I read e-mails all of the time where parenting ask, should I have a third child?  The decision to have another baby or not can be a hard one. We asked our parent community what they thought and they gave us some really good real world advice when it comes to the question of whether you should go for child number 3!

Should I have a third baby - Kids Activities Blog
What about baby number 3?

How Do You Decide if You Have Another Baby?

We were curious what mothers would say if presented with the question of, “Should a mother of two children try for a third?” and we loved that they were so honest in their answers.

1. Don’t Second Guess

“I am a mother of four with another one on the way. I love all my children and would not have it any other way. Do not feel bad if you have some hesitation or are scared. At least you are considering everything before you decide on what you want to do. You might just need to take a little more time before you make am important decision like this.” ~Jill G

2. Honesty is Best

“It’s really important to know you limits and be honest with yourself as well as your husband. I have also considered a third but I realized financially it would put a lot of strain on our family and would turn me into a stressed out cranky mummy. I know this because I know myself. If I won the powerball and could afford a full time housekeeper and cook I might change my mind! Will you be a continue to be a great parent to your two children if you have a third? ~Cameron M

3. Live with No Regrets

“I tossed and turned with this question for ages, it wasn’t until someone said to me, “You will always regret it more if you don’t have another than if you do” something resonated with me in that and now happily pregnant with number three.” ~Katy H

Should I have a third baby - Kids ACtivities Blog
Check out the family dynamics!

4. Dynamics Assessment

“Having a third will change the dynamic of your family? How do you like your dynamic? If you’re questioning it right now, I would say wait. Maybe make a list of what your concerns are and discuss with your husband.” ~ Joann F

5. Go for It

“Go for it!! Being scared is normal. If we never had kids because we were scared none of us would have any kids. Going from one to two was so much harder for me than two to three. Somehow it actually gets easier down the road.” ~ Sonia H

6. Worth It

I found the jump from two to three was huge and really hard work but definitely worth it. Do whatever feels right for you but I don’t think you’ll ever regret having another while you might regret not.” ~Nimah S

baby looking away from camera with fingers in mouth close up
A third child is so very cute…

7. Life is Unexpected

“I have five children. It is truly amazing. If you have a little something telling you yes then Go for it! Most of us are never ready for any curve ball life throws at us. I think you may regret it in the future if you don’t go for it.” ~Allison M

8. Look at the Big Picture

“Talk it out with your husband. Both of you express your excitement at the possibility, concerns, worries, talk out how you would both adjust, how you do different things around the house. Would childcare be needed? Would there be big changes to your budget? This will help you both see more of the whole picture of bringing another baby home.” ~Laura P

9. More than Enough Love

 “I believe you will never regret having a child, but you might regret not having a child. What’s always amazing to me is the love, time and ability a child brings with him. ” ~Juliet B

baby being held by parent and looking off camera in a while and gray room
Sweet, sweet baby!

10. Jumping for Joy?

“If you aren’t jumping for joy at the thought of another one, don’t do it.” ~Jennifer A


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What is YOUR advice for baby #3?

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