out your shapes with scissors.

Step 2

Cut out your shapes with scissors.

Even though you’ll supervise your young children any time they’re playing with water it’s still a good idea to make your baths toys big enough so they don’t pose a choking hazard and also so they’re not small enough to head down the plughole.

Step 3-DIY bath toys- foam gold fish against a blue background- time to play- Kids activities blog
This DIY bath toy kinda looks like Nemo! And now it’s time to play!

Step 3

Time to play!

Suggestions On How to Make Bath Toys

A suggestion from me that the foam craft sheets we have in our making box might be sticky too, if she made them wet, sparked an idea: she could make her own bath toys – great to use in conjunction with painting in the bath tub!

Take your foam characters in to the bathtub with you and as soon as they are wet you’ll be able to stick them on the side of the bathtub and enjoy creating some bath time adventures with them – this could lead to some interesting impromptu storytelling.

Finished DIY bath toys and homemade bath toys sticking on side of white tub- starfish, octopus, mermaid, and kelp- kids activities blog
Make the coolest bath toys ever!

These DIY Bath Toys Are So Awesome To Make!

These DIY Bath Toys Are So Awesome To Make!

Make these DIY bath toys to make bath time extra fun! This homemade bath toy craft is great for promoting pretend play. And it is budget-friendly, win-win!


  • foam craft sheets – various colors
  • permanent marker
  • scissors or preschool training scissors


  1. Take a pack of foam craft sheets and draw some pictures on them using a permanent marker (as you don’t want your designs to wash away.)
  2. Cut out your shapes with scissors.
  3. Time to play!

More Bath Time Activities & Fun From Kids Activities Blog

You don’t have to stop at just using some foam characters. Why not add a little food coloring to your bath water to really set the scene for some imaginary play? Bath time is a great opportunity for your children to enjoy some sensory play. They’ll be splashing around any way so why not add in some extra elements. Freeze ice cubes with some food coloring in and add them to the tub or fill some water pistols with colored water. 

Did your kids love the homemade bath toys?

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  1. We tried this before and the foam pieces left color stains on the bath tub so be careful! I’m not sure if all of the foam sheets will do it or just certain ones.

  2. This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it. I imagine you could even make themes for holidays or birthdays.

  3. So simple, and yet perfect! I will definitely be doing this. Anything to make my Son a little more eager to get into the bathtub before bed 😉 Thanks for sharing!

  4. Quick and easy! I think I have some of these foam sheets lying around. Now to figure out something very simple to draw, so I will be sure that my son can figure out my pictures. 🙂