Dia de los Muertos is known as Day of the Dead – a Mexican holiday where all the family members gather together to celebrate and remember their loved ones who passed away. It is a two-day festival where the first day November 1 is celebrated to honor dead children and infants whereas the second day November 2 is celebrated to honor dead adults.

collage of day of the dead traditions crafts recipes
Try these day of the dead crafts, recipes to honor your deceased loved ones of your family.

One of the reasons why you will find so many Dia de los Muertos activities for kids here at Kids Activities Blog is because part of our team lives in Mexico and they wanted to share these special traditions with the world.

Day of the Dead Information for Kids

Day of the dead holiday traditions includes cleaning and decorating the graves of the loved ones with marigold flowers and offer their favorite foods to the departed souls.

All Saints’ Day coincides with day 1 of the Day of the Dead and the November 2 is celebrated as All Souls’ Day.

Day of the Dead Traditions

1. Dia de los Muertos 2 Day Festival

Learn about the history of Day of the Dead festivals on National Geographic. In true National Geographic style, the images are gorgeous and you can see how beautiful the “celebration of death as a part of the human experience” can be.

2. History & Modern Travel to Dia de los Muertos

In Pre-Hispanic times, the dead were buried close to family homes (often in a tomb underneath the central patio of the house) and there was great emphasis on maintaining ties with deceased ancestors, who were believed to continue to exist on a different plane.

-Get to know Day of the Dead origins and history from Trip Savvy
family picture of three skeletons dressed in day of the dead traditions sitting on a bench inside of a closet
Do you love this colorful picture of day of the dead skeletons?

3. Dia de los Muertos Traditions

Celebrate the life of dead with these traditions at DayoftheDead. Dive deeper into 10 traditions of this special holiday: Dia de los Angelitos, Ofrenda, Day of the Dead Festivals, Papel Picado, La Catrina, Sugar Skulls, Day of the Dead Food, Alebrijes, Oil Clothes and Day of the Dead Flower, Marigold.

4. Dia de los Muertos Altar

Making your altar for Day of the Dead includes a lot of steps, this post from Hallmark shares a personal story with gorgeous pictures of Maria who created an altar for her mother.

sugar skull , bread displayed on a white background with papel picado and paper flowers displayed for day of the dead mexico
Aren’t these day of the dead recipes yummy?

Dia de los muertos Recipes to Make with Kids

5. Cook Traditional Day of the Dead Food

Any celebration is not complete without food. Learn about what special recipes are made as part of this vibrant tradition from Growing Up Bilingual. She highlights her favorite traditional recipes: Potato Pan de Muerto, Tortillas de Cempazuchitl, Guatemalan Molletes, Marigold Infused Tequila, Guatemalan Fiambre, Atole de Vainilla, Tamales de Rajas, Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate, Calabaza en Tacha, Sugar Skulls, Conchas, Jalapeno and Cactus Tamales, Cafe de Olla, Enfrijoladas and Mole.

6. Make Celebration Food for Dia de los Muertos

Here are more delicious Day of the Dead party food and recipes from Delish. They are a little less traditional and more transitional: Skeleton Oreo Pops, Chicken Tamale Pie, Horchata de Arroz, Skull Cake, Skeleton Pumpkin Caramel Pie, Skeleton Candy Apples, Pozole, Margarita, Tortilla Soup, Tamale Pies, and Dulce de Leche Pastry Pockets.

7. Sweet Treats for Day of the Dead

Hungry Happenings has got you covered for themed treats and food for Dia de los Muertos. She has the mad skills to teach you how to create intricate patterns and colorful celebration food for the holiday even if you are a beginner.

how to make sugar skulls from art is fun website with step by step tutorial for making your own sugar skulls at home - shown are two rows of completed sugar skulls with bright colors and intricate designs
You CAN make Sugar Skulls like this at home thanks to Art is Fun!

8. Homemade Sugar Skulls

Learn how to make sugar skulls from the scratch at Art Is Fun . This is the best and easiest tutorial around with simple step by step instructions on how to start with plain granulated sugar and end up with a Sugar Skull work of art.

9. Bake Dia de los Muertos Cake

Make your own cake for your Day of the Dead party using the recipe from Pint Sized Baker. This gorgeous cake has many of the traditional decorations and is colorful and yummy.

various crafts collage for day of the dead celebration
Which one is your favourite craft for the day of the dead?

