Paper Straw Bracelets

Do your children love to make bracelets?  Mine sure do! But sometimes, craft supplies  can be expensive. That’s why I love to find ways for them to be creative without breaking the bank.

These simple Paper Straw Bracelets  fit the bill! Colorful paper straws can be found in dollar sections of large stores  or in bulk at party supply stores. They come in a variety of colors, patterns, and have many crafty uses!


Paper Straw Bracelets

For this craft, you will need string, scissors,  paper straws, and a few smiling  participants.


Invite children to carefully cut the paper straws into beads of all sizes.

Next, cut a piece of cotton string or yarn to fit your child’s wrist. In fact ”cut several! These bracelets look best  in pairs.


For younger children, it’s helpful to tie one straw bead to the end of the string. This will prevent beads from sliding off the string and onto the floor.


Then kids can simply string their paper straw beads! Stringing beads is a great fine-motor skill. Kids can experiment with creating patterns.


When children are finished stringing their beads, tie off the end with a double knot.


I chose to snip off the extra “base” bead to create a completely round shape. Then I tucked the knot into a bead to hide it.


These simple bracelets for kids are quite adorable! Best of all, since paper straws are so inexpensive, kids can make new bracelets for different holidays and seasons.

If the bracelet gets ruined, simply remove the string and toss the beads into the recycling bin.

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