How to Draw a Bear

Have you and your little ones ever wondered how to draw a bear? Well… it’s your lucky day because we made a really fun and simple bear drawing tutorial!

Our free bear drawing tutorial includes three pages with detailed steps on how to draw a cartoon bear. We created this tutorial with kids in mind, so everyone can do it. Grab your pencil and let’s get started! 

how to draw a bear tutorial
Let’s learn how to draw a cute bear!

Learning how to draw a bear step by step

Drawing has so many benefits! 

Learning how to draw a bear, or any other animal, helps kids increase their imagination, enhance their fine motor and coordination skills, and develop a healthy way of displaying their emotions.

bear drawing tutorial for kids
Easy how to draw a bear instructions!

Simple steps to make a bear drawing for kids

Follow this easy how to draw a bear step-by-step tutorial and you will be drawing your own bear drawings in no time!

  1. Let’s start by drawing a circle.
  2. Add two sets of concentric circles on each side of the circle.
  3. Draw a drop shape.
  4. Add two circles at the bottom.
  5. Draw two arched lines – these will be our bear’s arms!
  6. Draw an horizontal oval.
  7. Draw a paw on each circle.
  8. Let’s add details! Draw two circles for the eyes, ovals for the cheeks, a rounded triangle for the nose, and a curved line for the mouth.
  9. Get creative! Add as many details as you want.

Good job! Your bear drawing is all done!

how to draw a bear for kids
Simple and easy bear drawing steps!

Download here:

How did your bear drawing turn out?

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The Big Drawing Book

Usborne Big Drawing Book cover art
The Big Drawing Book is great for beginners ages 6 and up.

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Write and Draw Your Own Comics is full of inspiring ideas for all kinds of different stories, with writing tips to help you on your way. for kids who want to tell stories, but gravitate toward pictures. It has a mix of partially-drawn comics and blank panels with intro comics as instructions – lots of space for kids to draw their own comics!

How did your bear drawing turn out?

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