Day of the Dead Decorations You Can Make

10. Make an Ofrenda

Learn how to make an ofrenda step by step at Happy thought. Use the printable Ofrenda templates and then cut, paste and fold this colorful craft.

11. Handmade Cempazuchitl

Decorate your altars with DIY marigold flowers. We love how colorful and simple this craft can be even for younger kids. Another way to make paper flowers can be found here!

tissue paper colorful banner on a white background
Make this colorful banner for Dia de los muertos

12. Homemade Papel Picado Craft

This simple way to create your own homemade papel picado is easy and fun. It makes a great kids craft and holiday decoration.

13. Make a Dia de los Muertos Headpiece

Make this beautiful headpiece to wear on the Day of the Dead from Tikkido. These handmade headbands with silk flowers, ribbon and lace are so pretty and perfect for your celebration and festival.

14. Craft a Day of the Dead Wreath

Hang this fantastic wreath to decorate your doors and to welcome the holy spirits from Soiree Event Design. Cover your wreath with sugar skulls and beautiful flowers like marigolds.

diy day of the dead masks ready to wear for the party
The day of the dead masks are ready to welcome your deceased loved ones

Day of the Dead Arts & Crafts

15. Easy Day of the Dead Mask Craft for Kids

This Day of the dead mask template can be printed, cut out and decorated to be used as a decoration or wear for Dia de los Muertos celebration.

16. Create Sugar Skull Art with Balloons

This sugar skull balloon backdrop is so cute from Oh Happy Day. The massive sugar skull design is gorgeous and could be scaled for any setting or event celebration.

17. Make a Sugar Skull Banner

Use this sugar skull banner to decorate the altars during your Day of the Dead celebration from Hello Little Home.

Sugar skulls DIY planter ideas for the day of the dead
Festive DIY sugar skull planters are perfect for Day of the Dead decorations.

18. Sugar Skull Planters

Make these cute sugar skull planters using hollow sugar skulls from Houseful of Handmade. Check out some other easy DIY sugar skull planter ideas here!

19. Craft Sugar Skull Balloons

Check out these beautiful crafts from skull balloons to paper decorations from Hodge Podge Craft.

Coffin box craft for Day of the Dead from Growing Up Bilingual with french bulldog and bright colors
What a cute craft idea from Growing Up Bilingual!

20. Make a Decorative Day of the Dead Coffin Box

This creative take on Dia de los Muertos craft includes a printable from Growing Up Bilingual. You can make the cutest coffin gift box or decoration with these simple steps.

21. More Dia de los Muertos Crafts You Want to Make

Don’t miss this ultimate list of Day of the Dead crafts from Crafty Chica.

altars diaplyed with day of the dead mexico flowers and decoration
Traditional mexican Day of the dead altar with sugar skulls and candles for the festival

Dia De Los Muertos Activities

21. Day of the Dead Pumpkin Carving Activity

Use this free printable set of templates to create intricate sugar skull pumpkin carving even if you haven’t carved a pumpkin before.

beautiful artwork in various stages of coloring featuring person with intricate sugar skull artwork on face.
Learn how to shade and color this beautiful Day of the Dead art.

22. Color & Decorate Sugar Skulls

These sugar skull coloring pages for kids are surely one of a kind and come with a tutorial on how to color and shade them. We also have some gorgeous zentangle sugar skull coloring pages that you don’t want to miss!

23. Color Day of the Dead Coloring Pages

Download and print these free Day of the Dead coloring pages and use them as entertainment during a festival or in preparation for the holiday!

24. Day of the Dead Worksheets for Kids

25. Fun Dia de los Muertos Activities for Kids

There are lots of kids activities ideas for Dia de los Muertos from the Crafty Crow.

printed pdf file of Day of the Dead puzzle before it is decorated or cut out next to traditional Dia de los muertos decorations
Make this gorgeous Dia de los Muertos puzzle

26. Free Dia de los Muertos Printable Games to Print

27. Day of the Dead Toys

Each year over the last few years, Mattel has released a Day of the Dead Barbie that we just adore. The Dia de Muertos doll has so many beautiful details and works as a toy and decoration.

How are you celebrating Dia de los Muertos? What are your kids favorite Day of the Dead activities?

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