25 Easy Wine Cork Crafts We Love

Wine cork crafts are a fun way to upcycle with a really unique and versatile crafting item. We are the biggest fans of wine cork crafts in our house and love nothing more than making little pocket dolls and characters for storytelling and play. We have a big selection of wine cork crafts that are great for kids of all ages…and adults too!

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Let’s make wine cork crafts!

Best Wine Cork Crafts

Wine cork crafts are a great way to recycle corks, of really any kind, but they make such cute crafts! Wine corks make fun crafts from animals, to puppets, dolls and more!  

Need Wine Corks for Crafting?

We visit our local Italian restaurant and they willingly fill a bag full of their champagne and wine corks whenever our stash is running low. I have also found (affiliate link) recycled wine corks on Amazon…yep, they have everything!

Favorite Wine Cork Crafts

1. Cork and Crochet: Knights

Making crochet clothes for wine cork characters – I’ve just fallen in love!! lucyravenscar

2. Wine Cork Owls

Dressed with hand drawn paper pieces via Happyhooligan. What a gorgeous class project

3. DIY Stamping Fun

Make with funky foam shapes, matchsticks, plant ties and anything else you can lay your hands on in the junk drawer via MollyMoo

4. Love Bugs

The cutest wine cork craft for the littlest of hands via notimeforflashcards

5. Dragonfly Craft

Clever craft made from gluing a line of corks together via ZingZingTree

6. Cork Sail Boats

Your kids will have SO much fun making and playing with these boats via mamapapabubba

7. Wine Train With Moving Wheels

Make a big red train using glue, corks, and don’t forget to add wheels so it can chug along the tracks via Craftprojectideas

8. Wine Cork Fairies

Cute pocket fairies for children to hold in their handies, keep in their pocket or hang from their bed post via MollyMoo

9. Mushroom Table and Stools

AND fairies need mushroom tables and stools to have fairy tea parties, right here on Kidsactivitiesblog

10. Cork & Balloon Characters

One of my favorite cork DIYs ever. So goofy and character rich via reciclandoenlaescuela

wine cork crafts

Wine Cork Character Crafts

11. Superheroes and Sidekicks

Superheroes and Sidekicks are black to make!

12. Halloween Trick ‘r’ Treat Dolls

Halloween trick ‘r treat dolls is perfect for the holiday season and to promote pretend play!

13. Miniature Animal Friends

Miniature Animal Friends for small world play!

via MollyMoo – all you need are some corks and paint!!

wine cork crafts

Take Along Games Made from Wine Corks

14. Travel Tic Tac Toe

What a fun twist on the classic game using ’emotion’ characters via Skiptomylou

15. Frozen Inspired Tic Tac Toe

With the loveable Olaf and Sven squaring it off by Michelle McInerney for Disney

wine cork crafts

Nursery Rhymes Told with Wine Cork Dolls

16. The Owl & The Pussycat

Wine corks are a great material for simple and quick crafting, but have you ever used them for storytelling? see more on KidsActivitiesBlog

17. Three Little Pigs

Everyone’s favourite little pigs made with wine corks and scraps of felt via lottiemakes
Stinking cute

18. Fairytale People

and even Fairytale People!! Just fab! 

wine cork crafts

More fun Cork Crafts

19. Cork Dolls

Create a variety of fun characters with wine corks, toothpicks and paint via increations

20. Construct With Wiggly Wires

And construct with wiggly wire to keep the fun characters rolling along via crafterslovecrafts

21. Cork and Wool Necklaces

What a novel way of recycling the corks and creating via reciclandoenlaescuela

22. Wine Cork Bunnies

The sweetest pocket pals for spring and Easter play via MollyMoo

23. Wine Cork Owls

Adorable cork owls  made with just a few buttons and fabric scraps via Happy Houligans

24. Wine Cork Snake

Time to slice up a few corks and have some hissing fun via elhadadepapel

25. Homemade Stamped Cards

Buttons or beads on corks make for clever homemade stamps via MollyMoo

More Craft Fun From Kids Activities Blog

Which wine cork craft did you make?

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