My kids love LEGO and if yours do too, you need to get this waffle maker because it takes breakfast to the next level (literally).

You Can Get A LEGO Brick Waffle Maker That Helps You Build The Perfect Breakfast!!

A few months ago we shared with you another LEGO waffle maker that was in the process of being made but the other day, I found one at Hobby Lobby and you can also get it on Amazon now too!

This is the Waffle Now Building Bricks Waffle Maker and it’s the coolest way to make 3D LEGO brick pieces made out of waffles!

Simply add your batter to the waffle iron and in just minutes, you will have a variety of LEGO waffle pieces to help build the perfect breakfast.

This totally encourages kids to play with their food but it’s so fun, they will want to eat it too!

You can get the LEGO Building Brick Waffle Maker on Amazon for around $60 here. Again, I also found this at my local Hobby Lobby so make sure you check there too!

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