3 Fun Mexican Flag Crafts for Kids with Printable Flag of Mexico

Today we are making Mexican flags for kids.

This is a fun way to learn about Mexico or celebrate a Mexican holiday like Cinco de Mayo or Mexican Independence Day.

We are showing this Mexican flag craft for kids three different ways with simple supplies that you already have at home like your markers, washable paints, q tips or ear buds, or tissue papers along with a free printable Mexican flag.

3 different mexican flag activities using free printable flag
Come let’s make these simple and fun Mexican flag activities for Cinco De Mayo!

The Mexican Flag

The Flag of Mexico consists of a vertical tricolor of green, red, and white with a Mexican coat of arms in the center of the white stripe.

Mexican flag

The central emblem is based on the Aztec symbol of the center of its empire, Tenochtitlan which is now Mexico City.  It shows an eagle sitting on a cactus eating a serpent.

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Mexican Flag Crafts

We have three different ways to make a Mexican flag craft with kids!  Each of these Mexican flag craft ideas uses a Mexican flag drawing or template. 

Kids can sketch out their own Mexican flag drawing or use this free Mexican flag printable:

Download & Print Free Mexican Flag Template 

Flag of Mexico Printable Template

supplies for making mexican flag arts and crafts includes dot markers, glue, scissors and free printable mexican flag
Grab these supplies to make the Mexican flag craft

#1 Flag of Mexico Craft with Dot Markers

The first Mexican flag craft is great for younger kids — even toddlers and preschoolers can get into the fun because dot markers are easy to handle and don’t require fine motor skill precision.

Supplies Needed for Dot Marker Flag of Mexico Craft

Toddler holding dot maker and making dots to complete mexican flag activity
The Mexican flag craft is turning out beautifully.

Instructions for Making Flag of Mexico Craft


Download and print the free printable of the Mexican flag. The printable is designed with the outline of the green and red rectangle to make it easier for kids to understand which color is on each side.

Using the dot markers, fill the flag printable with appropriate color dots. Allow it to dry.

Use scissors to cut the free printable and make sure to leave a small part to fold and fit in the flag pole
Scissors help to improve gross motor skills in toddlers/preschoolers

Then Using scissors, cut the outline of the flag except for the left side. Leave that side as is to create a flap for the flag pole.

bamboo skewer glued as flag pole to complete the mexican flag craft
Have you ever DIY a flag pole like this?

Take the bamboo skewers and school glue, fold the extra part in half and apply a line of glue, place the bamboo skewers with the sharp edge inside and fold the paper over.

Mexican flag made by preschool kids using dot markers with pole shown
Isn’t this a cute mini version of the flag pole?

Once the Mexican flag craft is dry, the flag is ready to display as a part of Cinco de Mayo decorations.

#2 Flag of Mexico Craft with Q Tips

There are many ways to make this Mexican flag project interesting and age-appropriate. This version of the Mexican flag craft uses q tips which are also called cotton swabs or ear buds.  They require a little more dexterity and fine motor control and work better for preschool and Kindergarten age kids along with the fact that this flag art uses paint instead of markers.

Preschool kids love making patterns so I thought it would be fun to make this flag activity fun by creating a Q Tip brush to fill in the Mexican flag parts.

supplies for making mexican flag activity using earbuds stamping method which includes washable paints, earbuds, paint palette ,, paintbrush, free printable and scissors
Grab these supplies and make these pretty Mexican flag using the stamping method

Supplies Needed for Making Mexican Flag Arts Using Q Tips

Instructions for

Making Mexican Flag Arts Using Q Tips


Create a Q Tip paint brush by combing 5 to 6 Q Tips with a rubber band.

brush the paint and use it as stamp pad to make dots on the free printable Mexican flag


Squirt a small amount of red and green paint onto your paint palette. Use a paintbrush and take a small amount of paint and brush it on the palette itself, then dip the earbuds onto the painted area.

Brush the paint and create your own stamp pad to avoid the paint splatters!

And dot them onto the flag printable until the rectangles are covered in the respective colors. This is done to prevent paint splatters on the paper.

a toddler using ear buds to make dots to fill the mexican flag in corresponding colors
Stamp! Stamp! and fill the rectangle to make the Mexican flag

Once the flag craft is done, allow it to dry.

Make a lot of them and combine the flags to make a flag banner to decorate your space or make a flag with a pole as shown in the previous craft to display it along with other decorations.

Mexican flag printable made using earbuds stamping shown
Those dots look beautiful and create a textured look.

#3 Flag of Mexico Craft with Tissue Paper

What fun!  We are now onto our third version of the Mexican flag craft and this is perfect for older kids.  Kindergartners and grade school kids will love creating this Flag of Mexico with bright red and green tissue paper.

supplies for making mexican flag preschool activity using tissue paper, scissors, glue and free printable
Grab these supplies to make this simple and fun Mexican flag crafts with kids

Supplies for making Mexican Flag craft with Tissue Papers

Instructions to make the Mexican flag activity for Kindergarteners

tissue paper is cut into small squares to fill in the free printable mexican flag
Cut the tissue paper into small squares.


Fold the tissue paper multiple times and use the scissors to make small squares.

glue smeared to stick the tissue paper square on the free mexican flag printable to make mexican flag activities
Smear the glue and stick the squares to make the flag craft

Apply glue and stick the tissue paper squares until the rectangle is covered. Allow it to dry.

Tissue Paper Flag of Mexico Craft for Kindergartners - Kids Activities Blog



Cut the along outline of the flag to complete the flag activity.

Finished Tissue Paper Flag of Mexico Craft for Kindergartners - Kids Activities Blog

The same craft can also be done with construction papers or scrapbook paper or even magazine paper with red and green images that can be cut and pasted to make a collage. Options are endless.

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Tell us in the comments below on which Mexican flag craft idea is your favorite.

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